A General Abridgment and Digest of American Law: With Occasional Notes and Comments, Հատոր 3

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Cummings, Hilliard & Company, 1824

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Էջ 101 - Action may plead the General Issue and give the special Matter in Evidence...
Էջ 450 - Directions for the Payment of any Debt or Debts), shall be thereby given or made, such Devise, Legacy, Estate, Interest, Gift, or Appointment shall, so far only as concerns such Person attesting 'the Execution of such Will...
Էջ 86 - And every marshal or his deputy when removed from office, or when the term for which the marshal is appointed shall expire, shall have power notwithstanding to execute all such precepts as may be in their hands respectively at the time of such removal or expiration of office...
Էջ 10 - And though the stream be either diminished in quantity, or even corrupted in quality, as by means of the exercise of certain trades, yet if the occupation of the party so taking or using it...
Էջ 323 - States shall have power, in the trial of actions at law, on motion and due notice thereof being given, to require the parties to produce books or writings in their possession or power, which contain evidence pertinent to the issue...
Էջ 2 - BBOWN, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as author, in the words following, to wit : " Sertorius : or, the Roman Patriot.
Էջ 368 - The testimony of any witness may be taken in any civil cause depending in a district or circuit court by deposition de bene esse, when the witness lives at a greater distance from the place of trial than one hundred miles, or is bound on a voyage to sea, or is about to go out of the United States, or out of the district in which the case is to be tried, and to a greater distance than one hundred miles from the place of trial, before the time of trial, or when he is ancient and infirm.
Էջ 125 - It is just; for he who sows ought to reap, and it is for the benefit and encouragement of agriculture. It is, indeed, against the general rule of law concerning emblements, which are not allowed to tenants who know when their term is to cease, because it is held to be their fault or folly to have sown when they knew their interest would expire before they could reap. But the custom of a particular place may rectify what otherwise would be imprudence or folly.
Էջ 10 - I take it, that twenty years' exclusive enjoyment of the water, in any particular manner, affords a conclusive presumption of right in the party so enjoying it, derived from grant or act of parliament.
Էջ 86 - ... by the marshal who appointed them ; and the executor or administrator of the deceased marshal shall have like remedy for the defaults and misfeasances in office of such...

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