The Voice of Modern Hatred: Tracing the Rise of Neo-Fascism in Europe

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Overlook Press, 2002 - 304 էջ
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The end of the twentieth century was marked by a resurgence of right-wing politics across Europe and, in Bosnia and Kosovo, atrocities comparable to the most degrading events of the Second World War. Nicholas Fraser spent three years traveling across Europe to meet, confront, and try to understand the personalities behind this resurgence and assess the threat they pose to democracy.

He interviewed members of the "traditional" Far Right groups, sat in meetings held by local Führers in Denmark, Belgium, and Germany, and spoke with the leaders who have learned to code their language in euphemism rather than overtly spread their message of hate. In looking at neo-Facism's recent history in Europe-its philosophical antecedents and its modern-day adherents-Nicholas Fraser provides a deep background for the crucial and ongoing debate about how democracies should deal with the Far Right.

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THE VOICE OF MODERN HATRED: Encounters with Europe's New Right

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British journalist Fraser, in the course of shaping a television documentary, surveyed the topography and assessed the personalities of Continental hatred.His book is a tour of nightmare Europe, from ... Read full review

The voice of modern hatred: tracing the rise of neo-fascism in Europe

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While traversing Europe, Fraser (Continental Drifts: Travels in the New Europe) interviewed Far Right party leaders and members and also attended rallies and meetings. In his travels, he discovered ... Read full review


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Nicholas Fraser was born in London and educated at Oxford. He has worked in New York and London as a journalist for major newspapers and a producer for the BBC. He is also the author of Continental Drifts: Travels in New Europe, and co-author of Evita: The Real Life of Eva Peron.

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