Introduction to the Pedagogy of Herbart

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D.C. Heath & Company, 1894 - 123 էջ

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Էջ 113 - It will prove a rare 'find' to teachers who are seeking to ground themselves in the philosophy of their art.
Էջ 113 - Since custom is the principal magistrate of man's life, let men, by all means, endeavor to obtain good customs. Certainly, custom is most perfect when it beginneth in young years ; this we call education, which is in effect but early custom.
Էջ 105 - Pedagogy. Translated and Edited by WH PAYNE, Chancellor of the University of Nashville and President of the Peabody Normal College. Cloth. 500 pages.
Էջ 106 - ... revised series of methods, would be thought an invaluable service to the teaching profession, but this is precisely what M. Compayre has done in this charming volume. It is the most original and satisfactory manual for teachers that has ever appeared in English. Jas.
Էջ 107 - THIS is perhaps the most popular scientific monograph on education that has appeared in Germany in recent times. It has the rare merit of being at once thoroughly scientific and intensely interesting and concrete. Not a little of its value arises from the fact that it approaches the problems of education along the highway that teachers must actually pass in order to solve them. Its standpoint is, in brief, the living, developing mind of the child itself. Apperception is a single word comprehending...
Էջ 108 - He unfolds his subject as a true inductive science, never losing sight of the organic development of mental life. This gives him a great pedagogical significance. Again, he is always interesting. His explanations are lucid, pointed, and self-consistent, while every department of science and of experience has yielded its choicest facts to enrich the contents of the book. The work is especially recommended for normal schools, reading circles, and higher institutions of learning.
Էջ 113 - Radestock has been for some time favorably known by means of his psychological monographs, of which this upon Habit is no doubt the best, as it is also without doubt the most suggestive and fruitful of all monographs upon this most important subject.
Էջ 113 - High School, Baltj. more ; with an Introduction by DR. G. STANLEY HALL, President of Clark University, Worcester, Mass. Cloth. 124 pages. Retail price, 75 cents. DR. Radestock discusses in this little book the various habits in the acquisation of which educators can vastly aid their pupils. Not content with giving...

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