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43 thy will be done. And he came were heavy,) neither wist they what

and found them asleep again: for to answer him. 44 their eyes were heavy. And he

left them, and went away again,

and prayed the third time,' saying 45 the same words. Then cometh he 41

And he cometh the to his disciples, and saith unto third time, and saith unto them, them, Sleep on now, and take your Sleep on now, and take your rest:2 rest:: behold, the hour is at hand, it is enough, the hour is come; be

and the Son of man is betrayed into hold, the Son of man is betrayed 46 the hands of sinners. Rise, let us 42 into the hands of sinners. Rise up,

be going : behold, he is at hand let us go; lo, he that betrayeth me that doth betray me.

at hand.

LUKE XXII. 47–53.

Evening introducing the Sixth Day of the Week.

JOHN XVIII. 2-12. 2 And Judas also, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus ofttimes 3 resorted thither with his disciples. Judas then, having received a band of

men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, cometh thither with lanterns and torches and weapons. MATT. XXVI. 47-56.

MARK XIV. 43–52. 47 And while he yet 43 And immediately, 47 And while he yet spake, lo, Judas, one of while he yet spake,

spake, behold a multhe twelve, came, and cometh Judas, one of titude, and he that was with him a great mul- the twelve, and with called Judas, one of titude with swords and him a great multi- the twelve, went bestaves, from the chief tude with swords and fore them, priests and elders of

staves, from the chief the people.

priests and the scribes
and the elders.

JOHN XVII. 4 Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, 5 and said unto them, Whom seek ye? They answered him, Jesus of Naza

reth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed 6 him, stood with them. As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, 7 they went backward, and fell to the ground. Then asked he them again, 8 Whom seek ye? And they said, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus answered, Í

have told you that I am he: if therefore ye seek me, let these go their way: 9 that the saying might be fulfilled, which he spake,* Of them which thou

gavest me have I lost none. 48 Now he that betrayed 44 And he that betrayed

him gave them a sign, him had given them a saying, Whomsoever token, saying, WhomI shall kiss, that same soever I shall kiss, 47 —and drew near un

is he: hold him fast. that same is he; také to Jesus to kiss him. 49 And forthwith he came him, and lead him 48 But Jesus said unto

to Jesus, and said, 45 away safely. And as him, Judas, betrayest Comp. 2 Cor. 12. 8.

clares himself to be the person whom they sought. 2 Greswell and Robinson understand these At the same time Judas, in order to fulfil his words interrogatively; thus, Do ye sleep on still bargain, comes up and salutes him with a kiss. and take rest!

Comp. John 17. 12; 6. 39. 3 Jesus advances to meet the crowd, and de






JOHN XVIII. Hail, Master; soon as he was thou the Son of

and kissed him. come, he goeth man with a kiss? 50 And Jesus said straightway to 49 When they

unto him, him, and saith, which were Friend,' where- Master, Mas- about him saw 12 Then the band fore art thou ter; and kissed what would fol- and the captain come? Then 46 him. And they low, they said and officers of came they, and laid their hands unto him, Lord, the Jews took laid hands on

on him, and shall we smite Jesus, and Jesus, and took 47 took him. And with the sword? bound him.51 him. And, be- one of them that 50 Andone of them 10 Then Simon

hold, one of stood by drew smote the serv- Peter having a them which a sword, and ant of the high sword drew it, were with Je- smote a servant priest, and cut and smote the

stretched of the high off his right ear. high priest's outhis hand, and priest, and cut 51 And Jesus an- servant, and cut drew his sword, off his ear.

swered and off his right ear. and struck a

said, Suffer ye The servant's servant of the

thus far. And name was Malhigh priest, and

he touched his 11 chus. Then said smote off his

ear, and healed

Jesus unto Pe52 ear. Then said


ter, Put up thy Jesus unto him,

sword into the Put up again

sheath: the cup thy sword into

which my Fahis place: for

ther hath given all they that

me, shall I not take the sword

drink it? shall

perish with the sword.2 53 Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Fa

ther, and he shall presently give me more than 54 twelve legions of angels ? " But how then shall

the Scriptures be ful

filled, that thus it must 55 be?3 In that same


LUKE XXII. hour said Jesus to the 48 And Jesus answered 52 Then Jesus said unto multitudes, Are ye and said unto them, the chief priests, and come out as against a Are ye come out, as captains of the temple, thief with swords and against a thief, with and the elders, which staves for to take me? swords and with staves were come to him, Be I sat daily with you 49 to take me?

