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be, if any dare be given, No, alas! not one of these things. This damp is the mere effusion of British amity-we sink under the pressure of their supportwe writhe under the gripe of their pestiferous alliance. Thus they suffered-in barren anguish and ineffectual resistance. And O audacious fallacy !-says the defence of Mr. Hastings—What cause was there for any incidental ills, but their own resistance? The cause was nature in the first born principles of man. It grew with his growth; it strengthened with his strength! It taught him to understand; it enabled him to feel. For where there is human fate, can there be a penury of human feeling? Where there is injury, will there not be resentment? Is not despair to be followed by courage? The God of battles pervades and penetrates the inmost spirit of man, and rousing him to shake off the burden that is grievous, and the yoke that is galling, will reveal the law written in his heart, and the duties and privileges of his nature—the grand universal compact of man with man!--That power in trust for the good of all who obey it—that the rights of men must arm against man's oppression-for that indifference were treason to human state, and patience nothing less than blasphemy against the laws which govern the world! The protection of Mr. Ilastings, is like that of a vulture to a lamb-grappling in its vitals ! thirsting for its blood-scaring off each petty kite that hovers around -and then, with an insulting perversion of terms calling sacrifice protection! The victims of this oppression were confessedly destitute of



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all power to resist their oppressors : but that debility which from other bosoms would have claimed some compassion, with respect to the mode of suffering here excited but ingenuity of torture! Even when every feeling of the nabob was subdued, nature made a lingering stand within his bosom, but even then, that cold un feeling spirit of malignity, with whom his doom was fixed, returned with double acrimony to its purpose, and compelld him to inflict on a parent that destruction, of which he was himself reserved but to be the last victim. If it were not a part of my duty, it would be superfluous to speak of the sacredness of ties which those aliens to feeling—those apostates to humanity, divided. Filial piety! It is the primal bond of society. It is that instinctive principle, which, panting for its proper good, soothes, unbidden, each sense and sensibility of man. Oh! faith! Oh justice! I conjure you, by your sacred names to depart for a moment from this place, though it be your peculiar residence; nor hear your names profaned by such a sacrilegious combination, as that which I am now compelld to repeat! Where all the fair forms of nature and of art, of truth and peace, policy and honour, shrunk back aghast from the deleterious shade; the great figure is the piece, characteristic in his place! aloof and independent, from the puny profligacy of his train! but far from idle or inactive, turning a malignant eye on all mischief that awaits him !--the multiplied apparatus of temporising expedients, and intimidating instruments! now cringing on his prey,


and fawning on his vengeance ! now quickening the limping pace of craft, and forcing every stand that retiring nature can make in the heart! with a long catalogue of crimes and aggravations, beyond the reach of thought for human malignity to perpetrate, or human vengeance to punish! lower than perdition—blacker than despair. But justice is not that halt, and miserable object! It is not the ineffective bauble of an Indian Pagod! It is not theportentous phantom of despair. It is not like any fabled monster formed in the eclipse of reason, and found in some unhallowed grove of superstitious darkness, and political dismay! No my Lords! In the happy reverse of all this, I turn from this disgusting caricature to the real image. Justice I have now before me august and pure! the abstract idea of all that would be perfect in the spirit and aspirings of men! where the mind rises, where the heart expands: where the countenance is ever placid and benign: where her favourite attitude is to stoop to the unfortunate : to hear their cry and to help them: to rescue and relieve, to succour and to save majestic, from its mercy: venerable from its utility: uplifted without pride: firm without obduracy :-beneficent in each preference:- lovely, though in her frown.


" GRAY."



“Ruin seize thee ruthless King!
“Confusion on thy banners wait!
“Tho' fann'd by conquests crimson wing,
They mock the air in idle state!

Helm, nor hauberk's twisted mail, "Nor e’en thy virtues, Tyrant, shall avail “ To save thy secret soul from nightly fears, 6. From Cambria's curse, from Cambria's tears ! Such were the sounds that o'er the crested pride Of the first Edward scattered wild dismay, As down the steep of Snowdon's shaggy side He wound, with toilsome march his long array. Stout Gloster stood aghast in speechless trance: To arms! cried Mortimer and couch'd his quivering




On a rock whose haughty brow
Frowns o’er old Conway's foaming flood,
Robed in the sable garb of woe
With haggard eyes the poet stood
Loose his beard, and hoary hair


Streamed like a meteor to the troubled air,
And with a master's hand, and prophet's firé,
Struck the deep sorrows of his lyre.

Hark, how each giant, oak and desert cave · Sighs to the torrent's awful voice beneath! “O'er thee 0 King! their hundred arms they wave,

Revenge on thee in hoarser murmurs breathe;

Vocal no more, since Cambria's fatal day, “ To high-born Hoel's harp, or soft Llewellyn's lay.



6 Cold is Cadwallo's tongue
6. That hushed the stormy main :
- Brave Urien sleeps upon his craggy bed
“ Mountains, ye mourn in vain

Modred, whose magic song “Made huge Plinlimmon bow his cloud-topp'd head. "On dreary Arvon's shore they lie - Smeared with gore and ghastly pale; “ Far, far aloof th' affrighted ravens sail : “The famish'd eagle screams and passes by. “Dear lost companions of my tuneful art, “Dear, as the light that visits these sad eyes, Dear, as the ruddy drops that warm my heart Ye died, amidst your dying countries criesNo more I weep. They do not sleep.


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