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1 HAIL, holy, holy, holy, Lord,

Be endless praise to thee; Supreme, essential one, ador'd

In co-eternal three !

2 Enthron'd in everlasting state,

E'er time its round began ; Thou join'dst in council to create

The dignity of man.

3 All that the name of creature owns,

To thee in hymns aspire ; May we (as angels on their thrones)

For ever join the choir.

4 Hail, holy, holy, holy, Lord,

Be endless praise to thee;
Supreme, essential one, ador'd

In co-eternal three!

8. 8. 6. Praise to the Trinity.

SWERTNER. 1 SING Hallelujah! praise the Lord !

Sing with a cheerful voice;
Exalt our God with one accord,

And in his name rejoice;
Ne'er cease to sing, thou ransom'd host,
Praise Father, Son, and holy Ghost!
Until in realms of endless light

Your praises shall unite.

2 There we to all eternity

Shall join th' angelie lays ;
And sing in perfect harmony

“To God our Saviour's praise:
“He hath redeem'd us by his blood,
“Hath made us kings and priests to God;
For us, for us, the Lamb was slain,”

Praise ye the Lord. Amen.




115 8.7. 7. Fall and Recovery of Man.

KELLY. 1 DAM’S ruin'd sons and daughters,

Come ye, come ye, to the waters,
Come for God will freely give ;

Here the spring of life is found,
Streams of mercy here abound.

2 Why your substance vainly spending,

To procure what is not food;
To the Saviour's voice attending,
You will find substantial good;

Jesus is the Saviour giv'n,
Jesus is the bread from heav'n.

3 Hear the Saviour, Oye thoughtless,

They who hear him not, must fall;
Will ye trust your schemes as faultless, ,
While the Lord condemns them all;

O be wise and hear the Lord,
Strive no more against his word.

C. M. The fall and its effects.

BEDDOME. 1 WHEN Adam sinn'd, through all his

race, The dire contagion spread: Sickness and death, and deep disgrace

Sprang from our fallen head.
2 Satan in strong and heavy chains,

Binds the deluded soul;
And every furious passion reigns,

Without the least controul.
3 Whene'er the man begins his race,

The criminal appears;
And evil habits keep their pace

With our increasing years. 4 Corruption flows through all our veins,

Our moral beauty's gone ;
The gold is fled, the dross remains,

O sin, what hast thou done?
5 Jesus, reveal thy pardoning grace,

And draw our souls to thee,
Thou art the only hiding place,

Where ruin'd souls can flee.

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C. M. Decrees of God. WATTS.

1 KA

EEP silence, all created things;

And wait your Maker's nod: My soul stands trembling, while she sings

The honours of her God.

2 Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown

Hang on his firm decree:
He sits on no precarious throne,

Nor borrows leave to be.

3 Chain'd to his throne, a volume lies

With all the fates of men, With ev'ry angel's form and size

Drawn by th' eternal pen,

4 His providence unfolds the book,

And makes his councils shine; Each op'ning leaf, and ev'ry stroke

Fulfils some deep design.

5 Here he exalts neglected worms

To sceptres and a crown:
And there th' foll’wing page he turns

And treads the monarch down,

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