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History of Normandy and of Eng- | History of the Royal Society, com

land. By Sir FRANCIS PALGRAVE. Vol. I. piled from Original Authentic Documents. Octavo. 21s.

By C. R. WELD, Assistant-Secretary of the

Royal Society. Two Volumes. Octavo. 30s. History of the Whig Ministry of

1830. By J. ARTHUR ROEBUCK, M.P. Lectures on the Principles and Vols. I. & II.-to the Passing of the Reform

Practice of Physic. By T. WATSON, M.D. Bill. Octavo.

Third Edition. Two Volumes. Octavo. 349. Principles of Political Economy. Cycle of Celestial Objects. By By J. STUART MILL. Second Edition. Two

Captain W. H. SMYTH, R.N.,F.R.S., Foreign Volumes. Octavo. 30s.

Secretary of the Royal Society. Two Vols. Essays on Unsettled Questions of

I. Prolegomena; II. The Bedford Cata

logue. Octavo, with Illustrations. £22s. Political Economy. By the same Author. 6s. 6d.

Manual of Chemistry. By W. T. System of Logic. By the same BRANDE, F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in Author. Third and Cheaper Edition. Two

the Royal Institution. Sixth Edition, much Volumes. Octavo. 258.

enlarged, and embodying all Recent Dis

coveries. Two large Volumes. £2 5s. Discourse on the Studies of the

Dictionary of the Materia Medica University of Cambridge. By ADAM SEDGWICK, M.A., Woodwardian Professor. Fifth and Pharmacy. By the same Author. Edition. With Preliminary Dissertation

Octavo. 158. and Supplement. (770 pages.) 128.

Principles of Mechanism. By R. On the Influence of Authority in

WILLIS, M.A., F.R.S., Professor of Natural Matters of Opinion. By G. CORNEWALL

Philosophy, Cambridge. 158. LEWIS, M.P. Octavo. Os. 6d.

Mechanics applied to the Arts. By Elements of Logic. By R. WHATELY, H. MOSELEY, M.A., F.R.S., one of Her D.D., Archbishop of Dublin. With all the Majesty's Inspectors of Schools. 6s. 6d. Author's Additions. Small Octavo, 4s. 6d. Library Edition, 10s. 60.

Lectures on Astronomy. By the

same Author. Third Edition. 58. 6d. Elements of Rhetoric. By the same Author. With all the Author's Additions.

Elements of Meteorology. By the Small Octavo, 4s. 6d. Library Edition, late Professor DANIELL. With Plates. 10s. 6d.

Two Volumes. Octavo. 328. Introductory Lectures on Political On the Nature of Thunderstorms, Economy. By the same Author. 88.

and on the means of Protecting Churches

and other Buildings, and Shipping, against History of the Inductive Sciences.

the Destructive Effects of Lightning. By By W. WHEWELL, D.D., F.R.S., Master SIR W. Snow HARRIS, F.R.S. Octavo, with of Trinity College, Cambridge. Second Illustrations. 108. 6d. Edition, revised. Three Vols. £2 2s.

Physiological Anatomy and PhyPhilosophy of the Inductive Sciences.

siology of Man. By Dr. TodD and W. BowBy the same Author. Second Edition, MAN, F.R.S. With numerous Illustrations. revised. Two Volumes. Octavo. 30s.

Part III., 7s. Volume I., 15s. Indications of the Creator- Theolo- Connexion of Natural and Divine

gical Extracts from the History and the Truth. By BADEN POWELL, M.A., F.R.S., Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences. By Professor of Geometry, Oxford. 9s. the same Author. Second Edition. 58. 6d.

Undulatory Theory as applied to the Elements of Morality, including Dispersion of Light. By the same Author.

Polity. By the same Author. Second and Octavo. With a coloured Chart of the Cheaper Edition. Two Volumes. 158. Prismatic Spectra. 9s.

Chemistry of the Crystal Palace: a

Popular Account of the Chemical Pro. perties of the Chief Materials employed in its Construction. By T. GRIFFITHS, late Professor of Chemistry in St. Bartholo

mew's Hospital. 5s. Chemistry of the four Ancient Ele

ments. By the same Author. With numerous Illustrations. Second Edition. 4s. 6d.

Recreations in Chemistry. By the

same Author. Second Edition, with numerous Illustrations, much enlarged. 58.

Mathematical Tracts. By G. BID

DELL AIRY, M.A., F.R.S., Astronomer Royal. I. Lunar and Planetary Theories. -II. Figure of the Earth.-III. Precession and Nutation.-IV. Calculus of Variations. -V. Undulatory Theory of Optics, and Theory of Polarization. Octavo. Third

Edition. 158. The Philosophy of Living. By HER

BERT MAYO, M.D., formerly Surgeon to the Middlesex Hospital. Third and Cheaper

Edition, with Additions. 58. Management of the Organs of Di

gestion in Health and in Disease. By the

same Author. Second Edition. 6s. 6d. Lunacy and Lunatic Life, with Hints

on the Personal Care and Management of

those afflicted with Derangement. 3s. 6d. Lectures on the German Mineral

Waters: the Result of a Professional Investigation of their respective Merits in the Cure of certain Chronic Diseases. By S. SUTRO, M.D., Senior Physician of the

German Hospital. Spasm, Languor, and Palsy. By J. A. Wilson, M.D., Physician to St. George's

Hospital. 78. Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, and In

flammation of the Joints. By ROBERT BENTLEY TODD, M.D., F.R.S., Physician

of King's College Hospital. 78. 6d. Minerals and their Uses. By J. R.

