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in another country which existed most in our


How touchingly does Campbell, in his “ Soldier's Dream,' advert to this native preference and fondness.

Methought from the battle-fields' dreadful array,

Far, far I had roam'd on a desolate track ; 'Twas autumn,—and sunshine arose on the way

To the home of my fathers, that welcom'd me back.

I flew to the pleasant fields, travers'd so oft

In life's morning march when my bosom was young; I heard my own mountain-goats bleating aloft,

And knew the sweet strain that the corn-reapers sung.

Then pledg'd we the wine-cup, and fondly I swore,

From my home and my weeping friends never to part; My little ones kiss'd me a thousand times o'er,

And my wife sobb’d aloud in her fulness of heart,

Stay, stay with us,---rest, thou art weary and worn!
And fain was the war-

r-broken soldier to stay.

In a very few weeks after we arrived at Calcutta, I had parted with almost every passenger we brought out.. All, I believe, except two, had left Calcutta, and almost all had



may be, they and I are never to

ways. It

meet again. I may have parted with them then for the last time, and the happiness their society once gave me it may give no more. But whether we are destined to meet again or not, they shall ever live in my remembrance.

Wherever they go, my warmest affection, and my sincerest wishes go with them; and until the last hour of my life, shall I look back with comfort, with a pleasing regret, upon the time we spent together.




Some (as thou saw'st) by violent stroke shall die ;
By fire, flood, famine ; by intemperance more
In meats and drinks, which on the earth shall bring
Diseases dire.


It is hardly necessary to give any directions regarding what is to be done for the preservation of health during the voyage from England to India. For then the health is generally very good ; it is often good even in those who have on shore laboured under disease, whether disease coming of itself, or disease brought on by improper conduct; and this for evident reasons. Now there is a pure, and consequently salubrious, at

mosphere, breathed ; and what is perhaps as much to be wished for and admired, there is no excess committed.

The invalid now comes to shew unusual symptoms of strength; he who on shore never shewed any inclination for food, now comes to eat with an appetite ; for the pure air he breathes, and the other causes which have been brought to bear on his system, have wrought a change, and he is unusually invigorated and improved. The irregular liver is now altogether removed from the field of irregularity; he cannot if he would, unless he transgresses all the bounds of good society, enter now into the `excesses which he may formerly have indulged in; and the good which such a restraint has on him is soon very palpably perceived. In the generality of ships sailing from England to India, the greatest regularity is observed; no impropriety is allowed; no debauching or late seats are ever countenanced; he that would lead a life at all at variance with what propriety points out, must lead it apart from those he is associated with; and to this must be attributed, in no inconsider

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