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nearly annihilated, and unprecedented sums were voted for subsidies and other military purposes with scarcely a dissentient voice. The ministry, without any important addition to their external strength, remained firm on their seats. The public credit of the nation stood high, and heavy loans were negociated without difficulty. Peace, how desirable soever, for alleviating the public burdens, was scarcely mentioned, it being the general impression that it must be conquered, to be enjoyed with security.


Retreet of the French from Filna. - The Emperor of Russia's Proclamation.

Capture of Kowno.- Losses of the French at that Period.-D'Yorck's Con.

tention. - Koningsberg and other Places taken by the Russians, who cross

the Vistula.-Situation of Prussia.-The King retires to Breslau, and calls

upon his Subjects to arm. The Austrians abandon their posts on the

Narere, and the Russians enter Warsaw.Pillau surrendered, and Dant-

zie and Thorn invested.--Austrians conclude a Truce.-Sarons pursued.-

Proposed Mediation of the King of Prussia.-His Treaty of Alliance with

ike Russian Emperor.-King of Saxony quits Dresden.7'he French eva-

quate Berlin.-Morand withdraws from Swedish Pomerania.-Russians

enter Hamburgh.-Hanseatic Legion formed.-British take possession of

Cuxhaven.- Affair of Bremer-lee.-Russians cross the Elbe.-


Corps destroyed.-Distribution of the allied Armies.-Thorn surrenders.--

France.–Napoleon's Preparations.-Concordat.-Exposé.--Napoleon sets

est for the Army.-Position of the Different Forces.- Battle of Lutzen.

King of Saxony joins the French.- French cross the Elbe -Batlles of

Bautzen and Wurtzchen.--Allies retreat towards the Oder.An Action of

Caralry.-Breslau entered ly Lauriston.- Affairs in the North.-Treaty

between Sweden and England.— Hamburgh occupied ly the Russians,

Danes, and Swedes.-Recovered by the French.- Von liess's Aldress to

the Burgher Guard.-Napoleon proposes an Armistice.-- Accepted.-De-

markation of Limits.-Napoleon's Decree from the Field of Wurtzchen.[114

War in the Peninsula.Longa's Success at SedunoLord Hellington's

Visit to Cadiz and Liston.-- French attack (ut Bejur repulsed.-Position of
Their Armies.- Sir J. Murray's Advance to Custella.-- Attack of Suchet
Tepulsed.---Castro taken.- Lurd Wellington lrgins his march.-Advence
to Burgos, and thence to Vittoria.-Butlle of Vittoria.- Castro recovered.
--Pemplona invested, and Tolosu taken.- Clausel pursued to Saragossa.-
Sir J. Murray's Investment of Tarragonu, and precipitate Retreat --
French driven from the Purley of Bastan.- Mina's pursait of General



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