London Society, Հատոր 47

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James Hogg, Florence Marryat
William Clowes and Sons, 1885

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 38 - And old shoes and clouted upon their feet, and old garments upon them ; and all the bread of their provision was dry and mouldy.
Էջ 419 - When thy father and thy mother forsake thee, then the Lord will take thee up.
Էջ 514 - I used to think a fall from a horse dangerous, but much experience has convinced me to the contrary. I have had six falls in two years, and just behaved like the three per cents when they fall, — I got up again, and am not a bit the worse for it, any more than the stock in question.
Էջ 399 - WERTHER had a love for Charlotte Such as words could never utter ; Would you know how first he met her ? She was cutting bread and butter. Charlotte was a married lady, And a moral man was Werther, And for all the wealth of Indies, Would do nothing for to hurt her. So he sighed and pined and ogled, And his passion boiled and bubbled, Till he blew his silly brains out, And no more was by it troubled. Charlotte, having seen his body Borne before...
Էջ 262 - A rush, a struggle, and the Mexican, bound hand and foot, lay on his back in the bar-room. The camp turned out to a man. Happily such cries as 'String him up!
Էջ 189 - ... until the blood could be seen trickling down over his naked shoulders, upon which he instantly dismounted, and placed the bridle and whip in his hands, saying, " here, you are a beggar — I present you a horse, but you will carry my mark on your back.
Էջ 156 - If ever this nation should produce genius sufficient to acquire to us the honourable distinction of an English School, the name of Gainsborough will be transmitted to posterity, in the history of the Art, among the very first of that rising name.
Էջ 309 - Dropt, near the playhouse in the Haymarket, a bundle of horse-whips, designed to belabour the footmen in the upper gallery, who almost every night this winter have made such an intolerable disturbance, that the players could not be heard, and their masters were forced to hiss 'em into silence. Whoever has taken up the said whips, is desired to leave 'em with my Lord Rake's porter, several noblemen resolving to exercise 'em on their backs, the next frosty morning.
Էջ 446 - Their supper is moderate : gluttons at noon, and abstinent at night. I always heard they were great flesh-eaters, and I found it true. I have known several people in England that never eat any bread, and universally they eat very little ; they nibble a few crumbs, while they chew the meat by whole mouthfuls.
Էջ 510 - Cawnpore was usually indulged with taking his ancient post at the color stand, where the salute of passing squadrons was given at drill and on reviews. When the regiment was ordered home, the funds of the privates running low, he was bought for the same sum by a gentleman, who provided funds and a paddock for him, where he might end his days in comfort ; but when the...

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