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5 Then fly, my song, an endless round!

The lofty tune that angels raise ;
All nature dwell upon the sound
But we can ne'er fulfil the praise.


L. M. God seen in his Works.

WATTS's Mis.

1 M God, I love, and I adore :

But souls that love would know thee

more ; Wilt thou for ever hide, and stand Behind the labours of thy hands?

2 Thy hand unseen sustains the poles

On which this huge creation rolls;
In thousand shapes and colours rise
Thy works to our admiring eyes.

3 The meanest pin in nature's frame,

Marks out some letter of thy name; Where sense can reach, or fancy rove, From hill to bill, from field to grove.

4 Across the waves, around the sky,

There's not a spot, or deep, or high,
Where the Creator bas not trod
And left the footsteps of a God.

10 8. 8. 6. God the preserver of Men.

TAYLOR. THE mighty God, who rolls the spheres,

And storm and fire and hail prepares, And guides this vast machine; His pow'rful hand our life sustains, And scatters all those joys and pains,

That fill this chequer'd scene. 2 His piercing eye at once surveys, Where thousand suns and systems blaze,

And where the sparrow falls : While seraphs tune their harps on high, His ear attends the softest cry,

When human mis'ry calls.
3 Eternal God! who sball not fear,
And trust and love, with souls sincere,

Tbine awful, glorious name!
While man, thy creature, swift decays,
Time has no limit for thy days,

Nor limit for thy fame. 11 C. M. The Eternity and Immutability of Gode

ROWE i THOU didst, o mighty God! exist

Ere time began his race;
Before the ample elements

Filld up the voids of space :


2 Ere through the gloom of ancient night

The streaks of light appear'd; Before the high celestial arch,

Or starry poles were rear'd: 3 Before the bright, harmonious spheres

Their glorious rounds begun; Before the shining roads of heav'n,

Were measur'd by the sun: 4 Ere men ador'd, or angels knew,

Or prais'd thy wondrous name; Thy bliss, eternal spring of life !

And glory was the same.
5 And when the pillars of the world

With sudden ruin break,
And all this vast and goodly frame

Sinks in the mighty wreck: 6 For ever permanent and fix'd,

From interruption free ; Unchang'd in everlasting years,

Shall thy existence be.

8. 8. 6. God unsearchable. RAPFLES.


HALL mortal man, a child of earth, Who yesterday receiv'd his birth, From God's all-bounteous hand;

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Shall he, whilst sojourning below,
Presume the Almighty's plans to know,

His ways to understand?
2 He rides upon the stormy deep,
His watchful eyes that never sleep,

Wide o'er creation roll;
And from his high, empyreal throne,
Views, with one glance, the torrid zone,

And ice-surrounded pole!

3 His paths the trackless waters are,
The winged whirlwind is his car,

His wheels the hurricane ;
His ffery coursers, bounding, fly,
Borne rapid through th' etherial sky,

Or o'er the foaming main!

4 His wisdom, infinite and vast,
Shall, through eternal ages, last

Unchangeably the same:
While in the dreary shades of hell
His justice so inflexible,

Proclaims his awful name.

5 Before the earth, or worlds were made, His vast eternal plans were laid

In wisdom and in love;
And what the Almighty then design'd,
Is finish'd in the eternal mind,

His nurnose cannot moye!

6 Ah! then, suppress each rising sigh;
Nor dare to ask the Almighty why,

Or what his hands perform!
Submit to bis all-wise decrees,
Whose pow'r can calm the raging seas,

Or raise them to a storm! 13

C. M. God all in all. Anon. 1 ALMIGHTY God, our quiv'ring breath

On thy command depends;
Thy mandate giv'n, and instant death

Our mortal being ends.
2 But oh! when joys terrestrial fade,

Nor one our peace secures, 'Tis well to have a God, whose aid

From age to age endures.
3 This is a prop when bopes betray,

A son when clouds condense,
A lamp to light the pilgrim's way,

A buckler of defence.
4 This is a rock when winds arise,

An anchor safe and firm ;
A shelter from the inclement skies,

A covert from the storm.
i The bread of life in famine dire,

A spring when creatures fail ; A cloud by day, by night a fire,

To point us through the vale.

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