Constitutional Law--individual Rights: Examples and Explanations

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Aspen Publishers, Incorporated, 2007 - 497 էջ
This edition retains great features that make it a dependable source: - straight-forward in nature, though not overly simplistic. - presented in a format that is unique and time-tested. Its E&E pedagogy combines textual material with well-written and comprehensive examples, explanations, and questions to test students' comprehension of the material and provide practice in applying legal principles to fact patterns - the questions, which develop a variety of issues in one fact situation, are similar to those on a law school or bar examination - a problem-oriented guide that takes students through the principal doctrines of constitutional law that are covered in a typical course. - designed to make students think, with depth and perception, about the larger issues of constitutional law - part of a two-volume set that includes a corresponding treatment of National Power and Federalism; together, these volumes present a foundation in the doctrines and methods of constitutional law and constitutional argument - organized in easily digestible sections - strong authorship; Christopher N. May and Allan Ides have more than 50 years of combined experience in the area of constitutional law The Fourth Edition also includes an abundance of updated & timely information, including: - all relevant Supreme Court decisions that were announced since publication of the Third Edition; representative new case coverage includes: i. Tenn. v. Lane (congruence and proportionality under the Fourteenth Amendment) ii. Goodridge v. Dept.of Public Health (Massachusetts decision on gay marriage) iii. Kelo v. City of New London, Conn. (Fifth Amendment Takings Clause decisionregarding public use) iv. League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry (political gerrymandering) v. McConnell v. Federal Election Comm'n (First amendment limits on soft money contributions) vi. City of San Diego v. Roe (free speech rights of public employees)

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