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The Ministers and Brethren composing the Northern Association of Universalists, will convene for public worship at Barre, on Thursday the 15th instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M. We understand, with much joy, that there is an increased attention to the subject of relig ion in that town. May the Lord bless this meeting, by producing in the hearts of all that shall attend, a supreme regard for his character and government.

Greek Lexicon,-Br. Loveland has now in press, "A Greek Lexicon, adapted to the New Testament, with English definitions." The work will contain between three and four hundred pages of 24's, and is expected to be published some time in the course of the present year. This work, altho a small one, is the product of much labor, in which the author has been engaged for some years..

Br. Charles Hudson, of Westminster, Mass. proposes to publish by subscription, a Series of Letters addressed to Rev. Hosea Ballou, of Boston; being a vindication of the doctrine of future retribution against the principal arguments used by him, Mr. Balfour, and others. The work will contain about 300 pages, 12mo. and be delivered to subscribers at 80 cts. in boards, or $1,00 bound and lettered.

Christian Intelligencer.-The Christian Intelligencer, which has been published at Portland, Me. for six years past, edited by Rev. Russell Streeter, has been transfered to Rev. Wm. A. Drew, of Gardiner. It is now published in the common newspaper form, and is executed in a very handsome style.

The Meeting-House, lately erected in Woodstock, Vt. for the use of the Christian Society, was dedicated on Thursday, the 18th January last. Sermon by Elder Abner Jones.

Notice to Subscribers.-Those present subscribers to the Repository, who do not wish to take the next volume, are respectfully requested to send the information by letter to the Editor at Hartland previous to the first of April next; those who do not, will be considered as desiring to take the work another year. This request is made of subscribers that we may know how to calcu late upon the number of copies we shall print next vol


The new Universalist Meeting-House, at Winchester, N.H. was solemnly dedicated to the worship of Almighty God, on Wednesday, the 17th of January. Rev. Robert Bartlett was the only officiating clergyman present. Text, 1 Cor. xiii. 4, 5, 6. This house is designed, in the lower part, for the district school, there being two large rooms on the lower floor; the upper part for meetings. This is all neatly divided into slips, with a handsome desk on one side, at the centre. The late Daniel Hawkins, Esq. left a sum of money, which he ordered to be appropriated in the erecting of this convenient building. Thus we behold the man who was never weary in doing good while he lived, extending his influence for the benefit of mankind after his death. May the righteous be had in everlasting remembrance.

From the Universalist Magazine.


On Friday, the 22d Dec. the new Universalist MeetingHouse, in Plymouth, Mass. was dedicated to the service of God, and Br. James H. Bugbee was ordained over the Universalist Society in that town.

The services of Dedication were as follows: Select portions of Scripture were read by Br. J. H. Bugbee. The introductory prayer was offered by Br. Thomas Whittemore. The dedicatory prayer by Br. Sebastian Streeter. The sermon by Br. David Pickering, from 1 Chron. xvi. 29, "Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness." The speaker directed the minds of the congregation to suitable reflections on the character of the Being we are required to worship; noticed the nature of the worship he requires, and illustrated the duty of worshipping God by the commandments given to Israel, by the examples of the early Christians, and by Paul's apvice to Christians, that they should not forsake the assem

bling of themselves together. made by Br. Seth Stetson.

The concluding prayer was

The ordaining services were introduced with prayer, by Br. William Morse. Sermon by Br. J. Bisbe, Jun. “Now, then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as tho God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." In his peculiarly energetic manner, Br. Bisbe shewed, that many doctrines believed by mankind have no tendency to reconcile men to God, and are, therefore, injurious to the sinner: in a happy contrast the pure doctrine of Christ was brought to view, and the benefit of it in effecting reconciliation in the hearts of men, illustrated. The ordaining prayer was offered by Br. D. Pickering. The Delivery of the Scriptures and Charge were by Br. S. Streeter; the Right Hand of Fellowship by Br. Benjamin Whittemore; the concluding prayer by Br. T. Whittemore, and the benediction by the Pastor elect,

There were several circumstances which tended to render these services highly interesting. They were performed upon the anniversary of the Landing of the Forefathers, in the town where they landed, and within a few rods of that hallowed rock on which they first placed their feet in this New World. The day, for the season of the year, was remarkably fine; and the concourse of people was so great, that the pews, aisles, entry and gallery were all completely filled. The congregation listened with unintermitted attention, and manifested that they were not unaffected hearers and spectators. The services were interspersed with appropriate music, which, particularly for the uncommon manner in which the time was kept up even to the very end of each performance, gave great satisfaction. It excelled in this respect what we usually hear.

The Meeting-House is seventy feet in length by fifty in breadth. It is faithfully built, has a gallery in front, on which we perceived a handsome clock, and stands in a very elevated situation, The interior is marked by symmetry and simplicity. The cost of the house, we understand, is about six thousand dollars.

It is our earnest prayer to God, that he bless this rising Society and their young ministering servant with prosperity and peace. They have the satisfaction to reflect, that in dissenting from the worship of their respected brethren of other denominations, they have but followed the highly applauded example of those men, with the remembrance of whom Plymouth is always associated,


Died at Hartland, two only sons of Br. Ephraim Bryant, AMASA S. March 6, aged 11 years, 10 months, and 14 days. EpaRAIM A. Dec. 10, aged 10 months. May the consolations of religion be the support of the parents,, sisters, and all, the relations in their reflections on this solemn providence.

At Hartland, Feb. 2, Mrs SALLY SPALDING, wife of Mr. Leonard Spalding, aged 62 years. Our respectable friend who is gone, was a professor, and we trust, a real possessor of the Christian religion. As she lived and rejoiced in the faith of Christ, so she met the king of terrors with the greatest com. posure. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."


It is said the following lines were composed by a boy twelve years of age.


My thoughts turn on the pleasing theme,
Which oft delights my soul,
T'express the nature of my God,

Who doth all worlds control:

"Tis he who fills the worlds below,
And all the worlds above;

From him do boundless blessings flow,
Then know that "God is Love."

"Tis he who doth fill all in all,

He fills immensity,

"Tis he upholds the fowls of air,

And fishes of the sea:

He holds all nature in his hand,
Fills forest, plain, and grove,
Then, O, my soul! admiring stand,
And know that "God is Love."

Since God hath placed me in this world,
A world with plenty filled,
Where every thing to make me blesse
The earth doth richly yield,

Can I believe that God will change,
Whilst I such blessing prove-

Or angry be, or seek revenge,
No, surely, "God is Love."

This is a fair and beauteous world,

Affording sweet ́delights,
And you illuminating orb,
My roving mind invites;

For our best good the planets shine,
And worlds in order move,
Yea all declare a power divine,
And show that God is Love."

Till death, may my calm mind be blest,
To view these beauties round,
Where morn and eve sublime revolve,
With beauteous blushes crowned;
Then may my blest, enraptured soul
Fly like a pinioned dove,

To contemplate the glorious whole,
Which shows that "God is Love."

Since "God is Love," and love can't hate, I am secured well,

And witnesses to prove his love,

Fill earth in which I live ;

Since God doth fill both earth and heaven,
Nor can from thence remove,

And love on all his works are 'graven,
I know that "God is Love."

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Can that kind being fail to give
Me an immortal state,

In worlds of glory, joy, and bliss,
Since he is love so great ;-


Or must I land upon hell's shore,

To endless pain be drove,

When these faint lungs shall sing no more! No! surely, "God is Love!”

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