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1. ADDISON (JOSEPH). A Poem to his Majesty, Presented

to the Lord Keeper. Folio, half dark green morocco, gilt back,
London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1695


FIRST EDITION. Very fine copy. Rare in this wholly uncut state. Not
in Huth.

2. ADDISON (JOSEPH). The Campaign, a Poem, to his

Grace the Duke of Marlborough. Folio, full brown calf, centre
ornament on sides, WHOLLY UNCUT, by Rivière.

London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1705
FIRST EDITION. In exceptional state, and with the half-title. Not in

3. ADDISON (JOSEPH). Cato. A Tragedy. As it is Acted

at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane By Her Majesty's Servants.

Small 4to, full mottled calf, gilt back, gilt fillet border on sides, with

rosettes on corners, gilt top, UNCUT, by Rivière.

London: Printed for J. Tonson, 1713

FIRST EDITION. A handsome and exceptional copy, being uncut, and

with the half title. The Prologue is by Pope and the Epilogue by Garth.

Voltaire expressed surprise that a nation which had so perfect a play as

"Cato" should prefer to see Shakespeare's plays. The Hoe copy, with


4. ADDISON (JOSEPH). The Resurrection. A Poem. En-

graved frontispiece by Kirkall after La Vergne. 8vo, full brown
calf, gilt back, gilt fillet border on sides, gilt top, uncut, by San-
gorski and Sutcliffe.
London: Printed for E. Curll, 1718

FIRST EDITION. Very fine copy. Scarce. Not in Hoe or Huth.

5. AERONAUTICS. An Account of the First Aerial Voyage

in England, In a Series of Letters to his Guardian, Chevalier
Gherardo Compagni. By Vincent Lunardi. Engraved portrait by
Bartolozzi, and copper-plates. 8vo, half blue levant morocco, gilt
tooling on back and sides, gilt top, uncut.

London: Printed for the Author, 1784
EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of an additional portrait of

Lunardi; an engraved ticket for the Balloon ascension; Portrait of Rev.

Thomas Wilson, Bishop of Chester. Contemporary autograph of Edward

Parish on title-page.

6. ESOP. Esopus moralizatus cum bono comento. Small 4to, full old French morocco, very richly gilt on back and sides, possibly by Petit, gilt edges. (Cologne: Henry Quentell), 1491

AN EXTREMELY RARE EDITION. Not seen by Hain, 309. Not in the British Museum nor in the Bodleian Library. Not in Proctor. Pellechet quotes under No. 214, only one copy in France-Bib Nat.

Interesting Shakespereana. Green's Shakespeare quotes "Henry VI." and "Midsummer Night's Dream."

7. ESOP. Aesopi Phrygis Fabvlæ, Elegantissimis iconibvs veras animalium species ad viuum adumbrantes, Ioannis Posthii Germershemii Tetrastichis illustratæ. Illustrated with 193 very fine woodcuts, some colored, by Virgil Soles and others. 12mo, original stamped pigskin, with clasps. Francofvrti ad Moenvm, 1566

A VERY RARE EDITION OF ESOP, printed on one side of the leaf only, with text in Latin and German. No copy in the Hoe nor Huth collections.

8. ESOP. The Fables of Aesop. Paraphras'd in Verse, and adorned with Sculpture. By John Ogilby. Engraved portrait, title, and 81 plates by Hollar. 8vo, full old black English morocco, gilt panelled sides, gilt edges.

London: Printed by Thomas Warren, 1651 VERY FINE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION of Ogilby's translation which is held in high esteem. RARE. The Clarence S. Bement copy, with bookplate. A very large copy, measuring 8 5/16 x 6 3/16 inches.

9. ESOP. Aesop's Fables, with his Life, in English, French, and Latin. Newly translated (by T. Philipott). Illustrated with 112 sculptures. To this edition are likewise added 31 new figures representing his Life. By Francis Barlow. Folio, full red straightgrain morocco, gilt back, gilt fillet border on sides, gilt top, by Stikeman.

London: Printed by H. Hills jun. for Francis Barlow, 1687

THE RARE SECOND EDITION, containing the facetious plate, No. 17, which is usually wanting. A number of the margins have been neatly repaired.

10. ESOP. Select Fables of Esop and other Fabulists. In Three Books. Engraved frontispiece, vignette on title, and numerous plates. 8vo, full dark red morocco, gilt back, gilt edges on the rough, by Clarke and Bedford.

Birmingham: Printed by John Baskerville, 1764

A VERY CHOICE COPY of this, the best translation of Aesop.