JACKSON, F.R.S. With coloured Frontis.

piece. 7s.6d. Lectures on Dental Physiology and

Surgery. By J. TOMES, F.R.S., Surgeon. Dentist to the Middlesex Hospital. Octavo.

With 100 Illustrations. 128. Instructions in the Use and Manage

ment of Artificial Teeth. By the same Author. With Illustrations. 38. 6d.

Recreations in Physical Geography;

or, the Earth as It Is. By Miss Ř. M.

ZORNLIN. Third Edition. 6s. World of Waters; or, Recreations in Hydrology.

By the same Author, Second Edition. 68.

Recreations in Geology. By the

Practical Geology and Mineralogy,

same Author. Second Edition. 4s. 6d.

Recreations in Astronomy.

By Rev. L. TOMLINSON, M.A. Third Edition. 4s. 6d.

Young Italy. By A. BAILLIE COCH

BANE, M.P. Post 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Wales: The Social, Moral, and Re

ligious Condition of the People, considered especially with reference to Education. By Sir THOMAS PHILLIPS. Octavo. 14s.

Journal of Summer Time in the

Country. By Rev. R. A. WILLMOTT.
Second Edition. 58.

and the Chemistry of Metals. By JOSHUA
TRIMMER, F.G.S. Octavo, with Two Hun-

dred Illustrations. 12s. Practical Chemistry for Farmers and

Landowners. By the same Author. 58. Practical Geodesy, comprising Chain

Surveying, the Use of Surveying Instru. ments, Levelling, Trigonometrical, Mining, and Maritime Surveying. By BUTLER WILLIAMS, C.E. New Edition, with Chapters on Estate, Parochial, and Rail.

road Surveying. With Illustrations. 12s.6d. Manual for Teaching Model-Draw

ing; with a Popular View of Perspective. By the same Author. (Under the Sanction of the Committee of Council on Education.)

Octavo, with shaded Engravings. 158. Instructions in Drawing. Abridged

from the above. 3s.

Schiller's Complete Poems, including all his

early suppressed Pieces, together with the Poems introduced in his Dramatic Works, attempted in English. By EDGAR

Correspondence of Sir Isaac Newton

and Professor Cotes, and other unpublished
Letters and Papers of Newton. Edited,
with Synoptical View

of Newton's Life, by J. EDLESTON, M.A., Fel. Trin. Col. Cambridge. With Portrait. Octavo. 108.

Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy. Com

piled principally from Official Documents in the Admiralty. By WILLIAM 0. S. GILLY. With a Preface by W. S. GILLY, D.D., Canon of Durham. Second Edition, 78. 6d.

Danger of Superficial Knowledge:

A Lecture. By J. D. FORBES, F.R.S., Professor of Natural Philosophy, Edinburgh. 2s. and Cheaper Edition. 2s. 6d. Brampton Rectory: or, the Lesson History of the Church of England. of Life. Second Edition. 88. 6d.


The Introductory Lectures delivered Sister Mary's Tales on Natural at Queen's College, London, by

History. Seventh Edition, with numerous

Woodcuts. Is. 6d.

Natural Philosophy for Beginners.
PROF. BRASSEUR. REV. C. G. NICOLAY. Third Edition, with 143 Woodcuts. 2s.
PROF. HALL REV. A.B. STRETTELL Popular Poems, selected by ELIZA-

BETH PARKER. Third Edition.
Foolscap Octavo. 58.

Easy Poetry for Children. Third

Edition. ls. , The Saint's Tragedy; the true Story Introduction to English Composition.

of Elizabeth of Hungary. By C. KINGSLEY, By Rev. J. EDWARDS. Fifth Edition. 28. Rector of Eversley. With Preface, by Professor MAURICE. Cheaper Edition.

Bible Biography. By E. FARR.

Second Edition. 49.
Yeast: a Problem. Reprinted, with
Additions and Alterations, from Fraser's

Abbott's Reader: a Series of Familiar Magazine. 9s.

Pieces in Prose and Verse, calculated to

produce a Moral Influence on the Hearts The Professor's Wife: a Tale from

and Lives of Young Persons. Fifth Edition. the German of Auerbach. 38. 6d.

38. Chance and Choice: or, the Education of Circumstances. Two Tales:-1. The

History of the Christian Church. Young Governess.- II. Claudine de so- By the late Professor BURTON, of Oxford. ligny. 78. 6d.

Eighth and Cheaper Edition. 5s. Anschar: a Story of the North. By Outlines of Sacred History. Twelfth RICHARD JOHN KING. 78.

By T. VOWLER SHORT, D.D., Bishop of St.

