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4 'Who is the King of Glory, who?
The Lord that all his foes o'ercame !
The world, sin, death, and hello'erthrew;
And Jesus is the conqueror's name.

5 Lot his triumphal chariot waits,

And angels chant the solemn lay ;-
*Lift up your heads, ye heav'nly gates!
Ye everlasting doors, give way!

6 'Who is the King of Glory, who ?

The Lord, of boundless pow'r possest;
The King of saints and angels too;
God over all, for ever blest.


C. M. Christ's Ascension and



EYOND the glitt'ring starry skies,

Far as th' eternal hills,
There, in the

boundless world of light,
The great Redeemer dwells.

2 Immortal angels bright and fair,

In countless armies shine ;
At his right hand, with golden harps,

To offer songs divine.

3 “Hail Prince!" they cry, "for ever hail!

« Whose unexampled love
“Mov'd thee to quit these glorions realnis

" And royalty above."
4 Through all his travels here below,

They did his steps attend;
Oft wond'ring how and where at last

This scene of love would end.
5 They saw his heart transfix'd with wounds

His crimson sweat and gore;
They saw him break the bars of death,

As none e'er broke before.
6 They brought his chariot from above,

To bear him to his throne;
Clapp'd their triumphant wings and cry'd

“The glorious work is done.
L. M.

I JESUS, am ascended high,

No more to suffer, bleed, or die;
I live, I live, my name is love;

I live with God supreme above.
2 Behold, I live for evermore,

My love's an everlasting store;
I live, to plead the sinner's cause,
To magnify Jehovah's laws.

The same.

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3 I live to hear my children's cries,

I live to wipe their weeping eyes,
I live to sanctify their woes,

I live to conquer all their foes. 4 I live to help in each distress,

I live ť enrich their souls with grace,
I live to pour my spirit down,

I live ť ensure their heav'nly crown. 5 let believing souls rejoice,

And glory in their happy choice !
Let gratitude their hearts inspire,
And raise their hallelujahs higher.


8. 7. All in all.

HART. 1 LAMB of God, we fall before thee,

Humbly trusting in thy cross: That above be all our glory,

All things else are dung and dross, Thee we own a perfect Saviour,

Only source of all that's good : Ev'ry grace and ev'ry favour

Come to us through Jesus' blood.

2 Jesas gives us true repentance,

By his spirit sent from heav'n : Jesus whispers the sweet sentence,

“Son, thy sins are all forgiv'n." Faith he gives us to believe it;

Grateful hearts his love to prize. Want we wisdom ? he must give it:

Hearing ears, and seeing eyes.

3 Jesus gives us pure affections,

Wills to do what he requires;
Makes us follow his directions,

And what he commands inspires,
All our pray’rs and all our praises

Rightly offer'd in his pame,
He that dictates them is Jesus;

He that answers is the same.

6 When we live on Jesu's merit,

Then we worship God aright;
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Then we sayingly unite.-
This the whole conclusion of it,

Great or good whate'er we call;
God, or King, or Priest, or Prophet,

Jesus Christ is all in all.


L. M.

The same.


1 IN N Cbrist my treasure's all contain'd ;

By Him my feeble soul's sustain'd; From Him I all things do receive, Through Him my soul does daily live

2 With Him I daily love to walk,

Of Him my soul delights to talk;
On Him I cast my ev'ry care;
Like Him one day I shall appear.

3 Bless Him, my soul, from day to day;

Trust Him to bring thee on thy way ; Give Him thy poor, weak, sinful heart, With Him, O never, never part.

4 Take Him for strength and righteousness,

Make Him thy refuge in distress ;
Love Him above all earthly joy,

And Him in every thing employ. 5 Praise Him in cheerful, grateful songs,

To Him your highest praise belongs ; To Him who does your heav'n prepare, And Him you'll praise for ever there.

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