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almost gone; my

For all the day long steps had well nigh slipped. have I been smitten, and

For I was envious at the chastened every morning. wicked, when I saw the Yea, and I had almost. Ungodly in such prosperity. said even as they ; but lo,

For they are in no dis- then I should have contress ; but are firm and demned the generation of strong.

thy children. They come in po mis

Then thought I to unfortune like other men; derstand this; but it was neither are they afflicted too hard for me; like other men.

Until I went into the And this is the cause sanctuary of God; then that they are so lifted up understood I the end of with pride, and filled with these men. cruelty:

Truly thou dost set them They are corrupt, and in slippery places, and speak of wicked blas- castest them down, and phemy; their talking is destroyest them. against the Most High. o, how suddenly do

For they set their mouth they consume, perish, and against the heaven, and come to a fearful end ! their tongue goeth through Yea, even like as the world.

drean when one awaketh, Therefore his people so shalt thou destroy their fall into their hands, and splendour in thy wrath. water in full measure is Thus wrung out of them.

grieved, and

my thoughts For they say, How should were troubled. God perceive it? Is there So foolish was I, and igknowledge in the Most norant, even as it were a High?

beast before thee. Lo, these are the un- Nevertheless, I am algodly, these prosper in the way with thee; for thou world, and these have hast holden me by my riches in possession; and right hand. I said, Then have I cleans- Thou shalt guide me ed my heart in vain, and with thy counsel, and after washed my hands in inna that receive me to glory. cency.

Whom have in heaven


my heart


but thee? and there is none I will bear up the pillars upon earth that I desire in of it. comparison of thee.

I said unto the fools, My flesh and my heart Deal not so madly; and to fail; but God is the strength the ungodly, Boast not of of my heart, and my por- your strength. tion for ever.

Boast not of your strength, For lo, they who forsake and speak not with a stiff thee shall perish ; thou neck. hast destroyed all those For promotion cometh who follow after other neither from the east, nor gods.

from the west, nor yet But it is good for me to from the south. hold me fast by God, to And why? God is the put my trust in the Lord Judge ; he putteth down God, and to speak of all one, and setteth up anthy glorious works.

other. Now unto the King eter For in the hand of the nal, &c.

Lord there is a cup, and Be honour and glory, &c. the wine is red; it is full

mixed, and he poureth out of the same.

As for the dregs thereof, The Thirteenth Day. all the ungodly of the earth

shall wring them out and MORNING PRAYER. drink them.

But I will magnify the PSALM 75.

God of Jacob, and praise

him for ever. UNTO thee, O God, do we give thanks ; yea unto

PSALM 76. thee do we give thanks. For that thy name is

IN Judah is God known; nigh, do thy wondrous his name is great in Israel. works declare.

At Salem is his tabernaWhen the promised time cle, and his dwelling in cometh, I shall judge ac- Sion. cording unto right.

There broke he the arThe land is weak, and rows of the bow, the shield, all the inhabitants thereof; the sword, and the battle.

Thou art of more hon- EVENING PRAYER. our and might, O Sion, than the hills of the rob

PSALM 77. bers.

I WILL cry unto God The proud are spoiled, with my voice, even unto they have slept their sleep; God will I cry with my and all their strength avail- voice; and that he would ed them nothing

hearken unto me. At thy rebuke, O God

In the time of my trouof Jacob, both the chariot ble I sought the Lord; I and horse are fallen.

stretched out my hands to Thou, even thou, art to him all the night long; my be feared ; and who may soul refused comfort. stand in thy sight when When I am in heaviness, thou art angry?

I will think upon God; Thou didst cause thy when my heart is vexed, I sentence to be heard from will complain. heaven; the earth trem- I consider the days of bled and was still,

old, and remember the When God arose to judg- years that are past. ment, and to help all the

I call to remembrance meek upon earth.

my song in the night; I The fierceness of man

commune with mine own shall turn to thy praise; heart, and search out my and the remainder of wrath

spirit. shalt thou restrain.

Will the Lord absent Promise unto the Lord himself for ever? and will your God, and keep it, all he be no more intreated ? ye who are round about

Is his mercy clean gone him; bring presents unto for ever? and is his promise him who ought to be fear- come utterly to an end for. ed.

evermore? For he breaketh down

Hath God forgotten to the spirit of princes; he is be gracious ; and will he terrible among the kings shut up his loving kindness of the earth.

in displeasure ? Now unto the King eter- And I said, It is mine: nal, &c.

own infirmity ; I will reBe honour and glory, &c. member the years of the

of the un

right hand of the Most

Psalm 82. High.

GOD has come up into I will remember the the judgment seat; he reworks of the Lord, and buketh the judges of the call to mind thy wonders earth. of old time.

How long will ye give I will think also of all

wrong judgment, and acthy works, and my talk


persons shall be of thy doings.

godly? Thy way, O God, is ho

Defend the poor and ly; who is so great a God fatherless ; do justice to as our God ?

the afflicted and needy. Thou art the God who

Deliver the outcast and doest wonders, and hast

poor; save them from the declared thy power among hand of the ungodly. the people.

They will not know Thou hast mightily de- nor understand, but walk livered thy people, even on still in darkness ; all the sons of Jacob and Jo- the foundations of the land seph.

are disturbed. The waters saw thee, O I have said, Ye are gods God, the waters saw thee, and ye are all the children and were afraid ; the depths of the Most High. also were troubled.



shall die like The clouds poured out other men, and fall like water, the air thundered,

tyrants. and thine arrows went Arise, O God, and judge abroad.

thou the earth ; fór thou The voice of thy thun- shalt take all nations to der was heard round about; thine inheritance. the lightnings shone upon Now unto the King eterthe ground; the earth was nal, &c. moved and shook withal.

Be honour and glory, &c. Thy way is in the sea, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are The Fourteenth Day. not known.

MORNING PRAYER, Thou leddest thy people like a flock, by the band

Psalm 84, of Moses and Aaron.

O HOW amiable are thy

dwellings, thou Lord of God, than to dwell in the hosts!

tents of ungodliness. My soul longeth, yea,

For the Lord God is a even fainteth for the courts light and defence; the of the Lord; my heart and Lord will give grace and my fesh cry out for the glory; and no good thing living God.

shall he withhold from As the sparrow findeth those who live a godly life. an house, and the swallow O Lord God of hosts, a nest, where she may lay blessed is the man who her young, so let me dwell putteth his trust in thee. at thine altars, O Lord of hosts, my king and my God.

PSALM 85. Blessed are they who LORD, thou art become dwell in thy house; they gracious unto thy land ; will be alway praising thee. thou hast turned away the Blessed are

the men

captivity of Jacob. whose strength is in thee, Thou hast forgiven the in whose heart are thy offence of thy people, and ways.

covered all their sins. For them the desert val Thou hast taken away ley of Baka hath fountains; all thy displeasure, and and they are refreshed with turned thyself from thy abundant showers.

wrathful indignation. They will go from Turn us then, O God strength to strength, till our Saviour, and let thine every one of them appear- anger cease from us. eth before God, in Sion. Wilt thou be displeased

O Lord God of hosts, at us for ever? and wilt hear my prayer; hearken, thou stretch out thy wrath O God of Jacob.

from one generation to anBehold, O God our de- other? fender, and look upon the Wilt thou not turn again face of thine anointed.

and quicken us, that thy For one day in thy courts people may rejoice in thee? is better than a thousand Show us thy mercy, O elsewhere.

Lord and grant us thy I had rather be a door- salvation. keeper in the house of my I will hear what God the

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