The Republican Campaign Text-book for 1892 ...

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Republican National Committee, 1892 - 263 էջ

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Էջ 104 - In this conclusion I am confirmed as well by the opinions of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, who have each repeatedly recommended the exercise of this right under the Constitution, as by the uniform practice of Congress, the continued acquiescence of the States, and the general understanding of the people.
Էջ 3 - The American people, from tradition and interest, favor bimetallism, and the Republican party demands the use of both gold and silver as standard money, with such restrictions and under such provisions, to be determined by legislation, as will secure the maintenance of the parity of values of the two metals, so that the purchasing and debt- paying power of the dollar, whether of silver, gold or paper, shall be at all times equal.
Էջ 104 - ... inspection laws. This authority having thus entirely passed from the States, the right to exercise it for the purpose of protection does not exist in them, and consequently if it be not possessed by the General Government it must be extinct. Our political system would thus present the anomaly of a people stripped of the right to foster their own industry and to counteract the most selfish and destructive policy which might be adopted by foreign nations.
Էջ 103 - Republican protection as a fraud — a robbery of the great majority of the American people for the benefit of the few.
Էջ 42 - House have been the chief source of Federal Revenue. Such they must continue to be. Moreover, many industries have come to rely upon legislation for successful continuance, so that any change of law must be at every step regardful of the labor and capital thus involved. The process of reform must be subject in the execution to this plain dictate of justice.
Էջ 102 - ... all imports coming into competition with the products of American labor there should be levied duties equal to the difference between wages abroad and at home. We assert that the prices of manufactured articles of general consumption have been reduced under the operations of the Tariff act of 1890.
Էջ 94 - Popular education being the only safe basis of popular suffrage, we recommend to the several States most liberal appropriations for the public schools. Free common schools are the nursery of good government, and they have always received the...
Էջ 102 - We reaffirm the American doctrine of protection. "We call attention to its growth abroad. We maintain that the prosperous condition of our country is largely due to the wise revenue legislation of the Republican Congress. We believe that all articles which cannot be produced in the United States, except luxuries, should be admitted free of duty, and that on all imports coming into competition with the products of American labor there should be duties levied equal to the difference between wages abroad...
Էջ 34 - The federal government should care for and Improve the Mississippi river and other great waterways of the republic so as to secure for the interior states easy and cheap transportation to tide water.
Էջ 4 - The Republican party has always been the champion of the oppressed, and recognizes the dignity of manhood, irrespective of faith, color or nationality: it sympathizes with the cause of Home Rule in Ireland, and protests against the persecution of the Jews In Russia.

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