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Verse 559-563. read,

Of harmony and wonder. Different far She starts indignant on the patriot's eye Among the servile herd: her nervous hand Points as she turns the record, and appeals To ancient honour; or in act, &c.

568. for the sacred, read untrodden.

570. for, Of all heroic deeds, and fair desires.

Of generous coupsels, of heroic deeds.
575-585. read as follows,

Which Hesper sheds along the vernal heaven;
If I from Superstition's gloomy haunts
Impatient steal, and from th' unfeemly rites
Of barbarous domination, to attend
With hymns thy presence in the lonely shades,
By their malignant footsteps unprofaned.
Descend, O famous Power, thy glowing mien
Such, and so elevated all thy form,
As when the great barbarian foiled again,
And yet again diminished, hid his face
Among the herd of fatraps, and of kings;
And at the lightning, &c.

589. for heroic, read unconquer'd.
595. for blooming, read facred.
598. for flight, read meed.


Chi wa

Verse 599. for plume, read toil.

601. for, Thyname, thrice honour'd! with th’immortal praise.

read, Thy kindred name to no ignoble praise.

602. for Nature, read Beauty,

57. for haugbry, read jealous.
58. for harmonious, read blessed.

75. for,

To raise harmonious Fancy's native charm.

To raise enamour'd Fancy's native joy,

98, 99. for,
Her awful light discloses to bestow
A more majestic pomp on beauty's fame!

Her awful front unveils to raife the scene,
And adds to beauty honours not her own!

116. for course, read fight.
210. for baleful charms, read unbleft pomps.
212. for Gracious, read Righteous.


223. for,

A purple cloud came Boating thro the sky.

Came floating thro the sky a purple cloud.



Verse 225. for Soft'ning forrow, of; read, generous

pity, or.
275. for bills, read cliffs.
276. for cliff, read heath.

277. for recumbent, read incumbent.
282, 283. for,
Remurmuring rulh’d the congregated floods
With hoarfer inundation.


More ponderous rulh'd the congregated floods,
And louder still resounded.

365. for fresh water'd, read irriguous.
477, for joys, read hopes.
599. for Nature calls, read God commands.
663. for pictures, read phantoms.
664. for, When sunshine fills the bed.

When sunshine rushes on the brow of sleep,
And fills the curtain'd space.

769. for, Defiled to such a depth of fordid shame.

read, To such a baseness have not yet depraved.




Argument. After the sentence, Final cause of the

. sense of ridicule, insert, The pleasure from novelty

with its final cause. Verse


8, 9. read thus,
With charms' resistless. Not the spacious weft,
Nor all the teeming regions of the south
Contain a quarry, &c.

27. for lovely, read pleasing.
59. for The wicked bear, read Which guilt endures,

72. for,

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I Ging of Nature's charms, and touch, well-pleas'd.

I sing of good and fair, touching well-pleas'd.

75. for aukward arts, read arts aboundi
96. for Some, read This.
98. for Some, read This.
278. Here insert the paragraph B. I. v. 222.
365. for feeds, read works.
366. for attemperd, read imprinted.
383. for lovelieft, read pleasing.
384. for rowls bis daring eye, read darts his

searching eye.
387. for Flit swift, read Proceed.

' Verse

Verse 389. føt Disclose, read Reveal.

403. for blue ferene, read azúre vault.
436. for warbled, read holy.'

503. for,

Than space, or motion, or eternal time.

Than his own essence, or effential powers.

516. for feelingly, read tenderly.
552. for furious, read frantic.
576. for the only few, read what tho but few.

587. for,
Distills her dews, and from the Gilken gem
Its lucid leaves unfolds.

read, Unlocks her gems, and from the spreading leaves Throws her light incense round.'

626. to the end, read as follows: He meant, he made us to regard and love What he regards and loves; the life and health Of general nature; to do good like him To every being round us. Thus the men, Whom Nature's frame delights, with God himself Hold daily converse; act upon his plan; And form to his the relill of their souls.


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