From eye to heart; a bouquet of art and poetry. Elucidations by J.S.S. Rothwell

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Էջ 11 - THE AUTHOR'S ABSTRACT OF MELANCHOLY. WHEN I go musing all alone, Thinking of divers things foreknown ; When I build castles in the air, Void of sorrow, and void of fear, Pleasing myself with phantasms sweet ; Methinks, the time runs very fleet ! All my joys to this, are folly ; Nought so sweet as Melancholy...
Էջ 3 - Oh, call my brother back to me, I cannot play alone, The summer comes, with flower and bee, Where is my brother gone? The butterfly is glancing bright Across the sunbeam's track; I care not now to chase its flight, Oh!
Էջ 11 - When to myself I act and smile, With pleasing thoughts the time beguile, By a brook side, or wood so green, Unheard, unsought for, or unseen, A thousand pleasures do me bless, And crown my soul with happiness. All my joys besides are folly, None so sweet as melancholy.
Էջ 11 - When I go musing all alone Thinking of divers things fore-known. When I build castles in the air, Void of sorrow and void of fear, Pleasing myself with phantasms sweet, Methinks the time runs very fleet. All my joys to this are folly, Naught so sweet as melancholy.
Էջ 31 - MAID'S LAMENT. [From the Examination of SAnXespeare.'] I loved him not ; and yet now he is gone I feel I am alone. I checked him while he spoke ; yet could he speak, Alas, I would not check. For reasons not to love him once I sought And wearied all my thought To vex myself and him ; I now would give My love, could he but live Who lately lived for me, and when he found 'Twas vain, in holy ground He hid his face amid the shades of death. I waste for him my breath Who wasted his for me ; but mine returns,...
Էջ 15 - Of earth, but to despise. Opinion is the rate of things, From hence our peace doth flow; I have a better fate than kings, Because I think it so.
Էջ 29 - Oh take me to your hospitable dome ! Keen blows the wind, and piercing is the cold ! Short is my passage to the friendly tomb, For I am poor, and miserably old.
Էջ 5 - ERE on my bed my limbs I lay, God grant me grace my prayers to say : O God ! preserve my mother dear In strength and health for many a year ; And, O ! preserve my father too, And may I pay him reverence due ; And may I my best thoughts employ To be my parents...
Էջ 3 - HI call my brother back to me ! I cannot play alone ; The summer comes with flower and bee ; Where is my brother gone?
Էջ 9 - I KNOW a maiden fair to see, Take care ! She can both false and friendly be, Beware ! Beware ! Trust her not, She is fooling thee ! She has two eyes, so soft and brown, Take care ! She gives a side-glance and looks down, Beware ! Beware ! Trust her not, She is fooling thee...

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