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and when they concerning the swine. 37 healed. Then the whole saw him, they besought 17 And they began to multitude of the counhim that he would de- pray him to depart try of the Gadarenes part out of their coasts. out of their coasts. round about besought 18 And when he

him to depart from come into the ship, he them; for they were that had been possess

taken with great fear: ed with the devil pray

and he went up into ed him that he might the ship, and returned 19 be with him. Howbeit 38 back again. Now the

Jesus suffered him not, man out of whom the but saith unto him, Go devils were departed home to thy friends, besought him that he and tell them how might be with him: but great things the Lord

Jesus sent him away, hath done for thee, and 39 saying, Return to thine

hath had compassion own house, and show 20 on thee. And he de- how great things God

parted, and began to hath done unto thee. publish in Decapolis And he went his way, how great things Jesus and publishedthroughhad done for him: and out the whole city how all men did marvel.

great things Jesus had

done unto him. And he entered into 21 And when Jesus was 40 And it came to pass, a ship, and passed over, passed over again by that, when Jesus was and came into his own ship unto the other returned, the people city.' [See in $ 34.] side, much people ga- gladly received him :

thered unto him: and for they were all waithe was nigh unto the ing for him.




MATT. IX. 10–17.
MARK II. 15–22.

LUKE V. 29-39. 10 And it came to pass, 15

And it came to pass, 29

And Levi made him as Jesus sat at meat that, as Jesus sat at a great feast in his own in the house, behold, meat in his house, house : and there was many publicans and

many publicans and a great company of sinners 3 came and sat sinners 3 sat also toge- publicans and of others down with him and ther with Jesus and that sat down with his disciples.

his disciples : for there them.
were many,

and they 11

And when . 16 followed him. And 30 But their scribes

Ilis own city, i. e. Capernaum, where he according to-Mark and Luke, did not happen generally tarried after removing from Nazareth : until immediately after the return from the see Matt. 4. 13.

eastern shore of the lake. Hence the narrative * The call of Levi or Matthew is placed by of the feast is also to be transferred to this place; the three evangelists immediately after the heal- and that too with the more certainty, because the ing of the paralytic in Capernaum : see $$ 34, 35. twelve appear to have also been present at it: see Very naturally, too, they all three connect with Matt. 9. 10; Mark 2. 15. his call an account of the feast which he after- 3 Sinners. There is no good reason for supwards made for Jesus ; in order to bring together posing that Gentiles are meant by this word, as and present at once all that was personal to Mat- used here and in similar places. Jews rather are thew. But from Matt. 9. 18 (see $ 59] it appears, intended who were in bad reputation, as transthat while our Lord was reclining and discoursing gressors of the law in its ceremonial, and perat that feast, Jairus comes to beseech him to haps in some of its moral precepts, and so passvisit his daughter lying at the point of death; | ing for scarcely better than heathens. and Jesus goes with him. Now this transaction,



MATT. IX. the Pharisees saw it, when the scribes and and Pharisees murthey said unto his dis- Pharisees saw him eat mured against his disciples, Why eateth with publicans and sin- ciples, saying, Why do your Master with pub- ners, they said unto his

ye eat and drink with licans and sinners ? disciples, How is it that publicans and sinners ?

he eateth and drinketh

with publicans and sin12 But when Jesus heard 17 ners ? When Jesus 31 And Jesus answering

that, he said unto them, heard it, he saith unto said unto them, They They that be whole them, They that are that are whole need need not a physician,

whole have no need of not a physician; but but they that are sick. the physician, but they 32 they that are sick. I 13 But go ye and learn that are sick: I came came not to call the

what that meaneth, I not to call the right- righteous, but sinners will have mercy, and eous, but sinners to

to repentance, not sacrifice: 1 for I

repentance. am not come to call the righteous, but sin

ners to repentance.? 14 Then came to him 18 And the disciples of 33 And they said unto

the disciples of John, Johnand of the Phari- him, Why do the dissaying, Why do we sees used to fast: and ciples of John' fast oftand the Pharisees fast they come and say en, and make prayers, oft, but thy disciples unto him, Why do the and likewise the discifast not?

disciples of John and ples of the Pharisees; of the Pharisees fast, but thine

but thy disciples fast drink? 15 And Jesus 19 not? And Jesus said 34

And he said said unto them, Can unto them, Can the unto them, Can ye the children of the children of the bride- make the children of bridechamber* mourn, chamber4 fast, while the bridechamber 4 as long as the bride- the bridegroom is with fast, while the bridegroom is with them?

