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2d Session. .

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Rre Inay 24, 1900.



No. 32.

Rre Inay 21, 1900

MICHAEL MACAULAY, of Gloucester, Mass., fisherman and master mariner, called on behalf of the Government of the United States, sworn and examined.

By Mr. Foster:
Question. You are skipper of a schooner out of Gloucester ?Apswer,
Q. What is the name ?-A. The Noonday.
Q. Where were you born ?-A. In Prince Edward Island.
Q. How many years have you been fishing ?--A. About twelve

Q. The first part of the time for mackerel and at present for cod !--
A. Yes.

Q. How do you happen in bere?-A, I came in here with a sick man from the Grand Banks.

Q. And you have been in command of this vessel two years !--A.
Yes; about that.
Q. Before that you were fishing as a sharesman ?—A. Yes.
Q. How many years were you cod fishing ?--A. Seren



Q. Where I-A. On the Grand Bank,
Q. Now, when you began to go cod fishing to the Grand Bank, how
did you supply yourselves with bait ?-A. We took it from home. We
used to get some on the Banks in the summer time.

Q. Wbat did you take with you ?--A. Salt bait, pogy slivers.
Q. Slivers are pogies and menbaden cut off the boues !--A. Fish cut
off the bone each side.

Q. What else ?-A. We used to put that on, and what we used to pick
up on the Bank; small balibut and other small fish.

Q. How long is it since you began to go to Newfoundland for bait?A. Well, it is about four years since I have first been there for lerring. I guess we were there as soon as any of them.

Q. When you go to Newfoundland for herring, how do you get it?
A. We take it out of the seines.

Q. How do you pay for it?-A. We pay so much.
Q. How much, usually ?-A. Well, there are certain times they
charge pretty bigh. At other times they don't charge so high. We
paid as bigb as $25 this summer, and took as much as we wanted.

Q. How many times have you been in this summer for bait !-A. I have been in for berring twice.

Q. What else have you been for ?--A. Squid, twice.

Q. How did you get squid !- A. Well, they caught them; jigged and took them alongside the first time, and we bought them salted the second time.

Q. Who jigged them the first time ?-A. The natives.
Q. How much did you pay for them !-A. Two dollars a barrel.
Q. The salt squid did you get last time!-A. Yes.

Q. Does this answer for bait ?—A. It is not so good ; but we could not get anything else.

Q. How many times have you been to Newfoundland for bait !-A. Since I have been skipper?

Q. Yes.-A. Well, I have been about six times in two years.

Q. And how many times did you go before that, while you were sharesman ?-A. I have been back and forward for the last four years. I have been there as much as, I suppose, teu or twelve times before I went skipper.

Q. Now, won't you tell the Commissioners what is the longest and what is the shortest time tbat it has ever taken to go from the Bank into Newfoundland to get bait and return to the fishing ground ?-A. The shortest time I have been would be about nine days.

Q. What is the longest ?-A. I have been four weeks.

Q. How did that happen 1-4. I could not get it. I was hunting it up, trying to get it.

Q. Now, you hare fished with salt bait taken from home, not going near Newfouudland, and you have gone in as a skipper half a dozen times, and as sharesman ten or twelve times to buy bait ?-A. Yes.

Q. I want you to state whether in your opinion the advantages of going to Newfoundland to procure bait are worth anything.-A. Well, when we used to carry bait from home, we used to catch some fishi, but since we went to run fresh bait we didn't catch half the quantity we used to catch, I don't think, when we used to take bait from home, because we lose half our time and more looking for fresh bait.

Q. You lose half your time?-A. Yes.

Q. You don't consider it an advantage ?-A. No; I don't consider it an advantage at all.

Q. Have you ever got caplin there for bait ?-A. No; I never took any caplin. I have never been in a vessel that bad any.

Q. Now, before you were cod-fishing you made some mackerel voyages, I think?-A. Yes; I have been four or five years for mackerel before I went for cod.

Q. What vessels were you in? Begin with the earliest mackerel schoover you were in.-A. I have been in the Moonlight. That was the first vessel, John Spriggan, captain.

Q. What year ? -- A. About 1865, I guess.

Q. How many barrels of mackerel did you take that year?-A. Well, I took off and on about 150 barrels, I guess.

Q. Where did you take them !-A. Most of them around the Magdalens.

Q. What was the vext schooner you were in ?--A. The Easterwood, Captain Galasky.

Q. How many barrels of mackerel did you take in her ?-A. Well, between 180 and 190. I could vot be certain; off and on, about that.

Q. Where were they taken !-A. We caught them between the North Cape and around the Magdalens; up between the Magdaleus and North

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