Session Laws of 1890-1905: Passed at the 1st-8th Regular Session of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Oklahoma

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Էջ 112 - Rape is an act of sexual intercourse accomplished with a female, not the wife of the perpetrator, under either of the following circumstances : First, where the female is under the age of sixteen years. Second, where the female is over the age of sixteen years and under the
Էջ 35 - manner and under the same regulations as from the circuit courts of the United States, except as otherwise provided in this act. SEC. 43. That any member of any Indian tribe or na- Indians may • * become citition residing in the Indian Territory may apply to the
Էջ 4 - representatives and the president of the senate for the use of congress; and in case of the death, removal, resignation or other necessary absence of the governor from the Territory, the secretary shall execute all the powers and perform all the duties of the governor during such vacancy or absence, or until another governor is appointed and qualified.
Էջ 82 - To cause such examination and surveys for its proposed railroad to be made either within or without this Territory, as may be necessary to the selection of the most advantageous route; and for such purpose by its officers or agents and servants, to enter upon the lands or waters of any person, but subject to responsibility for all
Էջ 9 - bate courts and of the justices of the peace, shall be as limited by law: Provided, That justices of the peace, who shall be elected in such manner as the legislative assembly may provide by law, shall not have jurisdiction of any matter in controversy when the title or boundaries of land may be in dispute, or where the
Էջ 177 - to read as follows: SECTION 1. That the fiscal year for the Territory of Oklahoma and each county, township, or city, or other municipal subdivisions thereof, shall. commence on the first day of July and end on the thirtieth day of June of each and every year. SECTION 2. All Acts and parts of
Էջ 10 - each of said district courts shall have and exercise, exclusive of any court heretofore established, the same jurisdiction in all cases arising under the constitution and laws of the United States as is vested in the circuit and
Էջ 146 - one mill on the dollar annually on all the taxable property in the city, such tax to be levied and collected in like manner with other general taxes of said city, and to be known as the "Library Fund.
Էջ 136 - Penalty. Enforcing Obligations Imposed by Other States. This Act to Apply Only to Fraternal Beneficiary Associations. ment in the county jail for not less than thirty days, nor more than one year, or by both
Էջ 10 - when. shall be allowed in all cases from final decisions of said district courts, to the supreme court, under such regulations as may be prescribed by law, but in no case removed to the supreme court shall trial by jury be allowed in said court. Writs of error and appeals from the final Appeals from decisions of said supreme court shall be allowed and may

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