Asaph. Fifth Edition. Octavo. 16s. Compton Merivale: another Leaf from the Lesson of Life. By the Author

Burnet's History of the Reformaof Brampton Rectory. 88. 6d.

tion, abridged. Edited, with Additions,

by G. E. CORRIE, B.D., Norrisian Professor John Sterling's Essays and Tales. of Divinity, and Master of Jesus College, Edited, with a Sketch of the Author's Life,

Cambridge. 10s. 60. by Archdeacon HARE. Two volumes, with

History of the English Reformation. Portrait. 21s.

By F. C. MASSINGBERD, M.A., Rector of The City of God; a Vision of the South Ormsby. Second Edition. 6s.

Past, the Present, and the Future. By
E. BUDGE, Rector of Bratton. 8s. 6d.

History of Popery; the Origin,

Growth, and Progress of the Papal Power ; Chronicles of the Seasons; or, the

its Political Influence, and Effects on the

Progress of Civilization. 98. 6d. Progress of the Year: being a Course of Daily Instruction and Amusement, selected from the Popular Details of the Natural History, Science, Art, Antiquities, and The Anglo-Saxon Church, its HisBiography of our Father-land. In Four tory, Revenues, and General Character. Books, 38. 6d. each.

By H. SOAMES, M.A., Chancellor of St.

Paul's Cathedral, Third Edition. 10s. 6d. The Merchant and the Friar; or, Truths and Fictions of the Middle Ages.

Elizabethan Religious History. By By Sir F. PALGRAVE. Second Edition. 38. the same Author. Octavo. 16s. Tales and Stories from History. By AGNES STRICKLAND. Cheaper Edition.

Ullmann's Gregory of Nazianzum. One Volume.

A Contribution to the Ecclesiastical HisWoman's Mission. Thirteenth tory of the Fourth Century. Translated Edition. 2s.

by G. V. Cox, M.A. 6s. The Little Bracken Burners. A Neander's Julian the Apostate and

Tale. By LADY CALLCOTT. Third Edition. his Generation: an Historical Picture. Is, 6d.

Translated by G. V. Cox, M.A. 38. 6d.

Dahlmann's Life of Herodotus,

drawn out from his Book. With Notes. Translated by G. V. Cox, M.A. 58.

[blocks in formation]

Student's Manual of Ancient His

tory. By W. COOKE TAYLOR, LL.D. Fifth

Edition. 10s. 6d. Student's Manual of Modern History.

By the same Author. Fifth Edition, with

New Supplementary Chapter. 10s. 6d. History of Mohammedanism. Cheaper

Edition. By the same Author. 4s. Crusaders; Scenes, Events, and Cha

racters from the Times of the Crusades.

By T. KEIGHTLEY. 7s. Historical Sketch of the British

Army. By G. R. GLEIG, M.A., Chaplain

General to the Forces. 3s. 6d. Family History of England. By

the same Author. With numerous Illus

trations. Three Volumes. 68. 6d. each. School History of England, abridged

from Gleig's Family History of England; with copious Chronology, List of Contem

porary Sovereigns, and Questions. 6s. Familiar History of Birds. By E.

STANLEY, D.D., Bishop of Norwich. Fifth Edition, with numerous Illustrations. 58.

[blocks in formation]

Memoir of Edward Copleston, D.D.,

Bishop of Llandaff, with Selections from his Diary and Correspondence, &c. By W.

J. COPLESTON, M.A., Rector of Cromhall. Life of Archbishop Usher, with an

Account of his Writings. By C. R. ELRINGTON, D.D., Regius Professor of Divinity,

Dublin. Portrait. Octavo. 12s. Life of Archbishop Sancroft. Ry

the late Dr. D’OYLY. Octavo. 9s. Memoirs of the Life, Character, and

Writings, of Bishop Butler. By T. BARTLETT, M.A., Rector of Kingstone. Octavo,

12s., with a Portrait. Lives of Eminent Christians. By

R. B. HONE, M.A., Archdeacon of Wor. cester. New Edition. Four Volumes.

4s. 6d. each. Bishop Jeremy Taylor; his Prede

cessors, Contemporaries, and successors. By Rev. R. A. WILLMOTT. Second Edition.

5s. Lives of English Sacred Poets. By

the same Author. Two Vols. 4s. 6d. each. Life and Services of Lord Harris.

By the Right Hon. S. R. LUSHINGTON. Second Edition. 6s. 60.

The Church a Family: Sermons on

the Occasional Services of the PrayerBook. By F. D. MAURICE, M.A., Professor

of Divinity in King's College. 48. 6d, The Prayer Book; specially con

sidered as a Protection against Romanism.

By the same Author. 5s. 6d. The Lord's Prayer. Nine Sermons.

By the same Author. Third Edition, 2s.6d. The Religions of the World, and

their Relations to Christianity. By the

same Author. Cheaper Edition. 5s. Lectures on the Epistle to the

Hebrews; with a Review of Newman's Theory of Development. By the same Author. Octavo. 78. 6d.

Christmas Day, and other Sermons.

By the same Author. Octavo. 108. 6d.

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