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Էջ 66 - OUR village, that's to say not Miss Mitford's village, but our village of Bullock Smithy, Is come into by an avenue of trees, three oak pollards, two elders, and a withy ; And in the middle, there's a green of about not exceeding an acre and a half; It's common to all, and fed off by nineteen cows, six ponies, three horses, five asses, two foals, seven pigs, and a calf! Besides a pond in the middle, as is held by a similar sort of common law lease, And contains twenty ducks, six drakes, three ganders,...
Էջ 102 - So, while I fondly imagined we were deceiving my relations, and flattered myself that I should outwit and incense them all — behold my hopes are to be crushed at once, by my aunt's consent and approbation — and I am myself the only dupe at last ! — [Walking about in a heat.] But here, sir, here is the picture...
Էջ 222 - Meeting. Dost thou love silence deep as that "before the winds were made?" go not out into the wilderness; descend not into the profundities of the earth; shut not up thy casements; nor pour wax into the little cells of thy ears, with little-faith'd, self-mistrusting Ulysses. Retire with me into a Quakers
Էջ 62 - NEVER go to France Unless you know the lingo, If you do, like me, You will repent by jingo. Staring like a fool, And silent as a mummy, There I stood alone, A nation with a dummy : II.
Էջ 29 - Twas very kind to bring them both, (What boots for my new Brussels!) What! little Clara left at home? Well now I call that shabby: I should have lov'd to kiss her so, (A flabby, dabby, babby!) And Mr S., I hope he's well, Ah!
Էջ 67 - There's a smithy of course, where that queer sort of a chap in his way, Old Joe Bradley, Perpetually hammers and stammers, for he stutters and shoes horses very badly. There's a shop of all sorts, that sells every thing, kept by the widow of Mr. Task ; But when you go there it's ten to one she's out of every thing you ask.
Էջ 29 - I REALLY take it very kind This visit, Mrs. Skinner! I have not seen you such an age — (The wretch has come to dinner!) ' • Your daughters, too, what loves of girls — What heads for painters

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