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May 12. W. H. Medhurst (Consul at Aug. 4. J. J. Peatfield; Consul at GuaHankow); Consul at Shanghai.

temala. A. Raby (Consul at Jeddah); Consul at 8. H. S. Tremenheere, Sir F. N. SandSyra.

ford, H. A. Hunt, A. Power, P. J. Keenan, Neill McLean ; Consul at Batavia. J. W. Bazalgette; C.B., Civil Division.

H. E. Bulwer, Consul General in The Right Hon. Russell Gurney, M.P.;

Commissioner for the settlement of the
16. His Royal Highness Prince Alabama Claims.
Arthur, Earl Cowper ; Privy Councillors. H. T. A. Rainals (Consul at Baltimore),
Rev. J. Percival ; Prebend of Exeter. Consul at Brest.

19. Rear-Admiral Richards, G. B. 22. Sir Edward Thornton, K.C.B.;
Airy, Lieut.-Col. H. Y. D. Scott, R.E., Privy Councillor.
C. R. Markham ; C.B. Civil Division.

Right Hon. James Stansfeld ; President
The Right Hon. J. Moncrieff, Justice of Local Government Board.
Clerk; Baronet.

Adam Ranken; Inspector of Schools.
The Right Hon. Sir R. J. Phillimore; Richard Wallace, of Hertford House;
Judge Advocate-General ad interim. Baronet.

June 13. Major-General Pears; K.C.B., 29. Hon. J. C. Walter Vivian;
Civil Division ; W. H. Stephenson ; C.B., Under-Secretary of State to the Right
Civil Division,

Hon. E. Cardwell.
Henry David Erskine ; Gentleman Sept. 1. Right Hon. Lord Chief Justice

of the Privy Chamber, in place of Cockburn; British Arbitrator in the AlaHon. Fred. Byng.

bama Claims. Thomas John Elmore (Vice-Consul at 5. Patrick J. Hughes (Consul at KiuAlgiers); Consul at Nice.

Kiang); Consul at Hankow. George Hartley; Vice-Consul for Angola William Gregory (Vice-Consul at and Dependencies.

Tamsuy); Vice-Consul at Canton. George Phillippo; Puisne-Judge of S. Frederick Mayers ; Vice-Consul at British Guiana.

Kiu-Kiang. 20. Earl de Grey and Ripon; Mar Martin Dohmen ;Vice-Consul Cancellier quess of Ripon.

at Yeda,
Alexander Armstrong, M.D.; K.C.B., 8. The Rev. R. W. Church, M.A.;
Military Division.

Dean of St. Paul's.
Charles Abercromby Anderson, M.D., 15. S. Stepney Cowell-Stepney; Baro.
Richard Denton Mason, David Lloyd net.
Morgan ; C.B., Military Division.

William Ward; (Vice-Consul at Memel),
William Campbell Maclean, M.D.; C.B., Consul-General for Bremen, &c.
Civil Division.

26. Robert Hamilton Lang; Consul 23. Francis Hicks; Knight.

for Cyprus. Lord Tenterden; C.B., Civil Division. Sir Walter Morgan, Knt.; Chief Justice

Henry Ernest Bulwer, C.M.G.; Gover of Madras. nor of Labuan.

Robert Stuart, Q.C., Chief Justice of
30. C. J. Herries, Arthur Helps, the North-West Provinces ; Knighted.
Henry Reeve, J. Tilley, F. J. Scudamore; Sir Edward Lugard, Earl De la Warr,
C.B., Civil Division.

J. C. O'Dowd; Commissioners under the
E. Mengeres; Consul at San José. Regulations of the Forces' Act, 1871.
July 4. Vice-Chancellor Wickens; Ktd. 29. Sir A. A. Kennedy, Sir B. C.

11. Theodore Walrond, F. Goulburn, Pine; Knights Commanders of St. Michael and E. B. Malet; C.B., Civil Division. and St. George.

C. G. Kemball ; Puisne Judge of Bom. S. Freeling, J. H. Darrell, F. S. Wigley, bay.

C. P. Layard; Companions of St. Michael 14. Lieutenant-Colonel Howard El. and St. George. phinstone, R.E.; K.C.B., Civil Division. Oct. 6. Thomas Sidgreaves ; Chief Jus25. William Dougal Christie; C.B.,

tice of the Straits Settlements.
Civil Division.

Edward Graham Alston ; Queen's Advo-
Hugh Allen of Ravenscrag, Canada ; cate for Sierra Leone.