them? as long as they groom is with them? have the bridegroom

with them, they canBut the days will come, 20 not fast. But the days 35 But the days when the bridegroom will come, when the will come, when the shall be taken from bridegroom shall be bridegroom shall be them, and then shall taken away from them, taken

away from them, they fast.

and then shall they and then shall they fast

fast in those days. 36 in those days. And 16

No man put- 21 No man also seweth a he spake also a parateth a piece of new piece of new cloth on ble unto them;

No cloth unto an old gar- an old garment: else man putteth a piece of

eat and

| Hos. 6. 6; comp. 1 Sam. 15. 22.

the sect in Asia. Even now some followers of 2 Luke 15. 8-10; 1 Tim. 1. 15.

the party are said to be found in the East under 3 The disciples of Jolin. Here it appears many the nanie of Sabii or Natsoræans. See Neander's of these did not follow the counsel of their mas- Kirchengeschichte, I. 646. ter, by becoming the disciples of Jesus, and ac- Comp. Judges 14. 10, 11. knowledging him as the Messiah, but remained 5 New cloth, properly cloth unfulled (äyvaços), a distinct sect, with a leaning towards the Phari- which is apt to shrink much when wet, and so seeg. A very notable trace of this peculiar sect would rend the old cloth around it. In Luke the is again found in Acts 19. 3—5, where several of illustration is quite different. Our Lord may have its adherents receive baptism under the direction used both. A better rendering of Luke's words of the apostle Paul, their former baptism being would be this: No man putteth a piece of not recognised as proper, inasmuch as it had been a new garment upon an old garment; but if administered not by John himself in Judea, (some otherwise, both be cuts the new and the piece twenty years before,) but by some propagator of from the new does not match the old."






ment, for that which the new piece that

a new garment upon is put in to fill it up filled it up taketh an old; if otherwise, taketh from the gar

away from the old, then both the new ment, and the rent is and the rent is made maketh a rent, and the ade worse.

piece that was taken

out of the new agreeth Neither 22

And no 37 not with the old. And do men put new wine man putteth new wine no man putteth new into old bottles : else into old bottles: else wine into old bottles ; the bottlest break, the new wine doth else the new wine will and the wine runneth burst the bottles, and burst the bottles,' and out, and the bottles the wine is spilled, be spilled, and the botperish : 2 but they put and the bottles will be 38 tles shall perish. But new wine into new marred: but new wine new wine must be put bottles, and both are must be put into new into new bottles; and preserved. bottles. (See in § 37.] 39 both are preserved. No

man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new : for he saith, The old is better.

[See in § 37.]




MATT. IX. 18-26.

MARK V. 22–43.

LUKE VIII. 41-56. 18 While he spake these 22 And, behold, there 41 And, behold, there things unto them, be- cometh one of the

a man named hold, there came a cer

rulers of the syna- Jairus, and he was a tain ruler, and wor- gogue, Jairus by name;

ruler of the synagogue: shipped him, saying, and when he saw him, and he fell down at My daughter is even 23 he fell at his feet, and Jesus' feet, and benow dead: but come besought him greatly, sought him that he and lay thy hand upon saying, My little would come into his her, and she shall live. daughter lieth at the 42 house : for he had one

point of death : I pray only daughter, about thee, come and lay thy twelve years of age, hands on her, that she and she lay a dying.

may be healed ; and But as he went the

24 she shall live. And people thronged him. 19 And Jesus arose, and Jesus went with him ;

followed him, and so and much people foldid his disciples. lowed him, and throng

ed him. 20 And, behold, a wo- 25 Anda certain woman, 43 And a woman hav

man, which was dis- which had an issue of ing an issue of blood 3 eased with an issue of blood 3 twelve years,

twelve years, which blood twelve years, 26 and had suffered many had spent all her liv

things of many physi- ing upon physicians,

1 Bottles, not of earthenware or glass, but of may account for her timid and almost stealthy skins, and so liable to be rent (přg vuutai).

manner of approaching Christ, for her doing no 2 Comp. Josh. 9. 4.

more than touching the hem of his garment, and 3 A woman-diseascd, &c. Her disorder was also for her alarm on being discovered. But in one of those maladies which, according to the law the midst of all, she had faith, and was accord(Lev. 15. 25—27), defiled by contact ; and this ingly healed and blessed.



ed of any,


LUKE VIII. cians, and had spent neither could be healall that she had, and was nothing bettered,

but rather grew worse,

27 when she had heard of
came be-
Jesus,came in the press 44

came behind hind him, and touched behind, and touched him, and touched the

the hem of his gar- 28 his garment. For she border of his garment: 21 ment: for she said said, If I may touch and immediately her

within herself, If I may but his clothes, I shall issue of blood stanchbut touch his garment, 29 bewhole. And straight- ed.

