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said university may require, and as will be most likely to ensure the objects of its establishment.

28. Sec. V. That [ten persons*] be, and they are hereby ap- Teo addition pointed additional trustees to the university aforesaid, and that any pointed. five of the trustees of the said university, shall form a board, and be Five : form competent to proceed to business.

business. 29. Sec. Vi. It shall and may be lawful for said board of trustees Trastees may to dispense with the services of such of its officers, or make such re- curiail tlie

expenditures. duction in the fees or salaries of officers, as will enable them with the funds of the institution to meet their disbursements, nor shall any salary or compensation be allowed said trustees or any of them, for their or any of their services.

Act of 18th December, 1816. Vol. III. 1060. 30. Sec. I. All sales of land heretofore made or hereafter to be Sales ratified made by the trustees of said university, shall be valid to all intents though not in and purposes, notwithstanding the same may have been, or hereafter acres each. may be sold in lots over and above, or under, one hundred acres each—any thing in the above recited [last preceding] act to the contrary potwithstanding. 31. Sec. II. The first section of the act passed the 16th day of

Kepealing December, 1811,7 as also, so much of said amending act as directs, certain pirts that all officers of the university, other than the secretary and treasu- 1911. rer, shall be appointed by the senatus academicus, together with the sixth section of the said amending act, be, and the same are hereby repealed.

32. Sec. III. In all cases where the trustees of the university Trustees may have sold any lot or lots of land, to which, or any part of which, there compromise is an adverse claim, which claim has been or may hereafter be deter- cases. mined, either by suit or arbitration, against the title derived from the trustees, it shall and may be lawful for said trustees to adjust all matters with the person to whom they sold, either by giving credit on the bond given for the purchase money, or by releasing the purchaser altogether from his contract,--said purchaser at the same time relinquishing to them all claim or title to any part which may not be included within such adverse claim as aforesaid.

33. Sec. IV. In case the office of president of the university, shall Trustees may at any time be vacant during the recess of the senatus academicus, it

president pro shall and may be lawful for the board of trustees to appoint a president

tempore pro tempore, who shall continue in office until the next meeting of the senatus academicus; and in all such cases it shall be the duty of the prudential committee, if there be one, or of the senior trustee, if there be no prudential committee, to convene the board.

34. Sec. V. That bis excellency the governor, be, and he is here- Loan authorby authorized and directed to advance to the board of trustees, upon ceeding the credit of the bonds and mortgages upon the sale of university 10,000 dolls. lands deposited in the treasurer's office, any sum not exceeding ten thousand dollars, if the necessities or exigencies of the university should require such advance.

* Messrs. Mitchell, Charlton, Kollock, Wayne, Ware, Cuthbert, Clayton, Meriwether, Elliot. and Troup. + See sec. 19, &c.

Donation of 2000 dollars to build a house for a grammar school. Resolu. tion of 18th Dec. 1819. Vol. III. 1216.

To be sein.

35. Sec. VI. The state treasury shall be reimbursed the sum the hands and of five thousand dollars, together with lawful interest, out of the mortgage proceeds of the bonds and mortgages aforesaid ; which sum was in deposited.

November, 1802, in the act, entitled An Act to appropriate Moneys for the political year 1803, appropriated as a loan to the trustees of the university ; and that the aforesaid sum of ten thousand dollars herein directed to be advanced, shall be also repaid at the state treasury, out of the proceeds of said bonds and mortgages.

Act of 10th December, 1817. Vol. III. 1061.

board, subject to the

the gen. academicus.

Trustces to 36. Sec. I. From and after the passage of this act, the trusdit wie is ons tees of the said University of Georgia are authorized and empowered

to fill all such vacancy or vacancies, that may at present exist in approval of the said board of trustees, or that may hereafter exist or become

vacant, by the appointment of such person or persons as the said board of trustees may think proper: Provided the said board of trustees shall notify the senatus academicus, at each annual meeting, of such appointment or appointments, so by them made: And provided also, that the said senatus academicus shall approve the same.*

And whereas the board of trustees of the university did, at their last meeting, recommend the appointment of two additional members to said board of trustees :

37. Sec. II. Be it enacted, That [two persons named, t] be, and s appoint- they are hereby appointed trustees of the University of Georgia, in

Idition to number heretofore appoin.ed, any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

Two additional trus


Act of 17th December, 1818. Vol. III. 1064..