10. Rev. J. B. Mozley, D.D. ; Regius Aug. 1. Baron Bloomfield, Ireland; Professor of Divinity at Oxford, and Canon Baron of the United Kingdom.

of Christ Church. T. F. Wade (Secretary of Legation in - 17. Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew Buchanan China); Envoy Extraordinary and Minis (Ambassador to Russia); Ambassador to ter Plenipotentiary and Chief Superin Austria. tendent of British Trade in China.

Right Hon. Lord Augustus W. F. S. 4. F. P. Smith, J.J. Chalk ; Knights. Loftus (Ambassador to Germany); AmJames Paget; Baronet.

bassador to Russia.

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Oct. 17. Odo W.L. Russell ; Ambassador Agent to attend the Geneva Arbitration on
to Germany.

the Alabama Claims.
27. The Ven. H. Willoughby Jermyn; Nor. 21. T. Graham Briggs, of Barba.
Bishop of Colombo.

dos; Baronet.
- 31. Right Hon. Sir F. Rogers, Bart.; Robert Christison, M.D., of Edinburgh;
Baron Blackford, of Wisdome, county


Denis Donohoe (Consul at New Orleans);
Rev. J. C. Miller, D.D.; Canon of Consul at Baltimore.

Albany de G. de Fonblanque (Consul at
William Law, J. H. Parker; C.B., Civil

Carthagena); Consul at New Orleans.

William K. Green (Vice Consulat
Nov. 3. Colonel F. J. Goldsmid; Knight Tunis); Vice.Consul at Damascas.
Commander of the Star of India.

C. Louis St. John (Vice-Consul at
James Armstrong; Chief Justice of St. Christiania); Vice Consul at Sassy.

Lieutenant-Colonel C. G. Gordon, R.E.;
7. Sir S. S. Willes, Sir Montague E. Vice-Consul in the Delta of the Danube.
Smith, Sir Edward Lugard, Sir R. P.

24. Right Hon. Lord Lawrence,
Collier; Privy Councillors.

Right Hon. Ă. Brewster, Admiral Sir M.
Sir J. W. Colvile, Sir M. E. Smith;

Seymour, Sir F. Arrow, H. C. Rothery,
Members of the Judicial Committee of the

T. Chapman, F.R.S. ; Commissioners to
Privy Council, under the Act of the pre-

inquire into the of H.M.S. “Megæra."
ceding Session.

Sir R. P. Collier; Member of the
Baron Dufferin (Ireland); Viscount Judicial Committee of the Privy Council,
Clandeboye and Earl of Dufferin in the under the Act of the preceding Session.
United Kingdom.

Montague Bernard, D.C.L.; Member of
W. H. Stephenson ; C.B., Civil Division. the Judicial Committee of the Privy
Sir R. P. Collier; Puisne Judge of the

Council, under the Act of the 4th William
Common Pleas.

10. Sir J. D. Coleridge (Solicitor-

28. Rev. Alfred Barry, D.D.; Canon
General); Attorney-General.

of Worcester,
George Jessel, Q.C.; Solicitor-General.

Dec. 1. Hugh Mallet; Consul at Car-
Sir H. S. Maine; Member of the Coun thagena.
cil of India.

William Robert Grove, Q.C.; Puisne
14. The Dowager Lady Aveland;

Judge of the Common Pleas.
Baroness Willoughby d'Eresby.

8. Sir B. C. C. Pine (Governor ci
Field-Marsbal Sir G. Pollock ; Constable

Antigua); Governor of the Leeward
of the Tower, and Lieutenant and Custos Islands.
Rotulorum of the Tower Hamlets.
17. Lord Tenterden; Her Majesty's

Edgar L. Layard; Consul for Grand
Parà, &c.




First Lord of the Treasury, Right Hon.

W. Ewart Gladstone.
Lord High Chancellor, Right Hon. Lord

Lord President of the Council, Most

Hon. the Marquess of Ripon.
Lord Privy Seal, Right Hon. Viscount

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Right Hon.

Robert Lowe.
Secretary of State, Home Department,

Right Hon. Henry Austin Bruce.
Secretary of State, Foreign Department,

Right Hon. Earl Granville.

Secretary of State, Colonial Depart 4,

Right Hon. Earl of Kimberley.
Secretary of State, War Department,

Right Hon. Edw. Cardwell.
Secretary of State, Indian Department,
His Grace the Duke of Argyll

First Lord of the Admiralty, Right Hon.

G. Joachim Goschen.
Chief Secretary for Ireland, Most Hon.

the Marquess of Hartington.
President,' Local Government Board,

Right Hon. James Stansfeld.
Vice-President, Committee of Council,

Right Hon. William E. Forster.

