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Offer unto God thanks- oureth me; and to him giving, and pay thy vows who ordereth his converunto the Most High. sation right will I show the

And call upon me in the salvation of God. time of trouble; so will I Now unto the King eterhear thee, and thou shalt nal, &c. praise me.

Be honour and glory, &c. But unto the ungodly said God, Why dost thou preach my laws, and takest my covenant in thy mouth; EVENING PRAYER. Whereas thou hatest to

PSALM 51. be reformed, and hast cast my words behind thee?

HAVE mercy upon me, When thou sawest a O God, after thy great thief, thou consentedst un- goodness ; according to to him, and hast been par- the multitude of thy mertaker with the adulterers. cies do away mine offen

Thou hast let thy mouth ces. speak wickedness, and with Wash me thoroughly thy tongue thou hast set from my wickedness; and forth deceit.

cleanse me from my sin. Thou didst sit, and speak

For I acknowledge my against thy brother; yea, faults, and my sin is ever and hast slandered thine

before me. own mother's son,

Against thee especially These things hast thou have I sinned, and done done, and because I was this evil in thy sight; that silent thou

thoughtest thou mightesi be justified wickedly, that I am even in thy sentence, and be such a one as thyself; but clear when thou judgest. I will reprove thee, and set Thou requirest truth in before thee the things that the inward parts, and shalt thou hast done.

make me to understand O consider this, ye who wisdom secretly. forget God; lest I pluck Thou shalt purge me as you away, and there be with hyssop, and I shall none to deliver you. be clean; thou shalt wash Whoso offereth

me, and I shall be whiter thanks and praise, he hon- than snow.



Thou shalt make me Mine enemies would hear of joy and gladness, daily swallow me up; for that the bones which thou they be many who fight hast broken may rejoice.

against me, 0 thou Most Turn thy face from my High. sins, and blot out my mis Nevertheless, though I deeds.

some time afraid, yet Make me a clean heart, put I my trust in thee. O God, and renew a right I will praise God bespirit within me.

cause of his word; I have Cast me not away from put my trust in God, and thy presence,

and take not will not fear what flesh can thy holy Spirit from me.

do unto me. O give me the comfort

They daily pervert my of thy help again, and es- words; all that they imagtablish me with thy free ine is to do me evil. Spirit.

They gather themselves Then shall I teach thy together, they hide themways unto the wicked, and selves, and mark my steps, sinners shall be converted when they lay wait for my unto thee.

soul. Thou shalt open my

Shall they escape

their ? thouO mouth shall show thy God, in thy displeasure praise.

shalt cast them down. For thou desirest no Thou tellest


offensacrifice, else would I give ces; put my tears before it thee; but thou delight- thee; are not these things est not in burnt offerings. noted in thy book ?

The sacrifice of God is Whensoever I call upon a troubled spirit ; a brok- thee, then shall mine eneen and a contrite heart, O mies be put to flight ; this God, shalt thou not de- 1 know, for God is on my spise.


In God's word will I rePSALM 56.

joice; in the Lord's word BE merciful unto me, will I comfort me. O God, for man goeth Yea, in God have I put about to devour me: he is my trust; I will not be daily fighting and troubling afraid of what man can do

unto me.


Unto thee, O God, will Awake up, my glory : I pay my vows; unto thee awake, lute and harp; I will I give thanks. myself will awake right

For thou hast delivered early. my soul from death, and I will give thanks unto my feet from falling, that 1 thee, O Lord, among the may walk before God in people, and I will sing unthe light of the living.

to thee

the nations, Now unto the King eter

For the greatness of thy nal, &c.

mercy reacheth unto the Be honour and glory, &c. heavens, and thy truth un

to the clouds.

