An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Town of Lancaster: Collected from the Best Authorities ...

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C. Clark, 1811 - Всего страниц: 128

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Стр. 67 - To see the view in perfection, you must go into a field on the left. Here Ingleborough, behind a variety of lesser mountains, makes the back-ground of the prospect : on each hand of the middle distance, rise two sloping hills ; the left clothed with thick woods, the right with variegated rock and herbage : between them, in the richest of valleys, the Lune serpentizes for many a mile, and comes forth ample and clear, through a wellwooded and richly pastured fore-ground.
Стр. 87 - From Poulton and Preston with pikes, They with the Stanley stout forth went ; From Pemberton and Pilling Dikes, For battle billmen bold were bent. With fellows fresh and fierce in fight, Which Horton Fields turned out in scores ; With lusty lads, liver and light, From Blackburn and Bolton i
Стр. 115 - When we arrived at the mouth, and once more hailed all-chearing day-light, I could not but admire the uncouth manner in which nature has thrown together...
Стр. 114 - I have alfo feen. It is on the Middle of a large Common, and we are led to it by a Brook, near as big as the New River ; which, after turning a CornMill juft at the...
Стр. 78 - The shape of the second letter in the first word is like that in the inscription on the rock near Brampton in Cumberland, supposed to have been cut in the time of the Emperor Severus, AD 207, and is the fifth L in Horsley's Alphabet. On the brick the letters are square, from which it may be inferred that this wing was long stationed at Lancaster. Through the courtesy of Miss Ffarington, of Worden Hall, I am in possession of a copy of a letter from the Hon. Edward Clifford to Sir William Ffarington...
Стр. 115 - The sides too are not less remarkable for fine colouring ; the damp, the creeping vegetables, and the seams in the marble and limestone parts of the rock, make as many tints as are seen in the rainbow, and are covered with a perpetual varnish from the just-weeping springs that trickle from the roof.
Стр. 126 - ... p. 116, quotes a passage from the Lancaster Gazette, dated 7th October, 1809, to the effect that " on carrying a drain through Church " Street, to meet with one from the Castle, the foundation of " a wall composed of large hewn stones, laid in regular " courses, has been brought to light ; also many fragments of " a beautiful red species of pottery with figures embossed in " relief. On one there is Apollo playing on a lyre ; on " another a horse in full speed.
Стр. 87 - All Lancashire for the most part The lusty Stanley stout did lead; A stock of striplings, strong of heart, Brought up from babes with beef and bread.
Стр. 61 - ... church. Beyond, over a ridge of gentle heights which bind the west side of the vale, the noble inlet of the sea, that flows upon the Ulverstone and Lancaster sands, is seen at the feet of...
Стр. 13 - Of all the Anglo-Saxon governments, the kingdom of Northumbria had been always the most perturbed ; usurper murdering usurper, is the pervading incident. A crowd of ghastly monarchs pass swiftly along the page of history, as we gaze, and scarcely has the sword of the assassin been cleansed...

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