Views of the most interesting collegiate and parochial churches in Great Britain, by J.P. Neale and J. Le Keux. With historical and architectural descriptions [by T. Moule].

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Էջ 72 - ... reception. This is said to have occurred on the 1st day of August, 791, four hundred and ninety-four years after the martyrdom of Alban. Offa afterwards made a journey to Rome, and obtained the desired privileges of his intended foundation...
Էջ 72 - In their diet they were compelled to abstain from all flesh, except when sick. The Abbots, who continued to preside over this ancient and royal foundation until the dissolution, were in number forty. By grant from Pope Adrian IV.
Էջ 58 - Here, waiting for the Saviour's great assize, And hoping, through His merits, hence to rise In glorious mode, in this dark closet lies — JOHN WARD, GENT., Who died Oct. 30th, 1773, aged 69 years. Also SARAH, his Wife, Who died Jan. 30th, 1786, aged 75 years. Eoger Kemble presently fell in love with his manager's daughter. She was very handsome ; and Mr. Boaden says, " had once been tempted by a coronet.
Էջ 4 - On the 21st of September his Lordship was buried with due funeral honours, at the parish church of Cirencester, in the same vault with his Lady; and a monument has since been erected to their memory, with the following inscription : Near this are deposited the remains of Allen, Earl of Bathurst, and Catherine, Lady Bathurst. In the legislative and judicial, department Of the great Council of the Nation, he served His Country GQ years with honour, ability, and diligence.

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