Deeds to be


38. Sec. I. Immediately after the passing of this act, the trusstolet Corvete tees of the University of Georgia be, and they are hereby authorized

and required to make, or cause to be made, to any person or persons, (or the heirs of the same,) on their producing the original deed of said trustees, with a relinquishment on the same from the original purchaser, before any justice of the peace or justice of the interior court in said county, to any tract or fraction in the Shoal Creek tract, formerly being the land set apart for said university.

39. Sec. II. Said trustees are not authorized to make, or cause rosampleted.

to be made to any person, a title to any of the above-recited land, ontil the original purchase money, with the interest of the same, shall be paid, any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

Act of 23 November, 1819. Vol. III, 1065.

when the payments are

Whereas by an act [of 16th Dec. 1815 ; see sec. 24, &c.] the said frustees did sell said lands in pursuance of said act, and by their then president, John Brown, did make deeds to the respective purchasers; and whereas some doubts have arisen whether the said deeds were legally executed :

* The act of 1811, s. 1, (Vol. III. 1055,) directing these vacancies to be filledi by the legislature, was already repealed' by the act of 1816, s. 2, (ibid. 1060), which restored the operation of the 7th section of the charter, (see sec. Sth of this title,) which repeal appears to have been overlooked.

+ Messrs. Campbell and Hardin:

40. Be it enacted, &c. That from and after the passage of this Deeds signert act, the said deeds shall be taken, held, and deemed to all intents and

by President

Brown depurposes as legal and valid, and admitted to evidence in any of the clared valid superior courts in this state, in their present form, and without any other documents to support them.


Act of 31st July, 1783. Vol. I. 134.

41. Sec. XIV. On application of any person or persons duly au- 1000 acres of thorized by the respective counties, his honour the governor shall be, county to and he is hereby likewise empowered to grant one thousand acres of support free vacant land for erecting free schools, as in the above town of Washington. [And see Lands, sec. 174, 175.]

Act of 8th December, 1810. Vol. II. 598.

Whereas, the general assembly of this state did, on the 20th day of CommissionDecember, 1792,t pass a law authorizing the commissioners of the ele se anyoloracademies of the several counties in this state, to purchase one thou- pounds value sand pounds worth of confiscated property, and as there are several property new counties in this state which have not yet received such donation ;

42. Sec. I. Be it therefore enacted, &c. That the commissioners of the several county academies in this state, or their agents, who have not heretofore received one thousand pounds worth of confiscated property, shall be and they are hereby authorized to purchase at any sales of confiscated property, to the amount of one thousand pounds for each county, and the commissioners for selling confiscated property are hereby authorized to receive their bids to the above amount, and to make sufficient titles to them for the same, and their successors in office. I

43. Sec. II. Where the commissioners of any of the county aca- And receive demies as aforesaid, have heretofore become purchasers of any con- mer purchafiscated property, either by themselves or agents, the said commis- ses, sioners of confiscated property are hereby authorized and required to make titles for the same to them, and their successors in office, as well as for all other property which they or any of them may hereafter purchase at such sales; Provided nevertheless, that if any commissioners so purchasing, or having purchased at such sales, having heretofore received any part of the one thousand pounds as allowed by the before-recited act, that in that case they shall only receive such sum as will in all make the sum of one thousand pounds, as aforesaid.

See sec. 15. + Vol. I. 99. See Confiscation and Amercement, scc. 117.

The resolution of 20th Dec. 1817, (Vol. III. 1182,) directs moreover, that if the commissioners of any such academies should find any lands subject to be sold under the acts of confiscation, it may be exposed to sale by the sheriff as it under execution, for the benefit of such academy; and the overplus of the proceeds, if any above the 1000 pounds, to go equally to such other academies as may not have received the full amount of this donation, who are further provided for out of escheat money. See Escheats, sec, 21, and by act of 1820, parp. 68.

