Rules of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs

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Էջ 19 - Committee to report or cause to be reported promptly to the House any measure approved by his Committee and to take or cause to be taken necessary steps to bring the matter to a vote.
Էջ 18 - Each hearing conducted by the committee or each subcommittee thereof shall be open to the public except when the committee or subcommittee, in open session and with a...
Էջ 19 - In the discretion of the committee, witnesses may submit brief and pertinent sworn statements in writing for inclusion in the record. The committee is the sole judge of the pertinency of testimony and evidence adduced at its hearing. (9) A witness may obtain a transcript copy of his testimony given at a public session or, if given at an executive session, when authorized by the committee.
Էջ 14 - In order to assist the House in — (1) its analysis, appraisal, and evaluation of the application, administration, and execution of the laws enacted by the Congress, and (2) its formulation, consideration, and enactment of such modifications of or changes in those laws, and of such additional legislation, as may be necessary or appropriate, each standing committee shall review and study, on a continuing basis, the application, administration, and execution of those laws, or parts of laws, the subject...
Էջ 9 - Measures relating to the care and management of Indians, including the care and allotment of Indian lands and general and special measures relating to claims which are paid out of Indian funds...
Էջ 20 - No measure or recommendation shall be reported from any committee unless a majority of the committee were actually present.
Էջ 16 - ... Rules of the House or with those provisions of law having the force and effect of Rules of the House; and (3) shall in any event incorporate all of the succeeding provisions of this clause to the extent applicable. Each committee's rules specifying its regular meeting days, and any other rules of a committee which are in addition to the provisions of this clause, shall be published in the Congressional Record not later than thirty days after the Congress convenes in each odd-numbered year.
Էջ 10 - ... within the jurisdiction of that subcommittee, and the organization and operation of the Federal agencies and entities having responsibilities in or for the administration and execution thereof, in order to determine whether such laws and the programs thereunder are being implemented and carried out in accordance with the intent of the Congress and whether such programs should be continued, curtailed, or eliminated.
Էջ 19 - Witnesses at investigative hearings may be accompanied by their own counsel for the purpose of advising them concerning their constitutional rights.
Էջ 19 - No evidence or testimony taken in executive session may be released or used in public sessions without the consent of the committee.

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