The Scientific, Legal and Biblical Foundations Of the Secret and Supremacy of the Expressed Word and How to Benefit From It

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About the Book.  Written in a plain language, Secret and Supremacy of Expressed Word, is about the incredible power that lies in the words that we, as individuals speaks, writes and signs everyday.  Our word is the most powerful tool that exists. Based on solid scientific research as well as citing authoritative sources and distilled from various real life experiences, the book also touches on our words even before we express it, in a process that is otherwise called intention.  Critically, the book examines the characteristics of our words. The author concluded that the word--- in our mind, in our mouth, in our hands or body  ---is a living thing! The writer took great pains to explain, to the benefit of the reader, how our word achieves its spectacular effects, which includes creative, reproductive and transformative abilities. Thus, nothing will ever exist or be created without our word preceding it.

The Secret And Supremacy Of The Expressed Word, for short, takes the reader through a step by step of "how to benefit from " these spectacular power of words. Many examples are made out for the readers to follow.

The book will appeal to all including individuals who want to change things in his/her life, positive thinkers, clinicians, Christians and non Christians, scientists and all enquiring minds who want to know about our words and those who want to advance in life or those who are simply puzzled by events around them—young or old.

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A critical analysis of human spoken, written and signed words. I am surprised the level that some authors will go to prove their points. The author left no stone unturned in making the reader realize ... Read full review

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About the Author.  Joel, for many years a clinician and practising Psychiatrist, holds an MBA and  LLB degrees. He is now in the process of becoming an Attorney/Solicitor. He is married with two children as well as being  an assistant pastor in his local church.   _____________________________________________ Join the debate at:

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