The Edinburgh Gazetteer, Or Geographical Dictionary ...: Accompanied by an Atlas, Հատոր 3

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A. Constable and Company, 1822

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 100 - sea, and the province of Costa Rica in the kingdom of Guatimala ; on the east by the government of Caraccas, Spanish Guiana, and Portuguese Guiana ; on the west by the Pacific ocean ; and on the south by the river Amazons and the viceroyalty of Peru. Its extent from
Էջ 157 - French Guiana is bounded on the south by the river Capara, which mingles its waters with those of the Amazons ; on the north by the Maroni ; on the east by the Atlantic ; and on the west by the
Էջ 157 - bounded on the east by the Atlantic; on the south by the river Maroni; on the north by the Essequibo, according to treaty, but they have clandestinely carried these limits to cape Nassau ; and on the west by Spanish Guiana.
Էջ 438 - other objects, making full amends for the short stay and abrupt departure of the crepusculum, or twilight. This state of the weather commonly continues, with little variation, from the beginning of June until the middle of August, when the diurnal breeze begins to intermit, and the atmosphere becomes sultry,
Էջ 58 - Exclusive of a valuable and extensive library, founded upwards of two centuries ago, in which there are many very rare books, the celebrated Dr William Hunter of London bequeathed his whole museum, one of the most valuable collections in Europe, of natural history, paintings, medals, anatomical preparations, books, &c. &c. : the medals alone are estimated at
Էջ 434 - way of living, the men and women eat together. No people are more hospitable, kind, and free, than the Indians : they will readily share with any of their own tribe the last part of their provisions, and even with those of a different nation, if they chance to come in when they are eating.
Էջ 336 - particularly of the women. In general, the black bushy beards of the men, and the bone or reed which they thrust through the cartilage of the nose, tended to give them a disgusting appearance; but in the women, that feminine delicacy which is to be found among white people was to be traced even
Էջ 335 - is its having, instead of the mouth of an animal, the upper and lower mandibles of a duck. By these it is enabled to supply itself with food like that bird in muddy places, or on the banks of lakes, in which its webbed feet
Էջ 338 - he not only enforces compliance with threats, but blows : thus the gallant, according to the custom, never fails to gain the victory, and bears off the willing, though struggling, pugilist. The colonists for some time entertained the idea that the women were compelled, and forced away
Էջ 346 - They were formerly a very powerful and numerous race of people ; but the ravages of rum and the small-pox have diminished their numbers very much. They inhabit, however, nearly the whole coast of Honduras ; and their most numerous tribe exists near

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