I was

ye come out, as against teaching in the tem- daily with you in the a thief, with swords

ple, and ye laid no hold temple teaching, and 53 and staves ? When I 56 on me. But all this ye took me not: but was daily with you in

was done, that the the Scriptures must be the temple, ye stretchScriptures of the pro- 50 fulfilled. And they ed forth no hands aphets might be fulfil- all forsook him, and gainst me : but this is led. Then all the dis- fled.4

your hour, and the ciples forsook him, and

power of darkness. fled.4

Friend is here too strong a term, for the ori- his faithful disciples friends, another word ginal word (étuīpe) denotes a mere companion or (pio.) is used, which implies attachment. acquaintance, without implying respect or affec- 2 Comp. Gen. 9. 6.

3 Luke 24. 44-46. tion. Where our Lord calls (as in John 15. 15) 4 John 16. 32.


51 And there followed him a certain young man, having a linen cloth cast 52 about his naked body; and the young men laid hold on him: and he left

the linen cloth, and fled from them naked.



Night introducing the Sixth Day of the Week.

him away

MATT. XXVI. 57, MARK XIV. 53, 54,

JOHN XVIII. 13—18,

LUKE XXII. 54-62.
58, 69–75.

25-27. 57 And they that 53 And they led 54 Then took 13 And they led had laid hold on Jesus away to

they him, and

to Jesus led him the high priest :

led him, and Annas first; for away to Caia

and with him brought him in- he was a fatherphas the high were assembled to the high in-law to Caipriest, where all the chief priest's house.

aphas, which the scribes and priests and the

was the high the elders were elders and the

priest that same assembled. scribes.

14 year. Now Cai

aphas was he, which

gave counsel to the Jews, that it was expedient that one man should

die for the peo58

But 54 And Peter - And Peter 15 ple.3 And SiPeter followed followed him followed afar mon Peter folhim afar off afar off, even off.

lowed Jesus, unto the high into the palace

and so did anpriest's

of the high

other disciple : lace,priest:

that disciple

was known unto the high priest, and went in with Jesus into the palace of the 16 high priest. But Peter stood at the door without. Then went coals;

out that other disciple, which was known unto the high priest, An Oriental house is usually built around a tioned him. Mark says the same maid (ń tatquadrangular interior court; into which there is diokn) saw him again, and began to question him, a passage (sometimes arched) through the front ver. 69; Matthew has (ä1 101), another maid, ver. part of the house, closed next the street by a 71; Luke writes (é tepos), another person, or anheavy folding gate, with a smaller wicket for other man, ver. 58; while John uses the indefisingle persons, kept by a porter. The interior nite form (einov), they said. As, according to court, often paved or flagged, and open to the Matthew (ver. 70) and Mark (ver. 69), there were sky, is the hall (aủań), mentioned in the fol- several persons present, Peter may have been inlowing section, where the attendants made a terrogated by several.—The third denial took fire; and the passage beneath the front of the place an hour after, probably near the fire, or at house, from the street to this court, is the porch least within the court, where our Lord and Peter (προαύλιον or πυλών). The place where Jesus could see each other; Luke 22. 61. Here Matstood before the high priest, may have been an thew and Mark speak of several interrogators, open room or place of audience on the ground Luke has, some other man (allos tis), and John floor, in the rear or on one side of the court; such specifies the servant of the high priest. rooms, open in front, being customary. It was The three denials are here placed together for close upon the court; for Jesus heard all that convenience, although during the intervals bewas going on around the fire; and turned and tween them the examination of Jesus was going looked upon Peter ; Luke 22. 61.

on before the high priest ; the progress of which Peter's first denial took place at the fire in the is given in § 145. middle of the court (ajan), on his being ques- 2 For he was, &c. The reason for taking our tioned by the female porter.-Peter then, accord- Lord first to Annas was, perhaps, this, that he ing to Matthew and Mark, retreats into the pas- was known from his family relation to share the Sage leading to the street (πυλών, προαύλιον), views and feelings of his son-in-law, Caiaphas, where he is again questioned, and makes his whose avowed purpose or recommendation to second denial. Luke and John do not specify seek the death of Jesus is mentioned in the next the place. The evangelists differ in their state- verse. ments here, as to the person who now ques

3 John 11. 50.


and spake unto
her that kept
the door, and

brought in Pe18 ter. And the

servants and officers stood there, who had

made a fire of 55 And when they

for it

had kindled a was cold : and 58 —and went in, 54

-and fire in the midst they warmed and sat with the he sat with the of the hall, and themselves: and servants, to see servants, and were sat down Peter stood the end.

warmed himself together, Peter with them, and [Ver. 59—68 in at the fire.

sat down among

warmed him§ 145.] 66 And as Peter them.

was beneath in
the palace, there
cometh one of

the maids of the

67 high priest: and 69 Now Peter sat when she saw 56 But a certain 17 Then saith the

without in the Peter warming maid beheld damsel that palace : and a himself, she him as he sat by

kept the door damsel came looked upon the fire, and unto Peter, Art unto him, say- him, and said, earnestly look- not thou also ing, Thou also And thou alsó ed upon him, one of this man's

wast with Jesus wast with Jesus and said, This disciples? He 70 of Galilee. But of Nazareth. man

was also saith, I

am he denied be- 68 But he denied, 57 with him. And not. fore them all, saying, I know

he denied him, saying, I know not, neither un- saying,

Wonot what thou derstand I what

man, I know 71 sayest.