By the act of 1819, (Vol. III. 29,) all fines and forfeitures in Morgan, Greenc, and Wilkes, for crimes and on penal statutes, after payment of costs, are appropriated to the use of the academies at the court-houses of those counties. The appointment of commissioners hereafter to be made by the commissioners in office. See County Officers, pc, 18.

An Aci 10 create and establish a Fund for the support of Free Schools

throughout this state.-Passed December 18, 1817. Vol. III. 325.

Whereas, it is universally acknowledged, that in all well-regulated governments, and particularly that form of government under which we have the happiness to live ; the education of youth, and the genes'al advancement of useful knowledge, are objects of primary importance : And whereas, the present system of education in this state is not well calculated for the general diffusion and equal distribution of

useful learning : 250,000 dolls. 44. Sec. I. Be it therefore enacted, &c. Tbat from and imme. en proceniated diately after the passage of this act, the sum of two hundred and fifty

thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby set apart and appropriated for the future establishment and support of Free Schools throughout this state ;* Provided, that nothing contained herein shall prevent a future general assembly from repealing the whole, or any part of the above-recited law.

Sec. II. It shall be the duty of his excellency the governor, so soon as a favourable opportunity may occur, to invest the above sum in bank or other profitable stock.



Act of 18th December, 1813. Vol. III. 102.

100.000 dolls

46. Sec. I. That his excellency the governor be, and he is auafidhis fund, thorized and required to vest in said stock [of Darien bank] the sum dolls of the of one hundred thousand dollars of the fund heretofore set apart for gation fuvd the establishment and support of free schools; and that his excel

lency aforesaid, be, and he is authorized and required to vest in said stock, the sum of one hundred thousand dollars of the fund heretofore

set apart for the improvement of the internal navigation of this state. Appropria 47. Sec. II. The further sum of one hundred and seventy-five

thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, to be drawn for from time to time, as future instalments shall be required.

in Darien bank stock.

tion for this mirpose.

The following references are to the acts and resolutions relative to each academy; not including however those which are merely for the appointment of commissioners.

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* Never to be appropriated to any other purpose. Res. of Dec. 1820.

The resolution of Dec. 1819, (Vol. III. 1221,) directs, (as preparatory to the organization of the system,) that the law of Souh Carolina shall be published for the consideration of the people; and requests the governor to carry this section into effect as speedily as can advantageously be done by the like investment: also of any accruing interest of this fund.

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The following are acts of an analogous nature.
Sunbury Female Asylum. Vol. III. 854.
Augusta Female Asylum. Vol. III. 853.
Savannah Free School Society. Vol. III. 844.
Savannah Female Asylum. Vol. II. 618.


An Act for the government of Servants, not Slaves, imported or migru

ting into this State.--Passed February 6, 1796. Vol. I, 416.

Whereas the encouragement of migration into this state of white inhabitants is of primary consequence thereto, and many valuable artisans and useful persons of the poorer class of Europeans desirous of migrating hither, have not wherewithal to defray the charge of passage money, and other incidental expenses attending the same, and either indent themselves as servants previous to embarking, or agree with the captains, owners, supercargoes of vessels, or others, to indent themselves as servants on their arrival at any of the ports of this state, or the United States, as a compensation for such passage money and expenses: And whereas, it has happened on such arrival, disputes have arisen between such person so migrating, and those who have borne their expenses as aforesaid, or those to whom they were previously to embarkation indented; and doubts have been entertained of the validity of any contracts made in a foreign country with respect to binding and holding to service any person so migrating, unless a new agreement be entered into after his or her arrival within this state : for remedy whereof,

1. Sec. I. Be it enacted, &c. That from and after the passing of Contracts this act, all white servants brought into this country under any agree with white ment or contract made in foreign countries, and who shall not previously to embarkation therefrom have been indented, shall be bound into effect. to perform the same ; and in case of refusal to indent himself, herself, or themselves, on application and demand, it shall be lawful for the person or persons, with whom such servants have so agreed or contracted, to apply to any three justices of the county into which such servants may arrive, one of whom to be a judge of the inferior court thereof, who are hereby empowered and required to have the parties brought before them, and decide on the validity and good faith of such contract ; and if they, or a majority of them, shall judge

servants, how to be carriert

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