Prophetic Ministry, Misery, and Mishaps: Rediscovering the Purpose of the Prophetic Gift

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Abundant Truth Publishing, 2011 - 90 էջ
The gift of prophecy is an awesome gift. Paul instructed us to covet to prophesy. However, some men and women have used this exhortation to pursue the operation of the gift rather than the function of the gift. This has produced erroneous prophetic ministry in the Church. Many lives have been negatively influenced. Misery was a product of these Mishaps in ministry. The focus of this book is to bring clarity to the gift of prophecy and understanding of the pitfalls associated with prophetic ministry. This information will help individuals to rediscover the purpose of the prophetic gift in the Church. It is our hope that believers will develop a greater respect and appreciation for the inspiration, revelation, and power of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ.

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