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British AND AMERICAN NAvies, 203—State of the british navy,

ibid.—The frigate-classes, 205—The sloop-classes, 215–The

schooner-classes, 217—On building ships of war, 219–British

AND FRENch Fleets, 220–Sir Edward Pellew and comte

Emeriau, 221—LIGHT squadroNS AND single ships, 224–

Blazer and Brevdrageren in the Elbe, 225–Albacore and Gloire,

227—Linnet and Gloire, 229—Alphea and Renard, 231—Tele-

graph and Flibustier, 232—Scylla and Royalist with Weser,

233—Andromache and Trave, 235—Thunder and Neptune,

237—Snap and five french iuggers, ibid.—Sir George Collier

off north coast of Spain, 239–Boats of Undaunted at Carri,

240—Of Volontaire at Morgion, ibid.—Of Repulse, &c. at same

place, 241—Of Berwick and Euryalus at Cavalarie, ibid.—

Capture of Ponza, 243–Captain Hall and neapolitan gun-boats,

244–Boats of Bacchante and Weasel near Cape Otranto, 245–

Bacchante at Karlebago, 247—Her boats at Gela-Nova, ibid.—

Weasel and french gun-boats near Zirána, 249–Boats of King-

fisher at Melara, 251—Of Havannah at Vasto, &c. 252—Of

Apollo and Weasel at St.-Casaldo, ibid.—Capture of islands of

Augusta and Curzola, 253—Boats of Apollo and Cerberus, near

Corfu, &c. 254—Saracen at Zapano, 255—Boats of Elizabeth

and Eagle at Goro, Omago, &c. 256—Capture of Fiume, 257–

Also of Porto-Ré, Farasina, &c. 258–Capture of Rovigno, Ra-

gosniza, and Triest, 259—Bacchante and Saracen at Castel-

Nuova, 261–13oats of Swallow off d'Anzo, ibid.—Of Edinburgh

and squadron at same place, 262—Boats of Furieuse at Marinelo,

263—Of Revenge at Palamos, 264—Of Undaunted at Port-

Nouvelle, ibid.—Boats of Swiftsure and french privateer, ibid.—

Amelia and Aréthuse, 265—Bonne-Citoyenne and Hornet, 275

—Peacock and Hornet, 278–Shannon and Chesapeake, 283–

Alexandria and President, 308–Dominica and Decatur, 313–

Boxer and Enterprise, 315–Pelican and Argus, 319–Boat-

attacks, &c. in Chesapeake bay, 325—Capture of the Lottery

schooner, ibid.—Lieutenant Poikinhorne at the Rappahannock,

326—ltear-admiral Cockburn at Frenchtown, &c. 328–Cap-

ture of Surveyor schooner, 334—Junon and american gun-

boats, 335—Unsuccessful attack on Craney island, 336–British -

at Hampton, 339—Rear-admiral Cockburn at Ocracoke, 341==-

Capture of Asp, 343—Martin and american gun-boats in the

JDelaware, ibid.—Valiant and Acasta with the United-States

and Macedonian, 347—Attempt to destroy Ramillies by an

explosion vessel, 348—British and Americans on Canadian

lakes, 349—Operations on lake Ontario, 351—Same on lake

Erie, 359—Captain Barclay and commodore Perry, 361–

Captain Everard on lake Champlain, 367.

Borrish AND PRENch fleets, 369—State of the british navy,
ibid, Sir Edward Pellew and the baron Cosmao-Kerjulien,

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371—Boyne and Romulus, ibid.—Concluding operations in

the Adriatic, 372—Surrender of Cattaro, Ragusa, &c. ibid.—

Also of Spezzia and Genoa, 373—Passage of the Adour and

peace with France, 375—Light squadroNS AND single ships.

376—Capture of the Iphigénie and Alcmene, ibid.—Severn

with Etoile and Sultane, 379–Creole and Astrea with Etoile

and Sultane, 381—Hebrus and Etoile, 385—Niger and Tagus

with Cérès, 389–Eurotas and Clorinde, 390—Primrose and

Marlborough packet, 404—Majestic with Atalante and Terp-

sichore, 407—Loire and . President, 41.1—Phoebe and Essex,

413—Orpheus and Frolic, 422—Epervier and Peacock, 423–

Reindeer and Wasp, 429–Avon and Wasp, 433—Landrail and

Syren, 435–Ballahou and Perry, 436–Boat-attacks, &c. in

Chesapeake bay, 437—Captain Barrie and commodore Barney's

flotilla, ibid.-Rear-admiral Cochrane at Leonard's town,

At Nominy ferry, &c., 441—Defensive preparations at Wash-

ington, 444—Destruction of commodore Barney's flotilla, 447—

Battle of Bladensburg, 449—Capture of Washington, 451—

Captain Gordon at Alexandria, 455—Death of sir Peter Parker,

461—Attack on Baltimore, 463—Sir Thomas Hardy and

commodore Decatur, 469—Captain Coote at Pettipague, 473—

Lieutenant Garland at Wareham, 474—Pique and Constitution,

475—Junon and Tenedos with Constitution, 478—Expedition

to the Penobscot, 479—British and Americans on Canadian

lakes, 482—Operations on lake Ontario, 483—Attack on

Oswego, ibid.—On vessels at Sandy creek, 487—Operations

on lake Huron, 489—Capture of schooners Tigress and Scor-

pion, 490—Capture of schooners Somers and Ohio on lake

Erie, 492—British and Americans on lake Champlain, 495–

British boats and General-Armstrong privateer, 509.

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Page 31, line 17, from bot, for 461 read 463
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32 for Pelley read Pelly
14 33 dele unavoidably
13 ox after when read unavoidably
5 3y for brailed read clewed
6, from top, for 18-pounders read 24-pounders
13, from bot., for latter read Belvidera
6 3? after Alert read was laid up in ordinary, but
20 2x Jor Disentangling read Having disentangled
6, from top, for as read and

wo for and read as

19 29 for beam read bow
18, from bot, dele lasking
15 sy for converging read approximating
17, from top, for dreadful read defenceless

6 y? for she read the Macedonian
16 22 after resisted read, with any effect,
12 p? for laid read lay

3 32 after manoeuvre read of wearing and for

wearing in read owing to
19, from bot, after and read that of the 126
6 35 dele too
2 33 for Jones read Rose
16, from top, for they read it had
4, from bot, for read Henry
19 35 for brailed read clewed
2, from top, for to read on
4, from bot, after in read aggregate
15, from top, for immediately read thereupon
7 35 jor he is not, even yet, any higher in rank
read was only promoted to post-rank in
October, 1824
2, from bot, for hauled read clewed
» after and read allowed
11, from top, for junction read arrival

in marginal note, for accounts read account
421, line 13, from top, after also read when

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4, from bot, after book read in which it appears
9, from top, after landed read, in all,
8, from bot, after official read letter

1 32 dele that
6, from top, for 100 read 140

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