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Such as be foolish shall Lest he devour my soul not stand in thy sight; like a lion, and tear it in for thou hatest all those pieces, while there is none who work vanity.

to help. Thou shalt destroy those O Lord my God, if I who speak falsehood; the have done this thing; or Lord will abhor both the if there be any wickedness bloodthirsty and deceitful in my hands;

If I have rewarded evil But as for me, I will unto him who dealt friendcome into thy house, even ly with me; (yea, I have upon the multitude of thy delivered him who without mercy; and in thy fear will any cause is mine enemy ;) I worship toward thy holy Then let mine enemy temple.

persecute my soul, and Lead me, O Lord, in take it; yea, let him tread thy righteousness, because my life down upon the of mine enemies; make earth, and lay mine honour thy way plain before my in the dust. face.

The Lord shall judge Let all those who put the people; give sentence their trust in thee rejoice; with me, O Lord, accordthey shall ever be giving ing to my righteousness, of thanks, because thou de- and according to the innofendest them; they who cency that is in me. love thy name shall be joy- Olet the wickedness of ful in thee.

the ungodly come to an For thou, Lord, wilt end; but guide thou the give thy blessing unto the just. righteous; and with thy For the righteous God favourable kindness wilt trieth the very hearts and thou defend him as with a reins. shield.

My help cometh of God, PSALM 7.

who preserveth those who

are true of heart. O LORD my God, in God is a righteous judge ; thee have I put my trust; and God is provoked every save me from all those who day. persecute me, and deliver I will give thanks unto me ;

the Lord, according to his


righteousness; and I will works of thy hands; and praise the name of the thou hast put all things Lord most high.

under his feet; Now unto the King eter All sheep and oxen, nal, &c.

yea, and the beasts of the Be honour and glory, &c. field;

The fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea,

and whatsoever passeth The Second Day. through the paths of the MORNING PRAYER. O Lord our Governor,

how excellent is thy name Psalm 8.

in all the world ! O LORD our Governor,

PSALM 9. how excellent is thy name in all the world! thou who I WILL give thanks hast set thy glory above unto thee, O Lord, with the heavens !

my whole heart; I will Out of the mouth of very speak of all thy marvellous babes and sucklings hast works. thou ordained strength, I will be glad and rebecause of thine enemies; joice in thee; I will sing that thou mightest still the praise to thy names, O thou enemy and the revengeful. Most High.

When I consider thy Thou hast rebuked the heavens, even the work of heathen, and destroyed the thy fingers; the moon and ungodly; thou hast put out the stars which thou hast their name for ever and ordained ;

ever. What is man, that thou Desolations have conart mindful of him ? and sumed the enemy for ever;

of that thou and as to the cities which visitest him?

thou hast destroyed, their Thou madest him a little memory is perished with lower than the angels, and them. hast crowned him with But the Lord shall englory and honour.

dure for ever; he hath preThou makest him to pared his throne for judghave dominion over the ment.

the son


And he shall judge the beathen be judged in thy world in righteousness, and sight. minister true judgment un

Put them in fear, O to the people.

Lord; that the heathen The Lord also will be may know themselves to a defence for the oppressed, be but men. even a refuge in time of Now unto the King etertrouble.

nal, &c. And they who know thy Be honour and glory, &c. name, will put their trust in thee; for thou, Lord, hast never failed those who

EVENING PRAYER. seek thee. O praise the Lord who

PSALM 11. dwelleth in Sion; show the people of his doings.

IN the Lord put I my For when he maketh in- trust; how say ye then to quisition for blood, he re- 'my soul, that she should membereth them, and for- flee as a bird unto the hill ? getteth not the complaint For lo the ungodly bend

their bow, and make ready The heathen are sunk their arrows within the down in the pit that they quiver, that they may primade ; in the same net vily shoot at those who which they hid privily, is are true of heart. their own foot taken.

If the foundation be cast The Lord is known to down, what can the rightexecute judgment; the un- eous do ? godly is ensnared in the The Lord is in his holy work of his own hands. temple; the Lord's throne

The wicked shall be is in heaven. turned into the pit, and all His eyes consider the the people who forget God. poor; and his eyelids try

For the poor shall not the children of men. always be forgotten ; the The Lord trieth the patient abiding of the righteous; but the ungodmeek shall not perish for ly and him who delighteth

in wickedness, doth his Arise, O Lord, and let soul abhor. not man prevail ; let the Upon the ungodly he

of the poor.


shall rain snares, fire and earth is tried, and purified brimstone, storm and tem- seven times in the fire. pest; this shall be the por- Thou shalt keep them, tion of their cup.

O Lord ; thou shalt preFor the righteous Lord serve them from this genloveth righteousness; his eration for ever. countenance will behold

PSALM 15. the thing that is just.

LORD, who shall dwell PSALM 12.

in thy tabernacle ? or who

shall rest upon thy holy HELP, Lord, for the

hill ? godly man ceaseth, for the

Even he who leadeth an faithful fail from among uncorrupt life, and doeth the children of men.

the thing which is right, They speak vanity every and speaketh the truth one with his neighbour; from his heart. they do but flatter with

He who hath used no their lips, and dissemble in deceit in his tongue, nor their double heart.

done evil to his neighbour, The Lord shall root out

nor slandered his neighall deceitful lips, and the bour. tongue that speaketh proud

He who despiseth a things;

worthless person, but honWho have said, With oureth those who fear the our tongue will we pre- Lord. are they who

He who sweareth unto ought to speak; who is his neighbour, and disaplord over us ?

pointeth him not, though it Now for the oppression were to his own hindrance. of the needy, and because

He who hath not given of the deep sighing of the his money upon usury, nor poor ;

taken a bribe against the I will arise, saith the

innocent. Lord, and will help every Whoso doeth these things one from him who swelleth

shall never fall. against him, and will set

PSALM 16. him at rest.

The words of the Lord PRESERVE me, O are pure words ; even as God; for in thee have I put the silver which from the my trust.

vail ;


O my soul, thou hast thy holy one to see corsaid unto the Lord, Thou ruption. art my God; my good Thou shalt show me the deeds are nothing unto' path of life; in thy presthee;

ence is fulness of joy ; and But to the saints who at thy right hand there are are on the earth, and to pleasures for evermore. the excellent, in whom is Now unto the King eterall my delight.

nal, &c. They who run after an Be honour and glory, &c. other god, shall have great trouble.

Their drink offerings of blood will I not offer; nei

The Third Day. ther make mention of their

MORNING PRAYER. names with my lips. The Lord himself is the

PSALM 18. portion of mine inheritance, and of my cup; thou shalt

I WILL love thee, O maintain my lot.

Lord, my strength; the The lot is fallen unto me Lord is my rock, and my in a fair ground; yea, I defence ; my Saviour, my have a goodly heritage.

God, and my might, in I will thank the Lord for whom I will trust; my giving me warning; my buckler, the horn also of secret thoughts also in- my salvation, and my restruct me in the night sea- fuge.

I will call upon the Lord, I have set the Lord al- who is worthy to be praised; way before me; for he is so shall I be safe from mine on my right hand, there- enemies. fore I shall not fall.

When the waves of death Wherefore my heart was compassed me, and the glad, and my tongue re- foods of ungodliness made joiced; my flesh also shall me afraid ; rest in hope.

When the sorrows of the For why? thou shalt not grave surrounded me, and leave my soul in the grave; the toils of death overtook neither shalt thou suffer me;


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