11. AKENSIDE (MARK). The Pleasures of Imagination. A Poem in Three Books. Title in red and black, with engraved vignette by Boitard. 4to, new boards, leather label, UNCUT.

London: Printed for R. Dodsley, 1744

THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION, IN UNCUT CONDITION. This is Akenside's most important contribution to English poetry.

12. ALABASTRO (GVLIELMO). Roxana Tragaedia. Engraved frontispiece in 8 compartments, one showing an interior of a theatre. 16mo, boards, leather label.

Londini: Excudebat Gulielmus Jones, 1632

FINE COPY OF THE GENUINE FIRST EDITION. The surreptitious edition was issued in a much smaller size the same day, and strangely, with the License of Sir Henry Herbert, the Master of the Revels, at that time. FINE SPECIMEN FROM THE FIRST PRESS AT COLOGNE 13. ALBERTUS MAGNUS. In Praise of the Virgin Mary. In Latin. Initials painted in red. Small folio, old half calf and boards. (Cologne: Ulrich Zell, before 1473) AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE SPECIMEN OF THE FIRST EDITION, from the FIRST PRESS AT COLOGNE, and one of the most important and popular of this great scholar's works. It contains chapters on music, mathematics, philology and astronomy. In the University Library of Upsala there is a copy bearing the rubricated date 1473. A quite perfect copy, except that one blank leaf has been cut away. Not seen by Hain. Not in Hoe or Huth. 14. ALCIATI (ANDREÆ). Emblemata. In Latin. Illustrated with 113 fine woodcuts by Mercurius Jollat. Small 8vo, full olive levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillet borders on sides, with corner ornaments, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf.

Parisiis: Ex officina Christiani Wecheli, 1536

A RARE EDITION of this well-known Shakespearean volume, from which Shakespeare makes no less than 30 quotations in his plays. The engraver is the same who executed the large anatomical designs in Charles Estienne's "De Dissectione," 1530. His mark, the sign of Mercury, appears beneath one of them.

See also Mallock "Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy" for allusion to this work.

15. ALDRICH (THOMAS BAILEY). What Came of It. (A Literary Episode.)


Daisy's Necklace: And 12mo, original cloth. New York, 1857

16. ALEXANDER (WILLIAM, EARL OF STIRLING). Avrora. Containing the first fancies of the Authors youth. Ornamental headband and printer's device on title. Small 4to, full crimson levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillet border on sides, gilt edges, by Bedford. London: Printed by Richard Field, 1604

THE EXCESSIVELY RARE FIRST EDITION. Choice copy, with notes on the fly-leaf by Mitford and Locker. The latter writes: like Sonnet 10, page 15. Alexander did not marry his Aurora, but a daughter of Sir Wm. Erskine. F. L." This poem was not included in the folio "Recreation with the Muses,'' 1637. The Heber-Mitford-Locker-Hagen copy, with


17. ALEXANDER (WILLIAM, EARL OF STIRLING). The Monarchicke Tragedies; Croesus, Darius, The Alexandræan, Julius Cæsar. Newly enlarged. Small 4to, full blue levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillet border on sides, with corner ornaments, gilt edges, by Pratt.

London: Printed by Valentine Simmes for Ed. Blount, 1607 FINE COPY OF THE FIRST COMPLETE EDITION. The previous edition of 1604 contained only "Croesus" and "Darius.'' The Tragedie of Darius included in the present volume bears the date of 1604. VERY RARE. The John G. Bourinot copy, with his bookplate, and autograph in two places.

18. ALKEN COLORED PLATES. Apperley (C. J.). The Life of a Sportsman. By Nimrod. 36 handsomely colored plates by Henry Alken. Royal 8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillet borders on sides, wide inside gilt border, gilt edges, original covers bound in, by Rivière.

London: Ackermann, Eclipse Sporting Gallery, 1842 FIRST ISSUE OF THE FIRST EDITION. IF NOT THE HANDSOMEST COPY OF THIS WORK KNOWN, it certainly is close to the finest, the plates being in the most brilliant condition possible, and the text unspotted.

These plates of Alken are considered by many to occupy a place not only among his own best work, but among that of the best English colorprinters.


19. ALKEN COLORED PLATES. Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton, with Notices of his Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Racing, Eccentric and Extravagant Exploits, by Nimrod (C. J. Apperley). Beautifully illustrated with 18 brilliant aquatint plates by Henry Alken and T. J. Rawlins. Tall 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges, in cloth slip case, morocco back.

