Take the Rich Off Welfare

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South End Press, 2004 - 183 էջ

When the first version of this book came out in 1996, on the heels of "Welfare Reform," it was received with great popular acclaim. As Jim Hightower put it, "At last, the real welfare scandal [is] revealed in one handy little -volume."

But the scandal was still in the making. The total amount of taxpayers' money going to subsidize corporations and rich individuals has grown from about $448 billion to over $800 billion--and the amount of that tax money that comes from those flush companies and individuals continues to shrink.

In this greatly expanded and updated version of Take the Rich off Welfare, Mark Zepezauer still details who's on the government dole and how much they're getting. This time around, though, he has slowed down his rapid firing of the latest names and numbers in order to reveal how it all works. Using accessible language and revealing graphics, he takes the time to explain how programs once intended to profit the public have been warped to benefit only the corporate bottom line; how administrations manipulate the tax code to slide their extortion from the bottom half past congressional oversight; and how the politicians from both parties employ budget doubletalk and paper trickery to make it look as if the economy isn't being sucked further into a sinkhole in order to line the pockets of the few.

A prolific writer of humorous but cutting analyses of government policy and its fallout, Zepezauer provides us with the tools we need to expose the political chicanery of current and past administrations, and make it much more difficult for politicians to play Three Card Monte with our money and our future. To the rallying cry of fiscal conservatives who claim that government must shrink, Zepezauer offers an easy answer. Shrink you.

Mark Zepezauer has worked as a journalist, editor and publisher since 1985. His articles, columns and reviews have appeared in the Village Voice, In These Times and the Arizona Daily Star. Zepezauer also wrote two Real Story books (now published by South End Press): The CIA's Greatest Hits (1994) and the first version of Take the Rich Off Welfare (1996), which have sold over 25,000 and 22,000 copies respec

From inside the book


Social Security Inequities 85 billion a year
Tax Breaks for Homeowners 321 billion a year
Runaway Pensions 76 billion a year
Tax Avoidance by Transnational 1372 billion a year
Lower Texes on Capital Gains 898 billion a year
Accelerated Depreciation 85 billion a year
Insurance Loopholes 235 billion a year
Business Meals and Entertainment 88 billion a year
Aviation Subsidies 5 billion a year
Mining Subsidies 47 billion a year
Oil and Gas Tax Breaks 17 billion a year
Timber Subsidies 976 million a year
Synfuel Tax Credits 600 million a year
Ozone Tax Exemptions 320 million a year
A Bouquet of Miscellaneous Ripoffs 164 billion a year
Whats Been Left Out untold billions every year

TaxFree Muni Bonds 64 billion a year
Export Subsidies 18 billion a year
Military Waste and Fraud 224 billion a year
The SCL Bailout 32 billion a year
Agribusiness Subsidies 305 billion a year
Media Handouts 142 billion a year
Nuclear Subsidies 10 billion a year
Welfare for the Poor 193 billion a year
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Mark Zepezauer has worked as a journalist, cartoonist, editor and publisher since 1985. His articles, columns and reviews have appeared in the Village Voice, In These Times, Austin Chronicle, San Jose Metro, Santa Cruz Sun and Arizona Daily Star. His limited-edition art book, The Nixon Saga, is found in museum collections worldwide. From 1993 through 2000, he published the Tucson Comic News, a monthly compendium of editorial cartoons and commentary. Zepezauer wrote two books for the Real Story Series (now published by South End Press): The CIA's Greatest Hits (1994) and Take the Rich Off Welfare (1996).

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