The Haskins Society Journal 15: 2004. Studies in Medieval History

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Stephen Morillo, Diane Korngiebel
Boydell Press, 2006 - 152 էջ
This latest volume of the Haskins Society Journal presents recent research on the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, Viking and Angevin worlds of the eleventh and twelfth centuries; topics range from a major reassessment of King Alfred (the last work finished by Patrick Wormald) and examinations of William the Conqueror, Thomas Beckett and Sybil of Jerusalem, to questions of legal testimony, military organization, western geographic knowledge in the middle ages, and more. Contributors: WILLIAM M. AIRD, NATHANIEL LANE TAYLOR, DAVID BATES, JOHN D. HOSLER, ROBERT JONES, HELEN J. NICHOLSON, BERNARD HAMILTON

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