And thou sayest. 58 him not. And 25 And Simon when he was And he went after a little Peter stood and gone out into out into the while another warmed himthe porch, an

porch; and the saw him, and self. They said other maid saw 69 cock crew. And

therefore unto him, and said a maid saw him unto them that again, and bewere there, This gan to say to

him, Art not fellow was also them that stood

thou also one of with Jesus of by, This is one said, Thou art his disciples ? 72 Nazareth. And 70 of them. And also of them. He denied it,

again he denied he denied it And Peter said, and said, I am with an oath, I again.

Man, I am not. not. do not know the 73 man. And after

And a 59 And about the 26 One of the a while came little after, they

one servants of the unto him they that stood by hour after an

high priest, bethat stood by, said again to other confident- ing his kinsman and said to Pe- Peter, Surely ly affirmed, say

whose ear Peter ter, Surely thou thou art one of ing, Of a truth cut off, saith, also art one of them: for thou this fellow also Did not I see them; for thy art a Galilean, was with him :

thee in the gar

space of




JOHN XVIII. speech bewray- and thy speech for he is a Gali- den with him ? 74 eth thee. Then agreeth thereto. 60 lean. And Pe- 27 Peter then debegan he

to 71 But he began ter said, Man, I nied again : and to

to curse and to know not what swear, saying, I

swear, saying, I thou sayest. know not the know not this And immediman. And im- man of whom

ately, while he

and immediately the 72 ye speak. And yet spake, the mediately the cock crew. the second time cock crew.

cock crew.
the cock crew.

MARK XIV. 75 And Peter remember- 72 And Peter called to 61 And the Lord turned,

ed the word of Jesus, mind the word that and looked upon Pewhich said unto him, Jesus said unto him, ter. And Peter reBefore the cock crow,

Before the cock crow membered the word of thou shalt deny me twice, thou shalt deny the Lord, how he had thrice.2 And he went me thrice. And when said unto him, Before out, and wept bitterly. he thought thereon, he the cock crow, thou wept.

shalt deny me thrice.? 62 And Peter went out,

and wept bitterly.




Morning of the Sixth Day of the Week.

JOHN XVIII. 19-24. 19 The high priest then asked 3 Jesus of his disciples, and of his doctrine. 20 Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; Í ever taught in the

synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in se21 cret have I said nothing. Why askest thou me? ask them which heard me, 22 what I have said unto them: behold, they know what I said. And when

he had thus spoken, one of the officers which stood by struck Jesus with 23 the palm of his hand, saying, Answerest thou the high priest so? Jesus

answered him, If I have spoken evil, bear witness of the evil : but if well, 24 why smitest thou me? Now Annas had sent him bound unto Caiaphas the high priest.

LUKE XXII. 63–71. 66

And as soon as it was day, the elders of the people and the chief priests and the scribes came together, and led him into their council, MATT. XXVI. 59—68.

MARK XIV. 55-65. 59 Now the chief priests, and elders, 55 And the chief priests and all the

and all the council, sought false council sought for witness 4 against

witness + against Jesus, to put him Jesus to put him to death; and 1 Mark relates that the cock crowed twice, ver. Mark 13. 35. Mark therefore here relates more 68, 72; the others speak only of his crowing once. definitely; the others more generally. This accords also with their respective accounts 2 See the passages in $ 136. of our Lord's prophecy; see § 136. The cock 3 This examination by Caiaphas, John 18. often crows irregularly about midnight or not long 19-23, took place soon after Peter's first denial ; after; and again always and regularly about the see § 144. Not improbably the high priest again third hour or day-break. When therefore " the withdrew, after having sent off messengers to cock-crowing” is spoken of alone, this last is convoke the Sanhedrim, which met at early dawn, always meant. Hence the name cock-crowing Luke 22. 66.-Luke 22. 63–65 is transpused, in (uleitpopwvia), for the third watch of the night, accordance with Matthew and Mark. which ended at the third hour after midnight; 4 Comp. Acts 6. 11-13.

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