I shall be whole.- way the fountain of 22 And the woman was her blood was dried

made whole from that up; and she felt in her hour.

body that she

healed of that plague. 30 And Jesus, immedi- 45 And Jesus said, Who

ately knowing in him- touched me? When self that virtue had all denied, Peter and gone out of him, turn- they that were with ed him about in the him said, Master, the press, and said, Who

multitude throng thee touched my clothes? and press thee,and say, 31 And his disciples said est thou, Who touched

unto him, Thou seest 46 me? And Jesus said, the multitude throng- Somebody hath touching thee, and sayest ed me: for I perceive

thou, Who touched that virtue is gone out 32 me? And he looked 47 of me. And when the round about to

woman saw that she her that had done this was not hid, she came 33 thing. But the wo- trembling, and falling

man fearing and trem- down before him, she bling, knowing what declared unto him bewas done in her, came fore all the people for and fell down before what cause she had him, and told him all touched him, and how the truth.

she was healed im22 But Jesus turned him 34

And he said 48 mediately: And he about, and when he unto her, Daughter, said unto her, Daughsaw her, he said, thy faith hath madé ter, be of good comDaughter, be of good thee whole ; go in fort: thy faith hath comfort; thyfaith hath peace, and be whole

made thee whole; go nade thee whole. of thy plague.

in peace. 35 While he yet spake, 49

While he yet spake, there came from the there cometh one from ruler of the syna

the ruler of the synagogue's house certain gogue's house, saying which said, Thydaugh- to him, Thy daughter ter is dead': why trou- is dead; trouble not

blest thou the Master 50 the Master. But when 36 any further ? As soon Jesus heard it, he an

as Jesus heard the swered him, saying, word that was spoken,

Fear not: believe only, he saith unto the ruler and she shall be made of the synagogue, Be whole.






all out,

not afraid, only be

38 lieve.-And he cometh 23 And when Jesus to the house of the rul- 51 And when he came came into the ruler's er of the synagogue.

into the house, he sufhouse,

37 And he suffered no fered no man to go in,

to follow him, save Peter, and James, save Peter, and James, and John, and the

and John the brother father and the mother 38 of James.-And he 52 of the maiden. And

seeth the tumult, and all wept, and bewailed

them that wept and her: but he said, Weep and saw the 39 wailed greatly. And not; she is not dead, minstrels and the peo- when he was come in, 53 but sleepeth. And they ple making a noise,'

he saith unto them, laughed him to scorn, 24 he said unto them, Why make ye this knowing that she was

Give place : for the ado, and weep ? the 54 dead. And he put them maid is not dead, but damsel is not dead, but sleepeth. . And they 40 sleepeth. . And they

laughed him to scorn. laughed him to scorn. 25 But when the people But when he had put

were put forth, he went them all out, he taketh in, and took her by the the father and the

hand, and the maid mother of the damsel, 26 arose. And the fame and them that were

hereof went abroad in- with him, and entereth to all that land.

in where the damsel
41 was lying. And he

took the damsel by the
hand, and said unto

and took
her, Talitha cumi ; her by the hand, and
which is, being inter- called, saying,
preted, Damsel, I say

Maid, 42 unto thee, arise. And 55 arise. And her spirit

straightway the dam- came again, and she sel arose, and walked ; arose straightway: and for she was of the age of he commanded to give twelve years. And they 56 her meat. And her were astonished with

parents were astonisha great astonishment. ed: but he charged 43 And he charged them them that they should

straitly that no man tell no man what was
should know it; and done,
commanded that some-
thing should be given
her to eat.


MATT. IX. 27-34. 27 And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, 28 and saying, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us.

And when he was

| Minstrels and people making a noise. It was 2 Comp. Matt. 20. 30-34. customary to have a kind of funereal music and 3 Sun of David. This appears to have been the mourning women to wail for the dead (comp. favourite title among the people for designating 2 Chron. 35. 25; Jer. 9. 17, 18).

the Messiah; but as it might seem to favour the

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