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3 See how he lov'd, who never shrank
From toil or danger, pain or death ;
Who all the cup of sorrow drank,
And meekly yielded up his breath.

See how he lov'd, who died for man;
Who labour'd thas, and thus endur'd,
To finish heav'n's all-gracious plan,
Which endless life to man secur'd.

5 And sball such love not meet return?

Not prompt the conduct move the breast?
Shall not our grateful bosoms burn,
To prove our love by ev'ry test?

8 Yes; our Redeemer we will love,
Who ev'ry gen'rous feeling knew;
His faithful foll'wers ever prove,
And keep his pattern still in view.

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No man,
nor angel can compare

To speak like him, what sera ph dare,

Or imitate his word ?


2 Who can command the dead to rise,

With a prevailing pow'r ? Who can pour light on sightless eyes,

The sick to health restore ? 3 Whose word can fiends infernal tame,

Or furious winds controul ; Unstop deaf ears, or cure the lame,

Or make the wounded whole? 4 One word from Jesus this performs,

And proves his pow'r divine ; His breath can still the roughest storm

Leviathan confine. 6 Love such as his can ne'er be found,

His grace is rich indeed; Such words as his there's none can souni

Nor do as Jesus did.


36 e. M. Jesus hastening to Suffer.

Cow PEI i The Saviour, what a noble flame

Was kindled in his breast, When, hast'ning to Jerusalem,

He march'd before the rest !

With all his suff"rings fult in view,

And woes to us unknown, Forth to the task his spirit flew,

'Twas love that urg'd him on,

Lord, we return thee what we can!

Our bearts shall sound abroad, Salvation to the dying man,

And to the rising, God !

And while thy bleeding glories here

Engage our wond'ring eyes,
We learn our lighter cross to bear,

And hasten to the skies, 1 37 C. M. Christ's agony in the Garden.

Hawais. DARK was the night, and cold the

ground On which the Lord was laid; His sweat, like drops of blood ran down;

In agony he pray'd ! 'Father ! remove this bitter cup,

'If such thy sacred will; 'If not, content to drink it up,

*Tby pleasure I fulfil!

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3 Go to the garden, sinner! see

These precious drops that flow!
The heavy load he bore for thee

For thee he lies so low !

4 Then learn of him the cross to bear,

Thy father's will obey;
And when temptations sore draw nea

Awake to watch and pray!






THEN on Sinai's top I see

God descend in majesty,
To proclaim his holy law,

All my spirit sinks with awe. 2 When in ecstacy sublime,

Tabor's glorious height I climb,
In the too-transporting light;
Darkness rushes o'er my sight,

3 When on Calvary I rest,

God in flesh made manifest,
Shines in my Redeemer's face,
Full of beauty, truth, and grace.

4 Here I would for ever stay,

Weep and gaze my soul away;
Thou art heav'n on earth to me,
Lovely, mournful, Calvary.


8.7. Christ our Sacrifice. KELLY.


JESUS drains the cap of sorrows;

See he lies beneath our load :
Gives his life a ransom for us,
And redeems us with his blood:

Was there ever love like this?
Was there ever grief like his ?

2 Jesus is “a man of sorrows,”

Here he claims preeminence,
See bim pierc'd by heav'ns own arrows,
See him die for our offence,

We, like sheep, had gone astray:
Jesus takes our sin away.

3 Jesus suffers, wondrous victim!

'Tis the son of God that dies :
Heaven, and earth, and hell, amict him:
Justice claims the sacrifice :

Darkness now exerts its pow'r:
Darkness reigns this fearful hour.

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