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sylvania Court House. John Morgan enters Kentucky with 4,000 men.

MAY 27.-Grant crossed the Pamunkey, and occupied Han


MAY 30.-Grant reached Mechanicsville,


JUNE 3.-In which the rebels are routed with heavy loss. JUNE 5.-Sherman flanked Johnson and captured Ackworth Station.

JUNE 7.-General Hunter defeats the rebel General Jones, near Staunton, Va.


JUNE 8.-Abraham Lincoln and Governor Andrew Johnson were nominated for President and Vice President. Morgan defeated by General Burbridge, near Lexington, Ky.

JUNE 11.-Morgan demanded of Governor Bramlette the surrender of Frankfort, which the Governor refused.

JUNE 12.-General Hancock drove the rebels from Bottom Bridge at the point of the bayonet.

JUNE 15.-General Smith atatcked with a force of 15,000 mėn.

JUNE 20.-Rebels strongly reinforced by Lee.

JUNE 23.-Rebels attack Wright and Hancock, capturing 3 full regiments, after which they are repulsed.

JUNE 27.-Sherman made an unsuccessful attack on the enemy's position, losing from 2,000 to 3,000 men.

JUNE 28.-Left wing of Grant's army take possession of the Weldon railroad.

JUNE 30.-Secretary Chase resigned, and Hon. Wm. P. Fessenden was appointed to fill the vacancy.

JULY, 1864.

JULY 10.-Rebels invade Maryland. The Union forces under General Wallace, defeated at the Monacacy river.

JULY 13 and 15.-The rebels under General Forrest, defeated in 5 different battles near Pontotoc, Mo.

JULY 17.-The rebel army was ariven within the fortifica tions at Atlanta,

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JULY 20.-The enemy assaulted General Sherman's lines 3 times, but were repulsed each time with severe loss. General Averill defeated the enemy near Winchester, Va.

JULY 22.-A great battle was fought before Atlanta, resulting in the complete defeat of the Confederates.

JULY 25.-General Crook overtook the rebels retreating from the Maryland raid, and recaptured a large amount of stores. After severe fighting on the 23d and 24th July, General Averill is compelled to fall back to Harper's Ferry.

JULY 30.-A mine containing 6 tons of powder, under a rebel fort at Petersburg, was exploded, destroying the fort and garrison.

AUGUST, 1864.

AUGUST 5.-Commodore Farragut's fleet passed Forts Morgan and Gaines. The rebel ram Tennessee was captured, and several other vessels destroyed. Shortly after Fort Gaines surrendered and Fort Powell was evacuated.

AUGUST 7.-General Averill defeated the enemy at Morefield, Virginia.

AUGUST 15.-The rebel General Wheeler repulsed at Dalton, Georgia.

AUGUST 18.-The Weldon railroad seized by General Grant. AUGUST 23.-Fort Morgan surrendered.

AUGUST 25.-General Hancock, who held the Weldon railroad south of Reams' station, was attacked several times, but repulsed the enemy each time.


SEPT. 1.-General Sherman defeated the enemy at Jonesboro, Georgia.

SEPT. 2.-The Federal troops took possession of Atlanta.

SEPT. 5. The rebel General John Morgan was killed near Greenville, Tenn.

SEPT. 7.-A force of 2,000 rebels defeated at Readyville, Tennessee.

SEPT. 19.-General Sheridan gained a complete victory over the enemy in the Shenandoah valley.

SEPT. 22. The battle at Fisher's Hill was fought, resulting in the defeat of the rebel army.

SEPT. 28.-General Grant advanced his lines on the north side of the James river to within 7 miles of Richmond. The rebels under General Price invade Missouri.

OCTOBER, 1864.

Oor. 5. The rebels attack Allatoona, Ga., but were repulsed with severe loss.

OCT. 7.—The pirate vessel Florida captured by the U. S. steamer Wachusett.

OCT. 8.-The rebels in the Shenandoah valley are again lefeated by Sheridan.

OCT. 23. Missouri.

OCT. 19.-General Sheridan gained his fourth victory over the rebels under Early, at Cedar creek, Va.

The rebel General Price defeated at Blue river,

OCT. 28.-General Blunt defeated the rebels under Price, at Neosho, Mo.

OCT. 30.-General Hood made three attacks on Decatur, Ala., but was repulsed each time.


Nov. 3.-The rebel ram Albemarle destroyed by Lieutenant Cushing. The Confederate, army under Hood, attempted to cross the Tennessee, but were repulsed by the Federal army, under General Sherman.

Nov. 8.-The Presidential election took place. Lincoln and Johnson received 212, McClellan and Pendleton 21 electoral votes.

