Araby the Blest: Studies in Arabian Archaeology

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Daniel T. Potts
Museum Tusculanum Press, 1988 - 263 էջ
Archaeological exploration of the Arabic Peninsula is not a new phenomenon, but only in the last two decades or so, has it received the scholary attention it deserves. Surveys are now taking place in the entire region, and new excavations have begun in almost every country on the peninsula. This collection of articles on Arabian archaeology takes its place among many of the recent works on the subject, and the articles presented here contributes with both materials and ideas to the field of study. Contributions range from palaeography and prehistory to the Islamic conquest.

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Editors Preface
The GraveGoods from Shimal Tomb 6 in Ras alKhaimah
Pottery of the Late Second Millennium B C from North West
Archaeology along the Spice Route of Yemen
The Salt Mine Site and the Hasaean Period of Northeastern
Arabia and the Kingdom of Characene
Two Inscriptions from Qaryat alFâw Mentioning Women
List of Contributors
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Daniel T. Potts is the Edwin Cuthbert Hall Professor of Middle Eastern Archaeology at the University of Sydney.

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