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Extol the Lamb of God,
The great atoning Lamb !
Redemption in his blood,
Throughout the world proclaim:

The year &c.

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Jesus our great high priest
Has full atonement made:
Ye weary spirits rest;
Ye mournful souls be glad:

The year &c.


Ye slaves of sin and bell,
Your liberty receive;
And safe in Jesus dwell,
And bless'd in Jesus live :

The year &c.


The gospel trumpet hear,
The news of heav'nly grace :
And sav'd from earth appear
Before your Saviour's face:

The year &c.




The same.


HARK ! the solemn trumpet

sounding Loud proclaims the jabilee: 'Tis the voice of grace abounding,Grace to sinners, rich and free!

Ye who know the joyful sound,

Publish it to all around.
2 Is the name of Jesus precious ?

Does his love your spirits cheer ?
Do you find him kind and gracious,
Still removing doubt and fear?

Tbink that what he is to you,

Such he'll be to others to. 3 Brethren join in supplication;

Join to plead before the Lord : 'Tis bis arm that brings salvation; He alone can give the word:

Father, let thy kingdom come;

Bring thy wand'ring out-casts home. 4 Hark! the saints' triumphant chorus !

“Worthy is the Lamb,” they cry; They have gaind the prize before us; Soon we hope to share their joy:

But while here, remember still,
They who love him do his will.



8. 7. 6. Dawning of success. KELLY 1 YES, we trust the day is breaking,

Joyful times are near at hand,
God, the mighty God, is speaking
By his word, in ev'ry land;

Mark bis progress, Darkness flees at bis command. 2 'Tis a time of expectation,

Awful signs are seen around;
Nation rising against nation,
Kingdoms falling to the ground;

Ancient Kingdoms
Perish, and no more are found.
3 God of Jacob, high and glorious,

Let thy people see thy band;
Let the gospel be victorious,
Through the world, in ev'ry land;

Let the idols
Perish, Lord, at thy command.
154 s. M. Prayer for its increase.

ANON. 1 0

LORD our God, arise,
The cause of truth maintain,

And wide o'er all the peopled world

Extend her blessed reign. 2 Thou Prince of Life, arise,

Nor let thy glory cease; Far spread the conquest's of thy grace,

And bless the earth with peace. 3 Thou Holy Ghost, arise,

Expand thy quick’ning wing, And o'er a dark and ruin'd world

Let light and order spring. 4 All on the earth, arise,

To God the Saviour sing, From shore to shore, from earth to bear'n,

Let echoing anthems rise. 155

C. M. Successful. ANON. 1 GO forth ye saints, behold your Lord,

With radiant glory crown'd, The wond'rous progress of his word

Shall spread his fame abroad.
2 Where'er the sun begins his race,

Or stops its swift career,
Both east and west shall own his grace

And Christ be honor'd there.

Ten thonsand crowns already show

The vict'ries he has won ;
O may his conquests ever grow

Whilst time its course shall run.


L. M.

The same.


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I SHOUT for the blessed Jesus reigns,

Through distant lands his triumph

spread: And sinners freed from endless pains,

Own him their Saviour and their Head. 2 Gentiles and Jews his laws obey,

Nations remote their offrings bring : And, unconstrain'd their homage pay

To their exalted God and King. 30 may his conquests still increase, And ev'ry foe his pow'r subdue

hile angels celebrate his praise, And saints his growing glories shew. 4 Lond hallelujahs to the Lamb,

From all below, and all above;
In lofty songs exalt his name,
Io songs as lasting as his love.

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