NOT IN THE CABINET. Commanding-in-Chief, F.M. H.R.H. Duke Admiral Sir S. C. Dacres, Captain Robert of Cambridge.

Hall, C.B., Rear-Admiral John W.Tar. Chancellor, Duchy of Lancaster, Right leton, C.B., and Earl of Camperdown. Hon. Earl Dufferin.

President, Board of Trade, Right Hon. Works aud Public Buildings, Right Hon. Chichester P. Fortescue. Acton Smee Ayrton.

Postmaster-General, Right Hon. William Junior Lords of the Treasury, William Monsell.

Patrick Adam, Marquess of Lansdowne, Secretary to the Admiralty, G. J. Shaw and William Henry Gladstone.

Joint Secretaries to the Treasury, George Attorney-General, Sir John Duke Cole-

Grenfell Glynn and William Edward ridge.

Solicitor-General, Sir George Jessel. Junior Lords of the Admiralty, Vice



(Excepting Cornwall and Lancashire.) BEDFORDSHIRE.—Edward Henry Frederick Dawkins, of Muggerbanger Park, Esq. BERKSHIRE.—George Charles Cherry, of Denford House, Hungerford, Esq. BUCKS.-Christopher Tower, of Huntsmoor Park, Esq. CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND HUNTINGDONSHIRE.— Thomas Richards, of Wimblington,

Isle of Ely, Esq. CHESHIRE. — The Earl of Haddington, of Eaton Bank. CUMBERLAND.— William Banks, of Highmoor House, Esq. DERBYSHIRE.-Charles Rowland Palmer Morewood, of Alfreton Park, Esq. DEVONSHIRE.- Sir Lydston Newman, of Mamhead, Bart. DORSETSHIRE.—John Tregonwell, of Cranborne Lodge, Esq. DURHAM.-James Cookson, of Neasham Hall, Esq. Essex.—Robert Gosling, jun., of Hassobury, Farnham, Esq. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.- - William Playne, of Longfords, Minchinhampton, Esq. HEREFORDSHIRE.—Stephen Robinson, of Lynhales, near Kington, Esq. HERTFORDSHIRE.— Charles Longman, of Shendish, Hemel Hempsted, Esq. KENT.- Francis Philips, of Lee Priory, Ickham, Esq. LEICESTERSHIRE.—Harry Leycester Powys Keck, of Staughton Grange, Esq. LINCOLNSHIRE.—John Reeve, of Leadenham, Esq. MONMOUTHSHIRE.—Thomas Cordes, of Brynglas, near Newport, Esq. NORFOLK.—Sir Henry Josias Stracey, of Rackheath Park, Bart. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.—Sir Geoffrey Palmer, of Carlton, Bart. NORTHUMBERLAND.-John George Frederick Hope-Wallace, of Featherstone Castle,

Esq. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.-James Thorpe, of Coddington, Esq. OXFORDSHIRE.—Sir Algernon William Peyton, of Swift's House, Bart. RUTLAND.—John Harry Lee Wingfield, of Tickencote, Esq. SHROPSHIRE.- -William Kenyon Slaney, of Hatton Grange, Esq. SOMERSETSHIRE.-Henry Kornish Henly, of Leigh House, Chard, Esq. COUNTY OF SOUTHAMPTON.-Henry Compton, of Manor House, Minestead, Esq. STAFFORDSHIRE.—Charles Walter Lyon, of Silver Hill, Esq. SUFFOLK.- Thomas Richard Mills, of Great Saxham, Esq. SURREY.-Money Wigram, of Esher-place, Esq. SUSSEX.—Walter Wyndham Burrell, of Cuckfield, Esq. WARWICKSHIRE.—John Thomas Arkwright, of Hatton House, near Warwick, Esq. WESTMORELAND.— William Henry Wakefield, of Sedgwick, Esq. WILTSHIRE.-John William Gooch Spicer, of Spye Park, Chippenham, Esq. WORCESTERSHIRE.— William Hanford Flood, of Woollas Hall, near Pershore, Esq. YORKSHIRE.—Sir Henry Edwards, of Pye Nest, Bart.


