Award of the Fishery Commission: Documents and Proceedings of the Halifax Commission, 1877, Under the Treaty of Washington of May 8, 1871, Հատոր 3

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Էջ 3038 - Investigation of the City of New York, being duly sworn deposes and says...
Էջ 2828 - States fishermen by the convention between the United States and Great Britain, signed at London on the 20th day of October, 1818, of taking, curing, and drying fish on certain coasts of the British North American colonies therein defined, the inhabitants of the United States shall have, in common with the subjects of Her Britannic Majesty, the liberty...
Էջ 3160 - Taxes for the of , and made oath that the above statement by him subscribed is true. Before me, Justice of the Peace.
Էջ 3122 - Same an Acting Justice of the Peace in and for said County duly Commissioned and qualified as such and that the Signatures thereto purporting to be his are geniune.
Էջ 2835 - ... places ceased entirely. Enough. • may be taken for local consumption, but localities which formerly furnished the material for an extensive commerce in dried fish have been entirely abandoned. Various causes have been assigned for this condition of things, and, among others, the alleged diminution of the sea-herring. After a careful consideration of the subject, however.
Էջ 3086 - ... [city or town] [or if there is no such newspaper, state that fact and add : in said County] , the last publication being at least one week before the advertised time of sale; in accordance with law. A B. COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS.
Էջ 2496 - ... proper to go still further, and to state frankly what, after a patient investigation of every source of authentic information within my reach, I believe to be the real difficulty. The truth is, our fishermen need absolutely, and must have, the thousands of miles of shore fishery which have been renounced, or they must always do an uncertain business. If our mackerel men are prohibited from going within three miles of the shore, and are forcibly kept away (and nothing but force will do it), then...
Էջ 2400 - ... street. Q. To where? — A. To the alley, and about there I stopped. About where that letter " O " is. Q. That is, to the corner of Fifteenth ? — A. To the alley between Elizabeth street and Washington. Q. You went to that corner. That was the corner nearest to Washington street? — A. Yes, sir. Q. How long did it take you to get there ? — A. I hardly could say. I would make an estimate of some two or three minutes. Q. What did you see when you got there? — A. I was coming along down the...
Էջ 3117 - Smith, both of Gloucester, in the County of Essex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being duly sworn...
Էջ 3111 - I, Rolfe Cobleigh, of Newton, in the County of Middlesex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being duly sworn depose and say, that: I am associate editor of The Congregationalist and Christian World, published at 14 Beacon St., Boston, where our offices are located. My attention was attracted to the...

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