Opportunities in Merchant Ships

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Harper & brothers, 1919 - 97 էջ
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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 33 - Lord, send a man like Robbie Burns to sing the Song o' Steam ! To match wi' Scotia's noblest speech yon orchestra sublime Whaurto — uplifted like the Just — the tailrods mark the time. The crank-throws give the double-bass, the feed-pump sobs an' heaves, An' now the main eccentrics start their quarrel on the sheaves : Her time, her own appointed time, the rocking link-head bides, Till — hear that note ? — the rod's return whings glimmerin
Էջ 27 - ... hearts. Men hard to manage, but easy to inspire ; voiceless men — but men enough to scorn in their hearts the sentimental voices that bewailed the hardness of their fate. It was a fate unique and their own ; the capacity to bear it appeared to them the privilege of the chosen ! Their generation lived inarticulate and indispensable, without knowing the sweetness of affections or the refuge of a home — and died free from the dark menace of a narrow grave. They were the everlasting children...
Էջ 26 - The men who could understand his silence were gone— those men who knew how to exist beyond the pale of life and within sight of eternity. They had been strong, as those are strong who know neither doubts nor hopes. They had been impatient -and enduring, turbulent and devoted, unruly and faithful. Well-meaning people had tried to represent those men as whining over every mouthful of their food; as going about their work in fear of their lives.
Էջ 32 - Romance! Those first-class passengers they like it very well, Printed an' bound in little books; but why don't poets tell? I'm sick of all their quirks an" turns - the loves an' doves they dream — Lord, send a man like Robbie Burns to sing the Song o* Steam!
Էջ 33 - Interdependence absolute, foreseen, ordained, decreed, To work, Ye'll note, at any tilt an' every rate o' speed. Fra' skylight-lift to furnace-bars, backed, bolted, braced an' stayed, An' singin' like the Mornin' Stars for joy that they are made ; While, out o' touch o' vanity, the sweatin' thrustblock says : " Not unto us the praise, or man — not unto us the praise!
Էջ 30 - ... This was in the 1916 agreement-. If vessel's stay in port is too short to break watches and sea watches are continued, the watch on deck shall perform their regular duties, but when called upon to perform other work after 5 pm or before 7 am on weekdays, and any time on Sundays and legal holdidays, and all work performed on their watch below, they shall be paid therefor at overtime rate (work in this case is defined to mean loading and discharging of freight, baggage, stores, fuel, and cleaning...
Էջ 27 - Their successors are the grown-up children of a discontented earth. They are less naughty, but less innocent; less profane, but perhaps also less believing; and if they have learned how to speak they have also learned how to whine. But the others were strong and mute; they were effaced, bowed and enduring, like stone caryatides that hold up in the night the lighted halls of a resplendent and glorious edifice.
Էջ 27 - Except, perhaps, to the few of those who believed the truth, .tonfessed the faith — or loved the men. A breeze was coming. The ship that had been lying tide-rode swung to a heavier puff; and suddenly the slack of the chain cable between the windlass and the hawse-pipe clinked, slipped forward an inch, and rose gently off the deck with a startling suggestion...
Էջ 31 - ... 13. Members should use their judgment at all times, and if in doubt what should be charged as overtime should do the work required of them and then refer the case to the union for adjustment.
Էջ 29 - ... cargo, passengers, and crew. to be done at any time without extra compensation. 2. Working hours on week days in port shall be from 7 am to 12 m. and from 1 pm to 5 pm 3. Work on Sundays and legal holidays, and all work beyond the regular working hours on week days, shall be paid for at the overtime rate, except such work as is necessary for the immediate safety of the vessel, her passengers, cargo, and crew.

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