NORTH AND SOUTH. ANGLESEY.—John Jones, of Tre-anna, Esq., afterrwads John Wynne Paynter, of

Maes-y-llwyn, Esq. BRECONSHIRE.- —Thomas John Evans, of Tymawr-yn-y-Glyn, Esq. CARDIGANSHIRE.—Sydney Henry Jones Parry, of Tyllwyd, near Newcastle Emlyn,

Esq. CARMARTHENSHIRE.—William Du Buisson, of Glynhir, Llanelly, Esq. CARNARVONSHIRE.-John Griffith Wynn Griffith, of Llanfair, Esq. DENBIGHSHIRE.-Samuel Pearce Hope, of Marchwiel Hall, Esq. FLINTSHIRE.—Hugh Robert Hughes, of Kinmel, Esq. GLAMORGANSHIRE.- Vaughan Hanning Lee, of Lanelay, near Pontypridd, Esq. MERIONETHSHIRE.—Charles Edwards, of Dolserau Hall, Esq. MONTGOMERYSHIRE.—John Robinson Jones, of Brithdir Hall, Esq. PEMBROKESHIRE.—Frederick Leopold Sapieha Manteuffel de Rutzen (commonly

called Baron Frederick de Rutzen), of Slebech, Esq. RADNORSHIRE.—Sir John James Walsham, of Knill Court, near Walton, Bart.


N.B. The figures between [ ] refer to Part I.

ABERDARE, Terrible colliery explosion,

ABERDEEN, Mr. Gladstone presented with

Freedom of City, [105].
ACCIDENTS.—To a Boat near Wallingford,

78; fall from a cliff, 82; Hunting, 116.
ACLAND, SIR THOMAS, Obituary notice,

ADMIRALTY.–Mr. Childers resigns as

First Lord; Mr. Goschen appointed First

Lord, 314.
AGINCOURT,” The, Court-martial, 240.
AGRARIAN Murder in Meath, 116.
“ALABAMA" CLAIMS.— Treaty, [4]; Com-

mission meets at Washington, [94];
Chief Justice Cockburn appointed Ar-
bitrator, 315; Mr. Russell Gurney

appointed a Commissioner, ib.
ALBERT (Royal) Hall, Opened, 38;

Society of Arts Concerts at, 41.
ALDERSHOTT, Royal Review at, 72.

gram to Emperor William at Ver-
sailles on the Capitulation of Paris,

ALFORD, DEAN, Obituary notice, 140.
“ ALICE” in Wonderland and Through

the Looking-glass, (360).

died, [281].

[212]; Bill for incorporation into

Germany before the Reichstag, [226].
ALT KATHOLIKEN, Old Catholic move.

ment, [230]; Congress at Munich,


drid on 2nd January, and takes the
oath of fidelity to the Constitution,
[263]; Brings the Queen on 19th
March, [264]; Speech at opening of
New Cortes, [265]; Makes a Tour
through the Southern and Eastern
Provinces, [269]; has an interview
with Espartero at Saragossa, [ib.];
Returns to Madrid [ib.]; Suspends
Sessions of Cortes, [270].

AMERICA, 282; vide United States.
ANDRASSY, COUNT, Hungarian Prime

Minister, opposes Home Rule in Bo.
hemia, [248]; Succeeds Count Beust

as Minister for Foreign Affairs, [250].
ANETHAN Ministry in Belgium, its Fall,

APPLEGARTH, MR. A., Obituary notice,

APPOINTMENTS, Promotions and, 314.
ARABIA, Cholera in, [306].
ARGYLL, DUKE OF, Speech on Army Bill,

Opens Cooper's Hill College, 80.
ARMY ESTIMATES issued [31]; Discus-

sion, [59].
ARMY "REFORM, Agitation for, [3];

Speech of_Sir W. Mansfield, [18];
Letter of Earl Russell, [20]; State-
ment of Mr. Muntz, [22]; Speech of
Duke of Cambridge at dinner of Lon.

don Orphan Asylum, 16.

by Mr. Cardwell, [33] ; Mr. Trevelyan's
motion, [35]; Debate on second read-
ing, [50]; obstinately resisted by
military members, [71]; after four
months' discussion the Bill limited to
Purchase Clauses and the privileges of
Lord Lieutenants,[72]; Debate in House
of Lords, (ib.); Majority against its
passing a second reading till the House
had a comprehensive plan before it,
[76]; Abolition of Purchase by Royal
Warrant, [ib.]; Bill passed in the Lords
after Vote of Čensure on Ministry, [81];
Discussion in Commons, [82]. Vide

ARMY Reorganization and Reform ;

France, [208]; Russia, [276]; Swe-

den, [274].
Art, Retrospect of, [360].
ARTHUR, PRINCE, Grant of suitable

provision to, [88]; Accident to, 55; De-
monstration Meeting against Parlia-
mentary provision for, 79; a Privy
Councillor, 315.

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