London: Rudolph Ackermann, 1851 BEAUTIFUL COPY OF THE THIRD EDITION. This edition is the most complete one, having a Memoir of Nimrod by Surtees, which appears here for the first time.


20. ALLESTREE (RICHARD). The Gentlemans Calling. Engraved title and frontispiece and two other plates. 12mo, full crimson levant morocco, gilt back, gilt panelled sides, gilt edges, by The Club Bindery. London: Printed for T. Garthwait, 1660

A SUPERB COPY OF THE EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION OF THIS WORK, which is of much greater importance in the field of English literature than has been generally considered. It has been variously attributed to Archbishop Sancroft, Bishop Fell, Dr. Allestree, and Lady Dorothy Packington. The work is a masterly production having in view the elevation of the morals of the period; a period, though rich in learning, yet drifting away from that which was noblest and highest, and it was evidently Allestree's desire to bring back to the loftiest place of service and living, a people infinitely capable of such a position. He not inaptly terms it "The Gentleman's Calling" and very properly lays the foundation of such a standard on Education.

The present copy has the preliminary Address to Mr. Garthwait, signed ''H. H.'' as well as the Private Devotions at the end, sometimes wanting. The Hoe copy, with bookplate.

21. ALLOT (ROBERT). England's Parnassus; or, The Choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets, with their Poeticall comparisons. Descriptive of Bewties, Personages, Castles, Pallaces, Mountaines, Groues, Seas, Springs, Riuers, &c. Whereunto are annexed other various discourses, both pleasant and profitable. Printer's device on title. 12mo, full brown levant morocco, gilt and blind tooled back and sides, with corner fleurons, gilt edges, by Rivière. Imprinted at London for N. L., C. B., and T. H., 1600




This extremely rare selection from Shakespeare and other poets has enabled Editors to assign to their true authors pieces not otherwise known. It has also preserved numerous verses of the Elizabethan and anteElizabethan period nowhere else to be met with, and the names of the poets who are not otherwise known in literary history than by their mention in England's Parnassus. It contains no less than 79 extracts from Shakespeare alone, besides selections from Spencer, Gascoigne, Chapman, Jonson, Nash, Earl of Surrey, Greene, Daniel, and others.

22. ALMANACK, in Italian. Containing a Map of Europe, 12 woodcuts showing the occupations of each month, and 47 heads of Roman Emperors. Size 314 x 18 inches. Boards as issued, decorated with portraits of Louis XV. of France and his Queen, and enclosed in original pull-off case of brown parchment ornamented with blind tooling. Circa 1740

A very fine copy, both Almanack and case being in a splendid state of preservation. VERY RARE.

23. AMERICAN AGRICULTURE AND COMMERCE. Communications concerning the Agriculture and Commerce of America: Containing observations on the Commerce of Spain with her American Colonies in Time of War. Written by a Spanish Gentleman in Philadelphia, this present year, 1800. With sundry other papers concerning the Spanish interest. Edited in London, by William Tatham. 8vo, marbled wrappers. London, 1800

Contains an account of Ouachita, a country in the Province of Louisiana.


24. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. BROADSIDE. CORNWALLIS TAKEN! Boston, (Friday) October 26, 1781. 1 p., 4to.


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with the following Important Intelligence, " viz.- Providence, Oct. 25, 1781. Three o'clock, P. M. "This Moment an Express arrived at his Honor the Deputy-Governor's, from Col. Christopher Olney, Commandant on Rhode-Island, announcing the important Intelligence of the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis and his Army; an Account of which was Printed this morning at Newport."

"A Collection of Arms took place on Thursday the 18th Instant in Consequence of Proposals from Lord Cornwallis for a Capitulation. His Lordship proposed a Cessation of Twenty-Four hours, but Two only were granted by His Excellency General Washington By this glorious Conquest Nine Thousand of the Enemy, including Seamen, fell into our Hands, with an Immense Quantity of Warlike Stores, a Forty-Gun Ship, a Frigate, an armed Vessel, and about One Hundred Sail of Transports." 25. ANDREE (JOANNIS). Nouella Joanis Andree super tertio decretalium cum apostillis nouiter editis. Beautiful ornamental initials. Printed in Gothic type. 157 leaves, 80 lines to a full page. Folio, original vellum a little worn on back.

Colophon: Impressus in oppido Tridini. Impensis Joanis de Ferrarijs, 1512.

A BEAUTIFUL CLEAN COPY, measuring 16% x 104 inches. The author died of the Plague at Padua in 1348.

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