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clothed with sheep; the hold the people; and such valleys also shall stand so

as are rebellious shall not thick with corn, that they be able to exalt themselves. shall laugh and sing.

O praise our God, ye Now unto the King eter- people, and make the voice nal, &c.

of his praise to be heard ; Be honour and glory, &c. Who holdeth our soul in

life, and suffereth not our feet to slip.

For thou, O God, hast The Eleventh Day.

proved us; thou also hast

tried us, like as silver is MORNING PRAYER.


Thou broughtest us into PSALM 66.

the snare, and laidst trouO BE joyful in God, all ble upon us. ye lands; sing praises unto

Thou sufferedst men to the honour of his name ;

ride over our heads; we make his praise to be glo- went through fire and warious.

ter, and thou broughtest us Say unto God, o how out into a place of refreshwonderful art thou in thy ment. works ! through the great


hither and ness of thy power shall hearken, all ye who fear thine enemies submit them- God, and I will tell you selves unto thee.

what he hath done for my For all the world shall soul. worship thee, sing of thee,

I called unto him with and praise thy name. my mouth, and gave him

O come hither, and be- praises with my tongue. hold the works of God; If I incline unto wickedhow wonderful he is in his ness with my heart, the doing toward the children Lord will not hear me. of men !

But God hath heard me, He turned the sea into and considered the voice dry land, so that they went of my prayer. through the water on foot ;

Praised be God, who there did we rejoice in him. hath not cast out

my He ruleth with his pow- prayer, nor turned his merer for ever; his








presence of God, the God LET God arise, and let of Israel. his enemies be scattered ; Thou, O God, sentest a let those also who hate him gracious rain upon thine flee before him.

inheritance, and refresh Like as the smoke van

edst it when it was weary. isheth, so shalt thou drive They dwelt in the midst them away; and like of thy food; for thou, O wax melteth at the fire, so God, didst of thy goodness shall the ungodly perish prepare for the poor. at the presence of God.


The Lord gave the But let the righteous be

word; great was the comglad, and rejoice before pany of those who publishGod; yea, let them ex- ed it. ceedingly rejoice.

Kings with their armies O sing unto God, and did flee and were discomsing praises unto his name; fited, and she who staid at magnify him who rideth home divided the spoil. upon the heavens: praise

The chariots of God are him in his name JEHOVAH, twenty

thousand, and rejoice before him. thousands of angels, and He is a Father of the

the Lord is among them, fatherless, and defendeth as in the holy place of Sithe cause of the widows;

nai. even God in his holy hab

Thou art gone up on itation.

high, thou hast led captivGod restoreth the solita- ity captive, and received ry to their families, and gifts among men; yea, even bringeth the prisoners out from thine enemies, that of captivity; but letteth the Lord God might dwell the rebellious continue in among them. a dry land.

Praised be the Lord O God, when thou went- daily; even the God who est forth before the peo- helpeth us, and poureth ple, when thou didst march his benefits upon us. through the wilderness; He is our God, even the

The earth shook, and the God of whom cometh salheavens dropped at the vation; God is the Lord, presence of God; even Si- by whom we escape death. nai itself was moved at the

The Lord hath said, 1

will bring my people again to help me, for thou art as I did from Bashan; my house of defence and mine own will I bring my castle. again, as I did once from Deliver me, O God, out the deep of the sea.

of the hand of the ungodly, Sing unto God, 0 ye out of the hand of the unkingdoms of the earth ; 0 righteous and cruel man. sing praises unto the Lord; For thou art my hope,

Who sitteth in the heav- O Lord God; thou art my ens over all, from the be- hope, even from my youth. ginning; lo, he doth send Through thee have I out his voice, yea, and that been holden up ever since a mighty voice.

