Naval Expansion Program, Hearings ..., on H.R. 9218 ..., April 4, 13, 1938

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Էջ 388 - The Comptroller General of the United States is authorized and directed to pay directly to...
Էջ 405 - To maintain the Navy in sufficient strength to support the national policies and commerce, and to guard the continental and overseas possessions of the United States.
Էջ 264 - This act shall not apply to purchases of such materials, supplies, articles, or equipment as may usually be bought in the open market: nor shall this act apply to perishables, including dairy, livestock and nursery products, or to agricultural or farm products processed for first sale by the original producers; nor to any contracts made by the secretary of agriculture for the purchase of agricultural commodities or the products thereof.
Էջ 439 - As Commander-in-chief of the Army and Navy of the United States it is my constitutional duty to report to the Congress that our national defense is, in the light of the increasing armaments of other nations, inadequate for purposes of national security and requires increase for that reason.
Էջ 287 - Department of such device as the President shall approve, and judicial notice shall be taken of the said seal.
Էջ 457 - Strategic materials are those essential to national defense, for the supply of which in war dependence must be placed in whole, or in substantial part, on sources outside the continental limits of the United States; and for which strict conservation and distribution control measures will be necessary.
Էջ 287 - That there shall be at the seat of government an executive department to be known as the Department of Commerce and Labor, and a Secretary of Commerce and Labor, who shall be the head thereof...
Էջ 443 - Act in such navy yard as he may designate ; and shall build any of the other vessels herein authorized in such navy yards as he may designate, should it reasonably appear that the persons, firms, or corporations, or the agents thereof, bidding for the construction of any of said vessels, have entered into any combination, agreement, or understanding, the effect, object, or purpose of which is to deprive the Government of fair, open, and unrestricted competition in letting contracts for the constructions...
Էջ 228 - Hon. CLAUDE A. SWANSON, Secretary of the Navy, Washington, DC MY DEAR MR. SECRETARY: I am directed by the Committee on Commerce to refer you to the enclosed bill, S.
Էջ 389 - As to general results, as stated above, the system has not been in operation for a sufficient length of time to produce marked practical results, yet results are not entirely wanting.

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