Dynamic Sociology: Or Applied Social Science, Հատոր 2

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D. Appleton, 1897
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Էջ 413 - And lastly, let it be noted that what we call truth, guiding us to successful action and the consequent maintenance of life, is simply the accurate correspondence of subjective to objective relations ; while error, leading to failure and therefore towards death, is the absence of such accurate correspondence.
Էջ 574 - Napoleon, par la grace de Dieu et la volonte nationale, Empereur des Francais, a tous presents et a venir, salut. Sur le rapport de notre ministre, etc.
Էջ 288 - Life will be considered in the following chapters, but for the present purpose of investigating the theory of souls in general, it will be well to enter here upon one department of the subject. Men do not stop short at the persuasion that death releases the soul to a free and active existence, but they quite logically proceed to assist nature, by slaying men in order to liberate their souls for ghostly uses.
Էջ 556 - the harmonious and equable evolution of the human powers ; " at more length, in the words of Stein, " by a method based on the nature of the mind, every power of the soul to be unfolded, every crude principle of life stirred up and nourished, all one-sided culture avoided, and the impulses on which the strength and worth of men rest carefully attended to.
Էջ 301 - Theodosius the Great When this emperor permitted all the heathen temples in the Roman empire to be destroyed, the magnificent temple of Jupiter Serapis was not spared. A mob of fanatic Christians, led on by the Archbishop Theophilus, stormed and destroyed the temple, together, it is most likely, with the greater part of its literary treasures, in 391 AD It was at this time that the destruction of the Library was begun, and not at the taking of Alexandria by the Arabians, under the Calif Omar.
Էջ 408 - It may be looked at from the point of view both of the individual and of society.
Էջ 28 - Causality, according to the laws of nature, is not the only causality from which all the phenomena of the world can be deduced. In order to account for these phenomena it is necessary also to admit another causality, that of freedom.
Էջ 298 - BELLARMINE patiently and humbly allowed the fleas and other odious vermin to prey upon him. (We shall have heaven), said he, (to reward us for our sufferings: But these poor creatures have nothing but the enjoyment of the present life).

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