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marvellous, worthy to be hand, and fillest all things praised; there is no end of living with plenteousness. his greatness.

The Lord is righteous in One generation shall all his ways, and holy in all praise thy works unto

his works. another, and declare thy The Lord is nigh unto power.

all those who call upon The memorial of thine him; yea, all such as call abundant kindness shall be upon him faithfully. shown; and men shall sing He will fulfil the desire of thy righteousness. of those who fear him ; he

The Lord is gracious also will hear their cry, and and merciful, long suffer- will help them. ing, and of great goodness. The Lord preserveth all

The Lord is loving unto those who love him ; but every man, and his mercy scattereth abroad all the is over all his works. ungodly. All thy works praise

My mouth shall speak thee, O Lord, and thy the praise of the Lord, and saints give thanks unto let all flesh give thanks thee.

unto his holy name for They show the glory of ever and ever. Amen. thy kingdom, and talk of thy power;

Then shall the Minister That thy power, thy glo- read the SECOND LESS ry, and mightiness of thy taken out of the New kingdom might be known

Testament; and at the unto men.

end of it he shall say, Thy kingdom is

Here endeth the Second everlasting kingdom, and Lesson. Then shall be thy dominion dominion endureth

sung, or else repeated by throughout all ages.

the Minister and People The Lord upholdeth all alternately, the following such as fall, and lifteth up

Hymn. all those who are down. The

eyes thee, O Lord, and thou giv

LUKE 1. 68. est them their meat in due season.

BLESSED be the Lord Tuou openest

thine God of Israel ; for he hath


of all wait upon

visited and redeemed his Min. The Lord be with people.

you; And hath raised up a

Answ. And with thy mighty salvation for us, in spirit. the house of his servant

Min. Let us pray. David;

O Lord, show thy mercy As he spake by the mouth

upon us ; of his holy prophets, who Answ. And grant us thy have been since the world salvation. began;

Min. O God, make clean That we should be saved our hearts within us; from our enemies, and from

Answ. And take not thy the hand of all who hate Holy Spirit from us.

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Or this Psalm.

Then shall be read the col

LECT FOR THE DAY ; and then the service shall proceed as followeth.

Psalm 100.

with a song.

O BE joysul in the Lord, The C ELECTIOR PEACE. all

ye lands; serve the Lord with gladness, and O GOD, who art the aucome before his presence thor of peace, and lover of

concord, in knowledge of Be ye sure that the Lord

whom standeth our eternal he is God; it is he who life, whose service is perhath made us, and not we fect freedom; defend us ourselves; we are his peo- thy humble servants in all ple, and the sheep of his assaults of our enemies, pasture.

that we surely trusting in O

go your way into his thy defence, may not fear gates with thanksgiving, the power of any adversaand into his courts with ries, through Jesus Christ praise; be thankful unto

our Lord.

Amen. him, and speak good of his

THE COLLECT FOR GRACE. For the Lord is gracious, his inercy is everlasting, O LORD our heavenly and his truth endureth from Father, almighty and evergeneration to generation. lasting Go:l, who hast safe




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ly brought us to the begin- thy faithful servants, have ning of this day; defend

mercy upon us miserable us in the same with thy sinners. mighty power; and grant Remember not, Lord, that this day we fall into our offences, neither take sin, neither run into any thou


of kind of danger; but that sins; spare us, good Lord, all our doings may be or- spare thy people whom dered by thy governance, thou hast redeemed by the to do always that which is most precious blood of thy righteous in thy sight, Son, and be not angry with through Jesus Christ our us for ever. Lord. Amen.

Spare us, good Lord.

From all evil and misTHE LITANY, chief; from sin; from the OR GENERAL SUPPLICATION, assaults of temptation, from

thy wrath, and from everO GOD, our heavenly lasting destruction, Father, have mercy upon Good Lord, deliver us. us miserable sinners.

