Mormonism Exposed: Joseph Smith An Impostor And The Book Of Mormon A Fraud

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Kessinger Publishing, 01 սեպ, 2004 թ. - 164 էջ
1902. This book was written following a debate held by the author and the Mormons at Fayette City, Pennsylvania. They explain in the Preface: For years we had been satisfied that those who had debated with Mormons had given them unnecessary advantage in the way of propositions. They invariably sought propositions that gave them opportunity to play upon side issues and give simply a rehash of matter that they had delivered in lectures and preached in sermons till they had it by heart. We determined they should not have this opportunity in Fayette. Besides we felt that if they were taken from their stereotyped course of presenting their doctrines, they would be utterly at a loss, and manifest clearly their inability to sustain their system. Our conjecture proved to be true. The proposition affirmed was: Joseph Smith, the reputed prophet and the author of the Book of Mormon, was as impostor and the Book of Mormon is a fraud.

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