Nov. 16.-General Sherman left Atlanta, and began his march ́ through Georgia, to Savannah.

Nov. 30.-The rebel army under General Hood, attacked the Union troops under General Schofield, at Franklin, Tenn., but were repulsed with great loss.


DEO 13.-Fort McAllister captured by Gen. Sherman's army. DEC. 16.-General Thomas defeated the enemy at Nashville, Tenn., with heavy loss, capturing a large number of guns and prisoners.

DEC. 20.-The rebels under General Breckinridge defeated in South-Western Virginia, and the salt works destroyed.

DEO. 21.-General Sherman entered the city of Savannah, capturing 150 cannon, 30,000 bales of cotton, and a large amount of munitions of war.

DEC. 29.-Hood's army crossed the Tennessee river, thus ending the Tennessee campaign.

JANUARY, 1865.

JAN. 3.-Massachusetts ratified Constitutional Amendment. JAN. 8.-General Butler removed from the command of the army of the James, and is succeeded by General Ord.

JAN. 11.-The garrison at Beverly, Va., was attacked by a rebel force under General Rosser. The town and a large portion of the force defending it, were captured.

JAN. 16.-Fort Fisher, near Wilmington, N. C., captured with all its equipments.

JAN. 20.-Rebels evacuate Corinth.

JAN. 21.-Peace rumors.

JAN. 27.-Rebel incendiaries set fire to the city of Savannah.


FEB. 1.-Illinois ratified the Constitutional Amendment.

FEB. 2.-Maryland, Mchigan, New York and Rhode Island, ratified the Constitutional Amendment.

FEB. 4.-Illinois Black Laws repealed.

FEB. 7.-Maine ratified the Constitutional Amendment.
FEB. 12. General Sherman occupied Branchville, 8. C.

FEB. 13.-Indiana ratified the Constitutional Amendment.

FEB. 17.-Louisiana ratified the Constitutional Amendment. General Sherman's victorious columns entered Columbia, S. C., and burned the city.

FEB. 18.-Charleston, S. C., evacuated and taken possession of by General Gilmore. Great amount of valvable property destroyed, six thousand bales of cotton. Ammunition stored in the railroad depot exploded, and many lives were lost. General Gilmore hoisted the old flag over Fort Sumter.

FEB. 19.-Fort Anderson, N. C. taken.

FEB. 21.-Wisconsin ratified the Constitutional Amendment. Fort Armstrong, N. C., taken.

FEB. 22.-Wilmington captured.

MARCH, 1865.

MARCH 2.-General Sheridan fought and captured the rebe! General Early, with 1,800 men, between Staunton and Charlottsville.

MARCH 10.-General Bragg attacked General Cox near Kings

ton, N. C., but was defeated. General Sherman occupied Fayetteville, N. C.

MARCH 12.-Mobile attacked.

MARCH 13.-General Schofield occupied Kingston.

MARCH 16.-Rebel General Hardee defeated at Averysboro', North Carolina.

MARCH 17.-Rebel Congress adjourned, sine die.

MARCH 19.-Rebel General Johnson defeated at Bentonville, North Carolina.

MARCH 25.-Rebels attack General Grant and got soundly whipped.

APRIL, 1865.

APRIL 3.-Richmond taken.

APRIL 9.-General Lee surrendered. Mobile captured.

APRIL 12.-Salisbury, N. C., captured. Mobile captured by General Canby, 1,000 prisoners, 150 cannon, 3,000 bales of cotton. Columbus, Ga., captured.

APRIL 13.-Raliegh, N. C., captured. Governor Vance taken prisoner.

APRIL 14.-President Lincoln assassinated. Secretary Seward stabbed. Arkansas ratified the Constitutional Amendment. APRIL 15.-President Lincoln died about 7 o'clock, A. M. APRIL 16.-Andrew Johnson took the oath and was declared President of the United States.

APRIL 26.-General Johnson surrendered. The war is over. APRIL 27.-Booth, the murderer of President Lincoln shot and captured. Dead.

MAY, 1865.

MAY 8-Subscriptions to 7-30 loan $6,183,000.
MAY 9.-Subscriptions to 7-30 loan $15,165,300.

MAY 10.-Jefferson Davis captured at Irwinville, 75 miles south-west of Macon, Ga., by the 4th Michigan cavalry, under Colonel Pritchard, of General Wilson's command. Also, his wife, mother, Postmaster-general Regan, Colonel Harrison, Private Secretary, Colonel Johnson and other military characters Subscription to 7-30 loan $17,410,100.

MAY 11.-Subscription to 7-30 loan $15,411,800.
MAY 12. Subscription to 7-30 loan $13,762,100.

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