From all blindness of O God, our heavenly Fa- heart; from pride, vainther, have mercy upon us glory, and hypocrisy ; from miserable sinners.

envy, hatred, and malice, O God, who by thy Son and all uncharitableness ; hast redeemed the world, from all inordinate and sinhave mercy upon us mis- ful affections, and from all erable sinners.

the deceitful allurements of O God, who by thy Son this transitory world, hast redeemed the world, Good Lord, deliver us. have mercy upon us miser- From lightning, and temable sinners.

pest; from plague, pestiO God, who by thy holy lence, and famine; from Spirit dost govern, direct, battle, and murder, and and sanctify the hearts of from death unprepared for, thy faithful servants, have Good Lord, deliver us. mercy upon us miserable

From all sedition, privy sinners.

conspiracy, and rebellion; O God, who by thy holy from all false doctrine, herSpirit dost govern, direct, esy, and schism; from hardand sanctify the hearts of ness of heart, and contempt

of thy word and command- instructers of youth, and ment,

all means of true knowGood Lord, deliver us. ledge, virtue, and piety;

In all time of our tribu- We beseech thee to hear lation; in all time of our

us, good Lord. prosperity, in the hour of That it may please thee death, and in the day of to bless and keep all thy judgment,

people; to give to all naGood Lord, deliver us. tions, unity, peace, and

We sinners do beseech concord; and to give us a thee to hear us, O Lord heart to love and fear thee, God, and that it may please and diligently to live after thee to rule and govern thy thy commandments; holy church universal in We beseech thee to hear the right way; and to illu- us, good Lord. minate all ministers of the That it may please thee gospel with true know- to give to all thy people ledge, and understanding increase of grace, to hear of thy word ; and that both meekly thy word, and to by their preaching and liv- receive it with pure

affecing they may set it forth, tion, and to bring forth the and show it according- fruits of the Spirit ; ly;

We beseech thee to hear We beseech thee to hear

us, good Lord. us, good Lord.

That it may please thee That it may please thee to bring into the way of to endue the President of truth all such as have erred, these United States, the


deceived; to Governor of this Common- strengthen such wealth, the Judges and stand ; to comfort and help Magistrates, and all others the weak hearted; to raise in authority, with wisdom up those who fall; and and understanding; giving finally to give us victory them grace to execute jus- over all temptations ; tice and to maintain truth; We beseech thee to hear We beseech thee to hear

us, good Lord. us, good Lord.

That it may please thee That it may please thee to succour, help, and comto bless all colleges and

fort all who are in danger, seminaries of learning; all necessity, and tribulation;


as do

to preserve all who travel by

O Lord, grant us thy land or by water, all sick peace. persons and young chil

Lord, have mercy upon us. dren; to show thy pity O Lord, deal not with upon all prisoners and cap- us after our sins; tives; to defend, and pro- Neither reward us after vide for, the fatherless chil- our iniquities. dren and widows, and all who are desolate and op

WE humbly beseech pressed;

thee, O Father, mercifully We beseech thee to hear to look upon our infirmius, good Lord.

ties; and for the glory of That it may please thee thy name, turn from us all to have mercy upon all

those evils which we most men ;

justly have deserved ; and We beseech thee to hear grant that in all our trouus, good Lord.

bles we may put our whole That it may please thee

trust and confidence in thy to forgive our enemies, per


and evermore serve secutors, and slanderers, thee in holiness and

pureand to turn their hearts;

ness of living, to thy honor We beseech thee to hear

and glory, through our onus, good Lord.

ly Mediator and Advocate, That it may please thee Jesus Christ our Lord. to give and preserve to our

Amen. use the kindly fruits of the

The three Prayers followearth, so that in due time we may enjoy them;

ing are to be read in the We beseech thee to hear

Morning, at those times

when the Litany is not us, good Lord.

said. That it may please thee to give us true repentance, A PRAYER FOR RULERS. to forgive us all our sins, negligences, and


O LORD, our heavenly rances, and to endue us Father, high and mighty, with the grace of thy holy King of kings, Lord of Spirit, to amend our lives lords, who dost from thy according to thy holy word; throne beholdall the dwell

We beseech' thee to hear ers upon the earth; most us, good Lord,

heartily we beseech thee

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