Be thou exalted, O God,

above the heavens, and let The Tenth Day.

thy glory be above all the


BE merciful unto me,

HEAR my crying, () O God, be merciful unto God; give ear unto my me, for my

soul trusteth in prayer. thee; and under the shad From the ends of the ow of thy wings shall be my earth will I call upon thee, refuge, until this calamity when my heart is in heavbe overpast.

iness. I will call unto the most O set me up upon the high God, even unto the rock that is higher than I; God who will perform all for thou hast been my things for me.

hope, and a strong tower He shall send from hea- for me against the enemy. ven, and save

I will dwell in thy taberthe reproach of him who nacle for ever, and my

up. trust shall be under the Be thou exalted, O God, covering of thy wings. above the heavens, and let For thou, O Lord, hast thy glory be above all the heard my desires and hast earth.

given an heritage unto My heart is fixed, O God, those who fear thy name. my heart is fixed; I will Thou shalt grant the sing, and give praise. king a long life, that his

me from

ty itself.

preserve him.

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years may endure through- together lighter than vaniout all generations.

He shall dwell before O trust not in wrong God for ever ; ( prepare and robbery ; give not thy loving mercy and yourselves unto vanity; if faithfulness, that they may riches increase, set not

your heart upon them. So will I alway sing God spake once, and praise unto thy name, that twice I have also heard I may daily perform my the same, that power be

longeth unto God;

And that thou, Lord, art PSALM 62.

merciful; for thou renderMY soul truly waiteth est to every man accordstill upon God; for of him ing to his work. cometh my salvation. Now unto the King eterHe verily is my

nal, &c. strength and my salvation; Be honour and glory, &c. he is my defence, so that I shall not greatly fall.

My soul, wait thou stlli upon God; for my hope

EVENING PRAYER. is in him. He truly is my strength

PSALM 63. and my salvation ; he is O GOD, thou art my my defence, so that I shall God; early will I seek not fall.

thee. In God is my health My soul thirsteth for and my glory, the rock of thee, my flesh also longeth my might, and in God is after thee, in a barren and

dry land, where no water is; O put your trust in him That I might behold thy alway, ye people ; pour out power and glory, as I have your hearts before him; seen thee in the sanctuary. for God is our hope.

Because thy loving kindAs for the men of low ness is better than life itdegree, they are but vani- self, my lips shall praise ty; the men of high de- thee. gree are deceit; laid in

Thus will I magnify the balance, they are al- thee as long as I live, and

my trust.


lift up my hands in thy art the hope of all the ends

of the earth, and of those My soul shall be satis- who are afar off upon the fied even as it were with

sea; marrow and fatness, when Who in thy strength setmy mouth praiseth thee test fast the mountains, with joyful lips.

and art girded about with Have I not remembered

power; thee in my bed, and Who stillest the raging thought upon thee when I of the sea, and the noise was waking ?

of its waves, and the madBecause thou hast heen ness of the people. my helper, therefore un They also who dwell in der the shadow of thy the uttermost parts of the wings will I rejoice. earth, shall be afraid at thy

My soul hangeth upon tokens; thou who makest thee; thy right hand hath the outgoings of the mornupholden me.

ing and evening to praise

thee. PSALM 65.

Thou visitest the earth THOU, O God, art prais- and blessest it; thou maed in Sion, and unto thee kest it very plenteous. shall the vow be performed.

The river of God is full O thou who hearest of water; thou preparest prayer, unto thee shall all their

corn, for so thou

proflesh come.

videst for the earth. My misdeeds prevail Thou waterest her furagainst me; O be thou rows, thou sendest rain inmerciful unto our sins. to the little valleys thereof,

Blessed is the man whom thou makest it soft with thou choosest, and receiv- the drops of rain, and blessest unto thee; he shall est the increase of it. dwell in thy court, and Thou crownest the

year shall be satisfied with the with thy goodness, and thy pleasures of thy house, clouds drop fatness. even of thy holy temple.

They shall drop upon Thou shalt show us the dwellings of the wilwonderful things in thy derness, and the little hills righteousness, O God of shall rejoice on every side. our salvation; thou who The mountains shall be

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