The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground

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Hurd & Houghton, 1870 - 463 էջ

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Էջ 336 - Ah ! then he must have led an evil life indeed," said Hollister ; " the blessed in spirit lie quiet, until the general muster, but wickedness disturbs the soul in this life as well as in that which is to come.
Էջ 540 - ... the gold; but it was arrested by the expression of his companion's face. Harvey saw the intention, and shook his head, as he continued more mildly: "It is, indeed, a treasure that your excellency gives me; it is safe too. There are men living who could say that my life was nothing to me, compared to your secrets. The paper that I told you was lost I swallowed when taken last by the Virginians. It was the only time I ever deceived your excellency, and it shall be the last; yes, this is, indeed,...
Էջ 541 - Perhaps," he continued, with a melancholy smile, " it may be known after my death who was my friend ; but if it should not, there are none to grieve for me.
Էջ 538 - Does Your Excellency think that I have exposed my life and blasted my character for money ?" " If not for money, what then ?" " What has brought Your Excellency into the field ? For what do you daily and hourly expose your precious life to battle and the halter? What is there about me to mourn, when such men as you risk their all for our country ? No, no, no ! Not a dollar of your gold will I touch : poor America has need of it all." The bag dropped from the hand of the officer and fell at the feet...
Էջ 149 - He accordingly arose, and still keeping in the shadow of the wood, along the skirts of which he heard voices crying to each other to be watchful, he ran with incredible speed in a parallel line, but in an opposite direction, to the march of the dragoons.
Էջ 455 - Off with you, for a hypocritical, psalmsinging, canting rogue in disguise," said Mason, scornfully ; " by the life of Washington ! it worries an honest fellow to see such voracious beasts of prey ravaging a country for which he sheds his blood. If I had you on a Virginia plantation for a quarter of an hour, I'd teach you to worm the tobacco with the turkeys.
Էջ 539 - These !" said the pedler, stretching forth his hands, that were already embrowned with toil. " But those may fail you ; take enough to secure a support to your age. Remember your risks and cares. I have told you that the characters of men who are much esteemed in life depend on your secrecy ; what pledge can I give them of your fidelity ?"
Էջ 462 - Humph !" ejaculated the pedler; " there is something particular indeed, to be seen behind the thicket on our left. Turn your head a little, and you may see and profit by it too.
Էջ 539 - Tell them," said Birch, advancing, and unconsciously resting one foot on the bag, " tell them that I would not take the gold." The composed features of the officer relaxed into a fine smile of benevolence, and he grasped the hand of the pedler firmly.
Էջ 458 - I'll hang you on the gallows of the spy!" Caesar continued firm. Neither the threats nor the blows could extract any reply, until the lieutenant, by a very natural transition in the attack, sent his heavy boot forward in a direction that brought it in direct contact with the most sensitive part of the negro — his shin.

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