I was born ; my praise shall Ascribe


power to be always of thee. God; his excellency is I am become a wonder over Israel; his strength unto many ; but

my sure is in the clouds.

trust is in thee. O God, wonderful art O let my mouth be filled thou in thy holy places; with thy praise, that I may the God of Israel will give sing of thy glory and honstrength and power unto our all the day long. his people ; blessed be Cast me not away in the God.

time of age ; forsake me Now unto the King eter- not when my strength failnal, &e. Be honour and glory, &c.

For mine enemies speak

against me, and they who Evening PRAYER.

lay wait for my soul, take

their counsel together, sayPSALM 71.

ing, God hath forsaken IN thee, O Lord, have him; persecute him, and I put my trust; let me nev- take him; for there is none er be put to confusion, but to deliver him. rescue me,

and deliver me Go not far from me, O in thy righteousness; in- God; my God, haste thee cline thine ear unto me, to help me. and save me.

As for me, I will patientPe thou my strong hold, ly abide alway, and will whereunto I may alway praise thee more and more. resort; thou hast promised My mouth shall daily

eth me.

speak of thy righteousness harp, O thou Holy One of and salvation ; for I know Israel. no end thereof.

My lips shall greatly reI will go forth in the joice when I sing unto strength of the Lord God, thee; and so will my soul and will make mention of which thou hast delivered. thy righteousness only. My tongue also shall talk

Thou, O God, hast of thy righteousness all the taught me from my youth day long ; for they are conup until now; therefore founded and brought unto will I tell of thy wondrous shame, who seek to do me works.

evil. Forsake me not, O God, Now unto the King eterin mine old age, when I nal, &c. am gray headed, until I Be honour and glory, &c. have shown thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to all those who are yet to come.

The Twelfth Day. Thy righteousness, O God, is very high, and great MORNING PRAYER. things are those which thou hast done ; 0 God, who

PSALM 72. is like unto thee !

GIVE the king thy judgO what great troubles ments, o God, and thy and adversities bast thou

righteousness unto the shown me! and yet


king's son. thou turn and refresh me, Then shall he judge thy yea, and broughtest me people according unto from the depths of the earth right, and defend the poor. again.

The mountains also shall Thou hast brought me bring peace, and the hills to great honour, and com- righteousness unto the forted me on every side.

people. Therefore will I praise He shall judge the poor thee and thy faithfulness, of the people, defend the O God, playing upon an children of the needy, and instrument of music; unto punish the wrong doer. thee will I sing upon the They shall fear thee as

long as the sun and moon He shall live, and unto endure, from one genera- him shall be given of the tion to another.

gold of Arabia; prayer shall He shall come down like be made for him continurain upon the mown grass, ally; and daily shall he be even as the drops that wa- praised. ter the earth.

There shall be abunIn his time shall the dance of corn in the earth; righteous flourish, yea, and its fruit shall wave like abundance of peace, so Lebanon; and they of the long as the moon endur- city shall flourish like the eth.

grass of the earth. His dominion shall be His name shall endure also from the one sea to for ever; his name shall the other, and from the remain under the sun river unto the world's end. among the posterities

They who dwell in the which shall be blessed wilderness shall kneel be- through him; and all the fore him; his enemies shall heathen shall praise him. lick the dust.

Blessed be the Lord God, The kings of Tharsis even the God of Israel, and of the Isles shall give who only doth wondrous presents ; the kings of Ara- things; bia and Saba shall bring And blessed be the name gifts.

of his majesty for ever; All kings shall fall down and all the earth shall be before him ; all nations filled with his majesty. shall do him service. Amen, Amen.

For he shall deliver the Now unto the King eterpoor when he crieth, the nal, &c. needy also, and him who Be honour and glory, &c hath no helper.

He shall be favourable to the simple and needy, EVENING PRAYER. and shall preserve the souls of the poor.

PSALM 73. He shall deliver their TRULY God is good souls from falsehood and unto Israel, even unto such wrong; and dear shall their as are of a clean heart. blood be in his sight. Nevertheless, my feet

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