The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffussion of Useful Knowledge, Том 5

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Charles Knight, 1836

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Стр. 74 - Try me, good king, but let me have a lawful trial ; and let not my sworn enemies sit as my accusers and judges ; yea, let me receive an open trial, (for my truth shall fear no open shame...
Стр. 220 - General customs; which are the universal rule of the whole kingdom, and form the common law, in its stricter and more usual signification. 2. Particular customs ; which for the most part affect only the inhabitants of particular districts. 3. Certain particular laws; which by custom are adopted and used by some particular courts, of pretty general and extensive jurisdiction.
Стр. 45 - He was always cheerful, and desirous of promoting mirth by a facetious and humorous conversation; he was never soured by calumny and detraction, nor ever thought it necessary to confute them; "for they are sparks," said he, " which if you do not blow them, will go out of themselves.
Стр. 22 - ... endowed with very peculiar faculties of expansion and action at the same time. When his head and neck had no other appearance than that of a serpent's skin, stuffed almost to bursting, still the workings of the muscles were evident ; and his power of suction, as it is erroneously called, unabated ; it was, in fact, the effect of a contractile muscular power, assisted by two rows of strong hooked teeth.
Стр. 33 - It was land that had been severed by an act of government from the folcland, and converted into an estate of perpetual inheritance. It might belong to the church, to the king, or to a subject. It might be alienable and devisable, at the will of the proprietor. It might be limited in its descent, without any power of alienation in the possessor. It was often granted for a single life, or for more lives than one, with remainder in perpetuity to the church. It was forfeited for various delinquencies...
Стр. 64 - Nor is Paul's church more safe than Paul's churchyard : Nay, fly to altars, there they'll talk you dead ; For fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Стр. 126 - Majesty makes no claim to prescribe to France what shall be the form of her government, or in whose hands she shall vest the authority necessary for conducting the affairs of a great and powerful nation.
Стр. 74 - Rochford, and Earl of Wiltshire. At the beginning of 1533, Henry the Eighth married her privately, in the presence of her uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, and of her father and mother. The ceremony was performed " much about St. Paul's day," which is probably the 25th of January, the feast of the conversion of St. Paul, or perhaps the 4th of January, another St. Paul's day. This date is established by a letter from Cranmer, in the British Museum. On the ist of June the Queen was crowned with great pomp....
Стр. 21 - The live stock for his use during the passage, consisting of six goats of the ordinary size, were sent with him on board, five being considered as a fair allowance for as many months. At an early period of the voyage, we had an exhibition of his talent in the way of eating, which was publicly performed on the quarter-deck, upon which he was brought.
Стр. 92 - I moan in his best works, appears to me to approach the nearest to perfection. His unaffected breadth of light and shadow, the simplicity of colouring, which, holding its proper rank, does not draw aside the least part of the attention from the subject, and the solemn effect of that twilight which seems diffused over his pictures, appear to mo to correspond with grave and dignified subjects better than the more artificial brilliancy of sunshine which enlightens the pictures of Titian...

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