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“ God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness,

hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

2 Cor. iv. 6.

1. Christ, whose glory fills the skies !

Christ, the true, the only light;
Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Triumph o'er the shades of night!
Brightness of the Father, hear;
Day star, in


2. Dark and cheerless is the morn,

Unaccompanied by Thee;
Joyless is the day's return,

Till thy mercy's beams I see ;
Inward light till Thou impart,
Glad mine

eyes, and warm my heart.
3. Visit then this soul of mine,

Pierce the gloom of sin and grief,
With the pow'r of rays divine,

Scatter all mine unbelief:
More and more Thyself display,
Shining to the perfect day.





“ There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.”

Heb. iv. 9.

1. ETERNAL God, vouchsafe to hear,

And magnify thy grace divine,
Pardon a worm that would draw near,

That would his heart to Thee resign:
A soul by self and sin opprest,
That pants to reach thy promis'd rest.

2. With holy fear, and reverend love,

I long to lie beneath thy throne ;
In Thee to feel I live and move,

And stay myself on Thee alone.
Teach me to lean upon thy breast,
To find in Thee, the promis'd rest.

3. Thou say'st Thou wilt thy servants keep

In perfect peace, whose minds shall be Like new born babes, or helpless sheep,

Completely stay'd, O Lord, on Thee : How calm their state, how truly blest, Who trust on Thee, the promis'd rest.

4. Take me, my Saviour, as thine own,

And vindicate thy righteous cause,
Be Thou my portion, Lord, alone,

And bend me to obey thy laws;
Within thine arms of love caress'd
Grant me to find thy promis'd rest.

5. Bid the tempestuous rage of sin,

With all its wrathful fury die ;
Thou my Redeemer dwell within,

And turn my sorrows into joy ;
Oh! may my heart, by Thee possess'd,
Know Thee to be the promis'd rest.


“Thou also hast wrought all our works in us."

ISA. xxvi. 12.

1. Father, to Thee my soul I lift,

On Thee my hope depends,
Convinc'd that every perfect gift

From Thee alone descends.

2. Mercy and grace are thine alone,

And power and wisdom too ;
Without the Spirit of thy Son

We nothing good can do.

3. We cannot speak one gracious word,

One holy thought conceive,
Unless, in answer to our Lord,

Thyself the blessing give.

4. From Thee, through Jesus, we receive

The power on Thee to call;
In Thee, our God, we move and live :

Thou art our all in all. (Lydia.).


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